99 KG/218 LBS APRIL 2010

I have been on a serious quest to get my weight down to a healthy and attractive level most of my adult life.

This became more urgent in the early '90s when I began to gain weight at an an ever increasing rate.

Earliest records  begin in January 1995, at what might have been my heaviest weight up to that time.

As far as I can remember I weighed about 9 stone, (59 kg/130 lbs), in my early twenties and went to around 10 stone, (65 kg/144 lbs) after my first two children were born, I went on to have two more children and continues to worry about my weight. I think I stayed around 11 stone, (71kg/158lbs), creeping up to 12 stone, (78 kg/172 lbs), at times, for many years. It was nothing for me to fluctuate 14 pounds during a year until the early '90s. A combination of multiple stress factors and possibly the onset of menopause contributed to my weight beginning to spiral out of control.

1995 January - 95 kg/209 lbs
1995 December - 87 kg/192 lbs

That was the Jenny Craig year and was followed by another period when familt circumstances sent my stress levels soaring.

2000 100 kg/220 lbs
2002 92 kg/203 lbs

Somewhere in that period I had a reasonably successful stretch doing weight watchers. I also discovered Lean For Life, a Low Carb program which worked but .... My confidence in the program was seriously undermined by those who were vociferously against low carbing. I lost the plot once again. The next few years involved some serious yo-yo dieting. I don't have any records of what happened between for the next 5 years.

January 2007 - 115 kg/253 lbs
August  2007  - 87 kg/191 lbs

A very successful time following the Lean For Life program. This was followed by another extended period of struggling with a stressful lifestyle and weight gains and losses until this year.

September 2008 - 95kg/209 lbs
January 2009 - 103 kg/226 lbs
September 2009 - 105 kg/231 lbs
January 2010 - 106 kg/233 lbs
June 2010 - 97 kg/213 kg
January 2011 - 97 kg/213 lbs
June 2011 - 100 kg/220 lbs

The second half of 2012 was probably the most stress filled time of my life ever and I know I began to gain weight at a frightening rate. I never checked the scales during that time.

Toward the end of December 2011 my health was becoming affected and I became frightened by the things I was doing to myself. Something had to change. I decided to become wheat free because all the things I ate too much of like bread, muffins and cake were based on wheat flour.

I am now seriously eating Low Carb and grain free. This is not just to lose weight but to give me the best possible health for the rest of my life.

Some Family Events sent shock-waves through my system. The early part of the 2012 could quite possibly be the most stressful time of my life ever, but I did not let that prevent me from changing things. Becoming wheat free seems to have made it a lot easier to stay close to the Lean For Life program. I quite possibly began the year weighing more than 118 kg but I had been wheat free for two weeks before my first weigh-in.

January 2012 - 115 kg/253 lbs
July 2012 - 90 kg/198 lbs
January 2013 - 87 kg/192 lbs
July 2013 -

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