Saturday, September 19, 2015



We have a nice morning, the sun is shining, there is no wind and the rain seems to have gone leaving everything looking fresh in the morning light. Last night thunderstorms rattled around with accompanying heavy rain. It seems to have cleared the atmosphere. The storm has passed and all around us is washed clean.

That's how I feel inside. The delay in coming back was due to a family situation that just plain had me worried sick. There is good reason to be worried but ..... somehow by yesterday afternoon and during the night the sting has been taken out of the problem. Thank-you to friends and I'm praising God. The situation might go through to the worst scenario but I am no longer afraid of that.

I just continued as I have been doing for months. Nothing mindful, no logging or tracking.

In fact I just cannot see myself ever tracking my food again. I can log my meals and daily activity but that's going to be IT. 

The more I think about what I should do the more convinced I am that exercise is key to being more healthy than I am. 

Plus one of these days I will just drop having that sweet cappuccino to start my day. There's another thing I would maybe like to get back into the habit of and that's my breakfast smoothie of yoghurt, milk protein and berries. I just need to work out how the coconut oitl will fit into my plan. I continue to have about a dessertspoon of coconut oil each day and I'm pretty sure it's good for me. The smoothie is dependent on finding the protein powder I prefer. I've tried a few other brands but they just don't work for me and the one I like is not always easy to source.

I've had my sweet coffee for the day and am about to make a plain black one. I'll heat a coconut flour muffin to go with it and see how the day goes. Probably something with egg for lunch and definitely chicken something for tea, maybe stir-fry thighs with thyme and lemon.

Hopefully I will come back tomorrow and boast that I got on the cross-trainer.


  1. I like your emphasis on movement. I need that, too.

    And it got me to thinking... most of the weight loss bloggers I've read who are currently successful do NOT focus on the food. Talking about it, planning it, writing about it, showing photos of it, etc. I wonder if that is because they have "arrived" at goal and no longer need to, or if it's HOW they arrived at goal, by no longer focusing on the food; just doing their plan, and not letting it take over.

    Hmmm... either way, I think I'll make me a goal to get back to consistent exercise, too. I'll join ya on that one!

    And so happy for you that you found some peace of mind re family issues. Peace is a wonderful thing. :-)

    1. Amen to peace. To top it off I've had a lovely day reading:)

  2. I hope the family situation (whatever it is) gets sorted OK. I too need more exercise. I've become extremely lazy lately! Thankfully with summer coming I might start to shift myself more. Interesting comment above too from Retta... I don't mention food much now because it's just my normal life - I like that it's not the focus of my world now. I have never been one to journal food or write down calories etc, that just makes me want to eat more!!