Saturday, December 21, 2013



Weight loss has been negligible for the last 12 or more months.

I'm maintaining too well. That would be great if I had lost closer to 100% of the excess but in spite of being ketogenic, HFLC, much of the time and keeping my calories within a decent range I've bounced up and down on the same few pounds most of the time. Right now I'm at the high point of a bounce and that is not acceptable. At 83 kg/182 pounds I am still at least 20 kg/44 pounds fatter than is good for me.

I've experimented with various ratios of macro-nutrients and so on until I don't want to measure or even record another thing. 

John and I both have minor but irritating chronic health problems. John says he would be jumping out of his skin if his sinuses would dry up. I have various skin issues from psoriasis to shingles not to mention Bell's Palsy and poor eyesight. None of these things, except maybe my eyes, are age related although maybe our age has aggravated and slowed our healing. Talking today we are going to try something pretty drastic. We are going 100% dairy free for a minimum of 4 weeks and maybe 6 weeks starting when we return from our next trip to Christchurch. Official start date will be February 10th 2014 although we will be working toward being dairy free before then no doubt.

In the meantime I am going to work towards eating only meat, eggs, maybe some fish, vegetable salads with balsamic vinegar or olive oil and lemon dressing, other cooked, mostly green, veggies, and 1 piece of fresh fruit daily plus a couple of prunes if needed. I enjoy having smoothies but I'm going to make them dairy free as soon as my current batch of whey powder is finished.

I don't intend to limit myself Christmas Day. We have a fairly simple menu of ham and various salads, strawberries, fruit salad and pavlova planned.

I will gradually move into this limited diet as foods I am declaring 'off-plan' have been consumed. I am thinking that I will go coffee free for a time too. This is more or less how I eat now and it will be quite simple to maintain through the summer months. The main thing I am changing, other than dairy and coffee, is to cut out nuts because I am nibbling on them all day long. It's become obvious to me I have a problem. Where once a few, 5-10 almonds was enough, I now eat unlimited amounts of all kinds. Another thing that may or may not be contributing to my current state of maintenance is the amount of fat in my diet. 

I absolutely believe the science behind Low Carb High Fat diets and Nutritional Ketosis but I am pretty sure I am becoming addicted to fat. I would think that even the so-called healthy fats become unhealthy when consumed to excess. What is excess? I have no idea but I know I can eat a lot. People like Jimmy Moore talk about fats being so satiating you cannot over-eat. I don't think they have met me. I'm not talking about any old fats either. I only eat animal fats, coconut oil, cod liver oil and occasionally olive oil and avocado.

It's a fairly loose plan based on unprocessed foods. It may become a lifestyle or it may be an experiment. The important thing is that whatever we do feels natural and does not cause stress. Although I want to lose more weight I'm not going to worry about how this turns out. I like my animal proteins and I like vegetables. Cheese and yoghurt will be the two things I find hardest to live without. I have done a dairy free experiment in the past so this will be limited to 4 - 6 weeks for health reasons and then we'll see if it brings any improvement.

I guess I need to mark February 10th as a Red Letter Day although it just might happen in the natural course of our lives before then.

Today we went over to Mum's to do another job. John broke up a slab of concrete and brought about 1/4 of it home in our car boot. We'll use it somewhere around the garden. Originally it was the base of an outdoor shower but it was built overhanging our boundary so had to go. The slab was too heavy to move to another location so finally we have done something about it.

A new hedge of griselinias has been planted and seems to be settling in well. It is being watered faithfully in the hot weather we are having. This boundary will look attractive again one day.



  1. I like your new plan. Mainly that, while I'm sure you want it to work, you have decided not to stress over it. So so important.

    You know, it's bugged me for almost 5 years now how a lot of low carb folks keep claiming that if you eat LCHF, you can eat as much as you want because it will be self-limiting since it is so satiating. They are assuming it works that way for everyone. It does NOT.
    Physically, I AM satiated. Physically, I rarely get too hungry, and if I do, it's not a big deal. But... when I eat TOO MUCH it has nothing to do with the physical. When I overeat the "good" LCHF foods, it is still too much. Too much for me to lose weight. Call it emotional, mental, habitual eating, or whatever... it's still too much.

    The debate is still raging over "calories"... and I'm tired of reading about it. But NO one can deny that too much food will interfere with weight loss, whether it's healthy stuff or junk food stuff.

    When you mentioned nibbling on nuts throughout the day, you probably diagnosed a large part of your current problem to lose right there! I'm sure cutting that down will get you off to a great start. I hope your new plan, whether it's temporary or permanent, will give you the health benefits you need to see.

    "The important thing is that whatever we do feels natural and does not cause stress."
    I agree with that 100%! I pray God gives you wonderful success, and wraps you up in His Peace.

  2. I think I know that Santa :) hehe..... Yes those nuts will not be helping and I am also not a believer in lots of fat. I think it's been way overdone - for me I believe in eating real food, non-processed, no wheat etc but moderate fat, not high fat. I figure there is enough fat still on me that my body can burn!! I have cream in my coffee and whatever fat I cook with. My weight has been steady but I'm not feeling it is too high for me and I would love to lose a little more too. I've reduced milk to practically zero but cheese I still love (in moderation). Hopefully more exercise over the break might do me some favours :)

  3. Totally agree with everything Retta has said, for me eating is emotional, no matter what diet/food plan I am on, I need to get myself physiologically in the right head space to even attempt weight loss. When are you of to Christchurch and look at the beach just across the road from the house, my dream :)

  4. Hope you are all safe and snug up there, and not being flooded away :)

  5. Heavy rain yesterday morning. Water pouredd through our section and flooded the road but only for a couple of hours. All gone now.:)