Saturday, November 2, 2013


This series of videos is illuminating. In 1967 I was a young mother expecting my 2nd child. I was also an emotional mess for reasons that are too complex for this post. Simply said our first child was a crying baby and I now suspect that our diet was largely to blame. He also was dyslexic and all was blamed on being born slightly blue from lack of oxygen at birth but I think there is a much simpler explanation and that is, we are all wheat intolerant. Nobody guessed at that in 1967. We had a diet high in wheat. Sandwiches made with bread or baked beans on toast was our mainstay at lunch. I ate cereal sometimes with canned fruit for breakfast. And I loved to bake although I soon learned that I was eating most of what I baked and there did come a day when I stopped baking because if I didn't eat it, it went stale in the tins.

I always thought I had a weight problem but it was not until I was put on an anti-depressant that I began to lose control. The sad thing is I had a nice womanly figure. I was not overweight until depression entered my life and this was definitely related to female hormones. Back then no-one was talking about female hormone imbalances and we were expected to live with whatever the consequences and stop moaning. I once went to a specialist in women's health, the only kind I knew about was a gynecologist. The help he offered was ludicrous. Have a hysterectomy!!! What the?????
Thus began my disillusionment with the medical profession.

There are moments in the video which are out of step with today such as the suggestion of using saccharine as a sweetener and the authoritarian attitude of the doctor but we would all benefit from a modern version of this message .... don't you think?

How far we have come from the truth with our nutritional teaching.

Today we are told to avoid all natural fat, especially saturated or animal fat.

Today we are told to eat lots of grains which are starches.

Today diabetics are put on what I would call a low fat, high starch diet. Is that not the very thing which contributes to weight gain and diabetes, not to mention heart disease.

How did we get it so wrong when in 1967 we had it so right?

That's a mere 45 years ago. In biblical terms that's a generation.

God help us come to our senses.

It's not too late.


We watched this child play with her balloon octopus while we had coffee in a Café overlooking the courtyard. It was quite windy and at one stage they had the balloons anchored to a chair. It may not be one of my best photos but it is the first time I have ever asked a stranger if I could take a photo. I did ask the parents to have the child facing her Dad for what it's worth security wise. In the background is another restaurant and bar celebrating Oktoberfest. The staff were dressed Bavarian style in white stockings, short skirts for the women and halter top shorts for the men. I believe everyone had a great time. They certainly sounded as though they were enjoying themselves.

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  1. Ouch...the first film with the chubby girl being left alone was such a reminder of my childhood. Yikes!

    I am praying for our nations children. Obesity needs to be stopped!! I'm doing my part, getting myself in order, being an example to my family and friends and helping others.One person at a healthy choice at a time.

    Have a fit day!