My primary school nickname was Tubby and this seemed to follow me around. Photos show that I was a child of normal weight. There were times in my teens when I looked a little chubby and I was weight conscious most of my life.

The lowest adult weight was about the time I married. I had an open cholecystectomy, removal of my Gall Bladder, when I was 21 years old and lost a few pounds which I kept off until after our first child was born. I was young, vibrant, slim and attractive with womanly curves. I liked the way I looked.

Having children brought stress into my life that I could never have imagined. How is it possible to desire children so much, to love so deeply and thoroughly yet be filled with fear? I considered myself a smart, intelligent person but I was a mess.

My life has been full and rich. I have no complaints. I won't detail all the major events but by the time I was 33 I was often depressed and considered suicide. A year later I became a Christian and that's when I thought I had found the answer to my weight problem. I believed I'd found freedom from the things that troubled me. I had but it wasn't quite that simple. There has been a continuous growing of my inner spirit with healing from the inside out. There were definite stages not the least was opening up a hidden memory of sexual abuse. Today I still do not know the exact nature of the abuse. I have complete healing from the shock of the experience with so many emotional benefits I accept that something happened even if I do not remember details.

I consider myself an intelligent person so it's a bit of a shock to realise that today, 40 years on I am two stone, 28 pounds, 13 kilograms heavier than the day I became a born again Christian. Most of the weight gain is the result of eating my way through stressful situations combined with irregular exercise, and yo-yo dieting. I have tried almost every type of diet. The first time I believed I could be successful was around 1980 when I went on a Very Low Calorie Diet, VLC, of shakes, soups and one small meal per day.

Five or six years ago one of my sons introduced me to Lean For Life, a balanced low carb, higher protein program designed by Lindora Clinic. This was life changing but I didn't stick with it. Mentally I wasn't prepared for the radical change in thinking that was required even though I enjoyed being successful without the normal pain of dieting, hunger and cravings.

I continued to waver over the following years with life's stresses helping to contribute to my  failures. Last year I almost gave up and my weight continued to increase at an alarming rate. By Christmas 2011 I was the heaviest I've ever been and I was becoming frightened about my health. I knew my blood pressure was no longer controlled by the current medication and I had become breathless and uncomfortable with ordinary activities. I never weighed myself but there is no doubt in my own mind I topped 116 kg/255 pounds on my 157 cm/5'2" frame.

I determined to stop eating anything with wheat starting after the holidays. As it happened I began on New Year's Day. My reason for not eating wheat was to eliminate starches from my diet. I was addicted to bread and that meant a thick layer of butter and sometimes jam/jelly. By eliminating wheat I was able to cut out bread, muffins, biscuits/cookies and cakes. This meant I also cut out the most common sources of sugar.

At my first weigh in, 14 days later I weighed 114.5 kg/252 lbs. Along the way I discovered Fat Head and Wheat Belly through a fellow New Zealand Blogger, Lynda at Change For Life. At last I had science to confirm my personal observations. I will never go back to old ways of eating. I am endeavouring to improve my knowledge of nutrition and metabolism. For the first time I have absolute confidence I have found some answers and know I can improve my health even at my age.

Today I weigh 91.5 kg/2001 lbs. That gives me an official weight loss of more than 50 pounds in six months.

My weight loss has slowed lately. You could say I have plateaued but I know this is temporary.

Benefits other than weight loss include stable blood pressure. In fact I believe it is slowly improving and hopefully my doctor will feel it is safe to lower my medication before the end of the year. I am more active. We are in the middle of winter and I have no arthritic pain. There were times when it was very painful to bend my fingers. I knew that this pain was associated with eating bread. My brain is no longer 'foggy.' Generally I feel more able to cope in spite of a variety of uncomfortable and sad family situations. I seem to be free from depression something which has plagued me from time to time ever since our first child was born.

Becoming wheat-free is a simple way of staying healthy and easy for me to maintain whether at home, away, eating out or travelling.

My plan is to continue to eat mostly natural, food. We are fortunate in New Zealand because we have excellent farmed products which I enjoy cooking. The internet is helping me understand my current nutritional needs and providing me with grain free, balanced protein, fats and low carbohydrate   recipes. Tonight we are eating a pizza on an Oopsie Roll base. Thanks Jamie. I have followed you from The Examiner days. several year

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