I followed a link on my friend, Lynda's Blog. After reading it I thought all my readers should have the opportunity to read it too.

The Article.

I have been tested for celiac and the tests came back negative.

For years I knew something in my diet was acting like a poison but tracking down the true culprit has not been easy.

I only stopped eating wheat because I was desperate to lose weight and I'd had previous success on a Low Carb diet.

I knew that if I lost the wheat I would lose the butter and the sugar and a lot of other high calorie foods. I also knew that I felt better when on a diet low enough in carbohydrates to give me a positive ketone urine reading on a ketostix..

There were other indicators that I was healthier on a low carb diet such as arthritic pain subsiding.

When I went wheat free in early January 2012 I experienced remarkable weight loss for several weeks. I was eating many foods with starches and I was drinking cappuccinos with sugar daily. I read Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and knew that most of my vague and not so vague health issues for at least 37 years and more were probably related to wheat.

I accept that if I want reasonable health wheat can never again be part of my regular diet. I tolerate very small amounts occasionally but even so a slice of bread can  trigger violent stomach/gut pain.

This article does a good job of explaining why wheat is not a good and healthy food  for a large number of people.

I am 100% certain that I never would have had a weight problem if I had not eaten wheat. I can see how the damage progressed through my childhood and particularly into my teens, escalating when I became an adult until my body could no longer cope with the constant need to put out fires caused by ingesting wheat.

I have written My Story and called it Wheat Was Killing Me. When I have finished editing it you will see a Tab alongside this one.

Listen to the Alarm Bells and take action.

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