Monday, November 4, 2013


Lynda's latest post is sobering, more so if you have type 2 diabetes.

A sad story of Diabetic complications.
Terminal and Scared

I Guess many of you guys will think me weak, silly and pathetic, but honestly, other than that, I hope I'm a nice guy,

I'm 52, just !

I'm very very happily married, we have a 23 year old butter of a son, he's the apple of our eye,

My darling wife is the sweetest, kindest, most understanding person EVER to have walked this earth, and to me the MOST Beautiful too,

OK, you get the picture, All is perfect.

OK except I'm in a wheelchair now, I have to take phone number quantities of drugs each day, just to take the edge from the PAIN I am and never will be free of,

Why ? Well the truth is that almost 19 years of excuses, no real effort, and leaving things too late, I am amongst many other things a Type 2 Diabetic, with almost an entire collection of complications of the Diabetes,

I sit here in the dark, at 6.49 am in terrible pain having had less than an hour's sleep, and I'm balling my eyes out, crying like a new born baby because I'm SCARED,

I'm dying, amongst many things it's due to Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy, I also have End Organ Damage, and a multitude of other problems,

It's too late for me, I can't be saved,

So WHY am I here now ?

Really because I needed to scream, and I guess to warn you all, PLEASE look after yourselves, DON'T let you'd Diabetes get out of control, be GOOD, be SAFE,

DON'T be ME !!!


This is indeed a very sad letter on the low carb diabetic website.

I had a friend who died about 25 years ago so she was probably not yet 60 years old. I'm not sure whether she was Type 1 or 2 diabetic and her symptoms were aggravated by the genetic disease Muscular Dystophy similar to MS.

All the time I knew her she suffered with neuropathy and the threat of having one foot or another amputated because ulcers would not heal. She was such a sweet and wonderful person I still miss her. She was careful with her food and her medication but I wonder how she would have reacted to the science we now have regarding elimination of grains and eating good meats in her diet. I remember watching her eating a white bread sandwich filled with a slice of luncheon sausage for her lunch. That was her protein potion!

Another friend died in the 90s after contracting diabetes 2 and although his wife followed the dietary guidelines carefully he went on to lose both legs and die within a few years. I believe he drank a lot of fizzy drinks. Again I am fairly certain he died well before his 60th birthday.

Back then these were fairly isolated deaths but what are we heading into these days with people becoming diabetic so young and being advised to eat plenty of whole grains?

There is a lot of grief ahead for some families.

Diabetes is an evil disease and so avoidable for most people.

On a happier note .....

I have recovered from our 6 weeks away. My weight is back where it was when we left and my fasting blood ketones are at 1.7 after only 5 days. That's very good.

It's a gorgeous day here and although showers are forecast they will have to come out of the blue. I have nearly finished here on my laptop so I am going for a walk before lunch. Yay! to walk on the beach, first time in many months.



  1. Welcome back from the South Island :) Glad your weight is good too. Enjoy your walk - that beach is one of the most amazing we've ever been to, gotta love Matarangi!

  2. Back from our walk and it i beautiful. Photos tomorrow.


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  4. "Well the truth is that almost 19 years of excuses, no real effort, and leaving things too late, I am amongst many other things..."

    I'd be willing to bet that if he had been given better information, a healthy way of eating that really worked, then he wouldn't have been so discouraged that he didn't even feel like trying.

    I say that because there were many times in my own life I just couldn't muster up the courage to try again just to fail again. It was heartbreaking. Yet there WERE times I tried SO HARD. It's just that I did what the "experts" told me to do. You know, like lot's of whole grains, fat is bad for you, etc etc. And we all know how that went... :-(

    Anyway, I tend to think it will take another generation to really get going, from the articles I read on Jimmy Moore's site. Slowly but surely, in tiny amounts here and there, the word is getting out. Those who can't avoid it due to genetics might be better off and able to avoid some side effects, hopefully. And some might even avoid the disease altogether. I am so grateful that my husband, who has been officially diagnosed as diabetic, is finally willing to reign in the starches and sugar. I'm praying for him that it's not too late. :-} Well, and me, too. All of us!

    1. I quite understand what you are saying. We have been given some very poor advice and we have really, really tried to get compliant with their program. Although not diabetic I tried Weight Watchers over and over until I just couldn't bear to fail again. The people were nice, just like me, but their message was very wrong for me. I am so thankful my sons introduced me to a low carb diet but it wasn't until I finally gave up wheat that things began to come right for me. Almost too late. I can't imagine what I would be like now if I hadn't made that change 22 months ago. I was heading for all kinds of heart issues and more.


      I can feel quite angry at times thinking about the lost years of good health and enjoyment. I'm can't imagine what it must be like for anyone who has already had their health seriously damaged.

      I can go back to around 1980 when I was seeing a doctor who put me on a 'stoneage diet' When I talked to my family doctor he called my whole health doctor, who was an MD he called him a charlatan. Yet the whole health doctor was helping me make a difference. Pity I didn't stay with him but he was too expensive.

  5. Welcome home, I am so envious of you living by a beach..... one day :)

  6. Diabetic as you said is a dangerous one. If care is not take properly it is possible to affect our body parts. Glad to hear that you are well now. Proper diet and exercise will keep diabetic in control.

  7. Hope you are all doing ok and Hamilton was nice for you :)