Sunday, February 23, 2014


I think this post sits better in this blog.

I've had my follow-up visit with the ophthalmologist and case closed. My eye has healedd up nicely but I was warned it will never be perfect and I need to take care of my eyes. I guess I should use drops daily just as a precaution but I dislike them sooo much.

I've been preparing a quilted runner for one of our daughters-in-law. I'm waiting now until we go to town so I can buy batting and backing. This will be entirely hand stitched. Quite feasible on a small project. I find it so relaxing to sit and stitch but not the best at night. We really must get a decent floor lamp I can set beside my chair.

Why do I hand stitch? I know it's slow and I could do so much more if I used the sewing machine. I have never really enjoyed sewing although I once made all our own clothes and the children's too. A sewing machine is WORK. Patchwork and quilting is a hobby. I'll psot photos soon... Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Margie Anne, catching up on your blog! I didn't know you were a quilter! I love hand-stitching too--very relaxing for the most part,although I worry about my hands "wearing out." I guess all of us will wear out sooner or later LOL.

    I'm sorry to hear about your struggles with Bell's Palsy. My dad also had it for 2 or more years, but his resolved on its own. I hope your eye surgery will bring you some relief.