Sunday, February 23, 2014


WHY? Why would you want to eat nothing except vegetables. No eggs, No meat, No dairy, No fish. 

It appears to me that Vegans also eat a lot of processed food in order to imitate Real Food.

This was taken from another blog so I've modified it.

An interesting egg free "Egg Salad."

Begin with a block of tofu cut into small pieces.  More about my take on tofu in a minute.

Then you add in some Braggs Nutritional Yeast seasoning. I think this is used by a lot of people and I'm 

not sure what the New Zealand equivalent is.or even if there is one. This is popular with all people 

concerned about their health.

You add in some Black Kala Numik salt aka Indian salt, which supposedly tastes like egg! 

The eggy flavoupossibly comes from sulphur, an impurity in natural sourced black salt which is added 

to commercially manufactured version.

What about the Light Life Fake Smart Bacon made with these Ingredients
Water, soy protein isolate, vital wheat gluten, soybean oil, soy protein concentrate, textured wheat gluten, less than 2% of: salt, sugar, carrageenan, natural flavor (from plant sources), natural smoke flavor, spices, fermented rice flour, oleoresin paprika (color), potassium chloride.

Now you can build a nice sandwich in a bread roll, wheat of course. No butter allowed!

I did not set out to mock a vegan diet but I do wonder why it seems so necessary to imitate the taste 

of foods derived from animals. This seems like an oxymoron kind of thing to me.

I have always been accustomed to Real Food so this recipe horrifies me.

The fake egg sandwich would make me sick but that's okay because I wasn't the one eating it.

The person whose lunch I have described thought she was making the healthiest food in the world.

I know it's mean of me but I am waiting to see if this way of eating lasts long term or has any long term 

impact on their health. Currently the couple both enjoy very good health and are quite active, hiking 

and canoeing etc. My guess is that they are about 80% or more , vegan. They do seem to eat fish and

the occasional burger.

Tofu is made from soya beans and is common in some cultures. It's recognised as a healthy 

protein . But is it? I think one would have to be careful. There is a lot of information about the good and 

bad of soya products. Here is what Dr.. Mercola says.  

Soya beans or the plants are mostly GM modified and Soya beans are known to have a hormonal impact 

for many people. Too much oestrogen or something like that

I grew up in a farming family. One set of Grandparents had a dairy farm and supplied fresh, raw milk to 

the town with daily door to door delivery. My father's family had a mixture of farms but mostly fattened 

cattle and lambs for local butchering. We always had our own vegetable garden and backyard hens. 

There were even some fruit trees. How I would love to return to the lifestyle. It is so very sad to me that 

very few of the descendants of those wonderful people are now living off the land.


  1. I can only think that it's the same as me wanting a pizza base or bread like loaf? Other than that I think being vegan is not how we are designed to be.

  2. From what I've read, most vegans are doing it for what they say are ethical reasons. They won't eat anything with a face or a mother, and they talk about meat being murder, etc etc. So yeah, it seems odd they would want to imitate the "flavor" of those they are trying to protect. Anyway, I've read a lot of stories over the past few years of people whose health eventually went down the drain due to eating vegan, and they had to get off it or die.

    But I realize when we are "in" the middle of a belief, we are totally convinced and can't hear anything to the contrary. I suppose I must be that way, because I am convinced eating low carb is the healthiest way for me, and a lot of others (though it's not for everyone). I think that's why we need to allow some grace and compassion for each other... we live longer, we learn a little more, we change our minds, we grow and realize we didn't know it all. ;-)

    Oh, and years ago I went thru my vegetarian phase, had a cookbook called Tofu Goes West, and lemme tell ya, I could cook up Tofu in a zillion different ways! Then later, I learned how detrimental soy was for those of us with thyroid issues. Sigh... I thought I was being oh-so-healthy, and here I was depressing my thyroid even further. Nowadays, it's practically dead, and I have to take a huge dose of natural thyroid daily. I have to wonder if all that tofu and soy was to blame. Oh well, like I said, we live, we learn. :-D

    1. It's so hard to know how much damage we ourselves have done with the best intentions, and how much was waiting in the wings for us; just waiting for that little weakness through which to attack us.

      I made incredibly tasty baked spicy tofu balls at some point in my mix between WW and low carb. I've looked and looked for the recipe but cannot find it. I guess that's been a blessing.

      Changing point for me came when I realised who created the earth and the food for us. That meant man-made or heavily processed foods began to fall off my list of good things to eat. At the same time I recognise God gave us brains and cleverness. It's just how we use it that's so important.

      He also made us highly individual so there never can be a one sieze fits all.

      We have been given an amazing gift in our diversity. I love the adventure of it all.