Friday, August 15, 2014


This morning I weighed 10 kg or 22.5 pounds more than last September. Most of that gain has been in the last three months as I stressed over selling my mother's beach front house. Many days I felt as though I was in the middle of a nightmare. Hurt feelings abound.

In the end a potential sale fell through. Now we have some remedial work to get a Council Certificate of Compliance .... something which should have been done as soon as the building was completed back in 2000. Naturally this is not quite straightforward and again we are dealing with multiple opinions about how to go through the process of getting the items, mostly minor, ticked off to the satisfaction of the council inspector. I want to opt out of this process but realistically there is no way I can do this. Sometimes it's a pain to be needed.

In the meantime we have been to Christchurch for two weeks with our son and his wife. We are delighted, over the moon ecstatic, because they are having our first grandchild. Well, second really, the first one died at nine weeks gestation. It's great news and we look forward to a safe birth somewhere around New Year.

I'm still trying to get my head around my food/health thing. Yesterday was our first day home and somehow I only had one coffee instead of the 6-8 I had been creeping up to. That meant I drank a lot more water in the form of a tea infusion. My weight dropped by around 2 kg/4.5 pounds in one day. Just shows how bloated I had become.

Today I'll be coffee free. I also would like to be sugar free but I'm about to have coconut porridge and somehow it needs a little sweetener. Maybe I'll try some stevia before I resort to sugar. We are only home for a week before we go house sitting for friends but that's only for a week this time. I hope to have established my eating/health plan sufficiently to get me through that week.

I finished a gift quilt recently and am starting another for my sister. She had her 70th birthday early this year. I reckon I can get it finished before Christmas.

That's about it for now. See you soon.


  1. Don't beat yourself up - as long as you are healthy then surely that is all that matters. I'm so sorry about the stress and hassle this is all causing you - you certainly don't need this in your life! Wonderful news though about your grandchild, just fabulous!!!!

  2. I too have gained masses of weight in the past few months, again like you, stress.
    A grandbaby! OMGosh you are going to be in Christchurch a lot I think!
    I hope the S's beach house sells soon for you, you don't need all that stress.

  3. Oh, that weight thing is a crazy thing, good on you for getting a handle on it before it is a really wild thing to harness. Take care of yourself too!!! Don't let family get you down. Happiness of a new baby is a catching thing :)

  4. I'm sorry you've had so much stress lately... that can easily lead to a gain, and not just from stress eating. It's hormonal too. How exciting about the grandbaby though!! Congratulations!

  5. Sorry to hear things are still so stressful - congrats on the grand baby.... something positive to look forward too :)

  6. So sorry to read about sale falling through, and the continuing stress. And the weight re-gain... I know the stress and disappointment of that. But I know you already know how to handle that, so I'm not worried for you there.
    And a new that IS exciting. I'm glad you have that to look forward to. That's something that will bring you a smile whenever you think about it.
    May the Lord bless you with a new buyer SOON! :-)

  7. MargieAnne! I did find you. :D

    It sounds like many of us need to make a smooth path for our feet as we travel to food sanity.

    Family stress like you've been experiencing is the worst. Little control over a situation...lots of felt responsibility..and too many unhelpful "inputs." Your in my prayers!