Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Weight loss and health are never far from my mind. A few of my on-line friends are heading back to the beginning using the knowledge they have gained about themselves, and health in general, over the past years. I am no different. It's now two years since my lowest most recent weight and best fitness level.  A lot has happened in our personal lives and I spent most of 2014 in a funk.

My response was to zone out by sewing, hand stitching, no stress patchwork and quilting. That meant I became a highly successful couch potato.

My weight has crept up by 8 kg or 18 pounds. Considering how stressed out I was and still am, and how poorly I sleep on too many nights this is quite remarkable. It suggests that mostly I am eating right. But there has to come a time when I am ready to focus on my health, weight loss and fitness levels again. It's been quite a long time since I actively did anything.

Basically I am low carb but I have sugar in my first cup of coffee every morning. I need to pull out my Mojo and just do it. That is, stop adding sugar and start keeping track. It might seem somewhat pathetic but on reflection I see that I am more likely to stick with a good plan if I blog and track in my posts. Somewhere in my little brain there is accountability when I keep a record in here.

There have been two hindrances:    1. the scales needed a new battery. John fixed that yesterday.
2. My laptop is dying. We have two other laptops. One is considered John's and that is what I am using today while John uses the old Windows XP model. I think I can work with this until I can afford to take my laptop into a techie person and either get it fixed or buy a new one and reload it with my data.

This morning I am not sure how I am going to do it. So I'm working it through as I type.

My first step was to get on the scales. 89.3 kg/197 lbs.

Initial goal is to weigh 79.3 kg/175 lbs.

Ultimate goal is to be somewhere around 65 kg/145 lbs.

That's quite a lot of weight to lose and will mean a major turn around. I have a choice

I can continue as I am doing and become less fit, more wobbly on my legs and age faster or I can bite this bullet and just 'Do It' regardless of how I feel. I am 76 years old and healthier than I deserve to be. I've got a lot of living in me yet. My mother was 10 years older when she made a major shift in her life. She sold the farm, had a new house built at the beach and laid out her last garden. I don't seem to have Mum's stamina or energy but she is my model. It is normal for the women in my family to live into their 90s. Mum was 96 when she died. This is a great incentive to me. I can spend the next twenty years growing weak and feeble or I can be pro-active and mitigate the natural ageing process.

I remember a little tract that went something like this Faith = Action = Feelings.

I believe in myself. I know I can do this... all I need to do is 'Do It'

That is the action bit and I can trust my feelings to catch up one day.

Today has begun as usual with a sweet coffee loaded with coconut oil and whipped cream followed by more cups of plain black coffee.

I will probably make something with a couple of eggs and silverbeet/swiss chard for brunch and we are have sausages for tea/dinner. I have a dessert in the evening of chia seed, plain greek yoghurt and more whipped cream and a few almonds. I have no idea how many calories I'm eating.

I will spend most of the day sewing. Some hand stitching but mostly machine sewing. I have a heap of cushion covers to put together and quilt. I want to finish them and feel free to embark on the next project.

The weather is not mild enough for me to do anything outside so it's time to begin on the Cross-trainer again. Talking to self ----- Just 'Do-It' Anne.

A note about me doing stuff outside. In February 2012 I developed Bells Palsy. I did not get the treatment I should have because the condition wasn't properly recognised and I had to go through a stressful period of eliminating a Stroke which took months!!!! Ridiculous as that sounds. Partly because of my age there has been no recovery of the facial nerve and I am left with a lopsided and twisted face. The left side of my face is paralysed from my eyebrows to my mouth and even my tongue. I've had some surgery to help close my left eye but it still does not completely close nor blink. This means that I have to be very careful when outside, especially in the wind or cold. This has quite a negative impact on my life. I am now trying for the second time to get plastic surgery to pull my face straight and hopefully it will also improve the closing of my eye, my speech and my smile.

Right-e-oh. Time to get on with my day.

I will come back and report tomorrow morning.  "smiles"


  1. Wishing you lots of luck on your journey :)

  2. Yay you are back..... I have decided to focus on 1 small thing at a time, not lots of huge goals, where I will last two days and then find it to hard. For me the beginning is exercise. Now the days are getting longer and the weather is getting better, I want to focus on exercise - small steps, what yet I don't know :)

  3. I hope you can get something done to 'fix' your eye... I know it can't be nice and with summer coming, you need it to be better. I think we are all thinking about pulling our socks up and just 'do it' in relation to diet and exercise.

  4. Just busting free from inertia and making the decision to just DO IT will be powerful for you! So glad to see you've decided to start again. Well, I suppose we are actually getting up and going forward, since there really is no such thing as starting over. We've come a ways, learned some stuff along the way, and now we are ready to make the effort once again. I'm right there with ya, Anne.

    I agree with Chris, in that I hope you can get them to do something to make it more comfortable in regards to your eye, speech and smile. That's a big deal, and I plan to pray with you on that. {{{hugs}}}