Thursday, May 29, 2014



I really am surprised that it's only 6 weeks since I last posted here. I put everything on hold to sew. It seems that I may have worked off the early burst of single minded passion. I'm still spending more time sewing than anything else but I'm beginning to wake up the other interests in my life.

My weight is slowly, ever so slowly, coming back down. Today I weigh in at 84.1 kg/185.5 lbs. This is still higher than the start of the year but I did see that number touch on 87 kg once or twice. My level of exercise or movement is almost ZERO. My sleep patterns are much better. The things which add more stress than I need continue and I have some really bad times when I need to consciously work at getting my emotions into a healthy, (bearable), state again.

We've had my mother's house on the market now for 18 months. It's two and a half years since Mum died and the house is in a Family Trust. My sister and I lent money, part of our inheritance from our father who died 40 years ago, to the Trust. We cannot realise this until the house is sold and of course there will also be some benefit from out mother's estate. Our future is on hold until this matter is settled. Currently we have our first offer under discussion. It's not at all what we think the property is worth and means we will have about $50,000 less to work with than we expected. That's a lot of money and means a complete mental adjustment. It also means we may lose the sale as we try to negotiate.
We have struggled with mortgage payments for the last 7 or so years. That was not in our plan. We also live in a small town that was not part of our plan. My sister and I are over the waiting to sort out our futures. Patience does not come readily to me. Sewing has been an unexpected God-send. I quietly sew, sometimes listening to podcasts or music or a decent programme on TV. My focus on mixing colours and patterns is a wonderfully creative distraction.
Until I can get my head around writing more often I will keep only one blog going. If you want to keep up with our life you can follow me here I will try to keep it up to date and fun to read.

As an aside..... my keyboard is acting up. Until I get it fixed the 'd' only works because I cut and paste and I must do a lot of proof reading because other letters sometimes stick. It all takes too much time that can be better spent sewing.



  1. That is fantastic!! Well done, you are very clever. I too am enjoying my crochet - especially as there is a purpose, I'm making a rug for each of my grandsons.

    About the house? It must be really stressful but if you must take less money then so be it - you need to be free to move on with your life.

  2. Hi de hi.... Sometimes you just have to count your losses and move on, maybe now is the time with your mums house, sad but at least it means you can move froward.... time goes to fast :)