Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I never thought about how mean anstraight up ugly some people really are until I read this post. It never occurred to me that thousands of people, usually women, would make a home on the internet where they display the horrible sideof their character. I've put the link to Deb's post because telling the truth takes away the power of the evil game that is being played.

For some reason talking about a healthy lifestyle and food, in particular, bring out the mockers and scoffers by the horde. We who work hard to improve our general well-being for our own benefit, whatever our reasons, tend to be very cautious. We want to protect ourselves from this very thing, the nastiness of mean and often vicious people. That's why we use the internet and our blogs. We saw this as comparatively safe place to interact with like mnded people anfinsupport. We can remain fairly anonymous, protecting our families, enjoy writing with honesty and learn from one another.

I have not been bothered very much by nasty comments My guess is that I have stayed under the radar because either I am too boring or too erratic in my posts. 

Now that I am informed about thistuff that goes on I am forewarned and will never tolerate rubbish comments. I will continue to Blog as I often as I want to on whatever subject I choose. Life is too precious to waste on foolish people.



  1. :) Thank you, MargieAnne. And this__> "telling the truth takes away the power of the evil game that is being played." is exactly why I wrote the post. It wasn't to defend myself or get even, it was to refuse to let evil hide> Light, like the water on Oz/s witch, causes evil to melt away.

    They found me, not because I was so interesting, but because I comment regularly on Lyn's blog. She is their primary target.

    I hope you are well!


  2. It's bloody disgusting. Seriously sick. I really just can't get my head around this kind of thing. You know there is a facebook page set up called "blocked by Pete Evans" and it is specifically to mock him. It makes me so sad that people can be so negative.

  3. That post has been taken down, so I couldn't read or comment on it. Whatever was said... there is no need to be nasty eh?

    1. How odd. When I click on the link in this post, I also get that the page has been taken down. It hasn't! Here's the link: