Tuesday, September 10, 2013




I am despondent. I have fallen out of nutritional ketosis. I increased my calories and thus carbs and proteins and my Fasting blood ketones dropped to 0.2 today in spite of reining things in yesterday. That is ridiculously low. Added to that I am hungry. I could eat a horse. Not right now because I've just finished my high fat Keto Coffee. I have two cups of medium strength coffee with 30 gm coconut oil and 50 gm coconut milk whizzed together to make a palatable drink. I often add in up to 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon too. It's not a drink I crave but I have noticed that the days I change things I do not feel as good so it stays except when I decide to take a break from coffee for a few days now and then.

My Keto Coffee in the mornings and my version of a yoghurt and CLO smoothie at lunch are part of my normal routine when at home and I can continue this most of the time when we are away. These two 'meals' alone give me 735 calories, 14 gm carb, 29 gm protein and 63 gm fat for basic ratio of 7.5% carb: 16% protein: 76.5% fat before I add in my snacks and dinner.  I adjust the smoothie by reducing the yoghurt and berries when I'm Fat Fasting. Usually I do not have many snacks in a day. Maybe cheese or an HB egg, a few almonds and a chocolate fat bomb, occasionally I'll have peanut butter or cream cheese on celery. Dinner is the only place I have veggies. Now that summer is coming this will often be a salad of lettuce and a few other bits and pieces.

As I write this  I can see where I can be more vigilant and thoughtful in my choices without starving. I have most flexibility around snacks and dinner.

Checking back to see what I was doing when I hit my lowest weight of 80.2 kg/  lbs, which is 2.7 kg/ lbs less than yesterday, I can see that my morning fasting blood ketones went to 2.6.

The following is an example of what I was doing.

I was 100% a couch potato and eating 1000 calories from 11 gm Carb, 14 gm Protein and 100 gm Fat I cannot call this healthy even if it did raise ketones and reduce my weight.

Breakfast:- Keto coffee
Lunch:- Yoghurt, (50 gm Plain Greek), cream, (50 gm Whipped), CLO, (10-15 ml lemon Arctic), 3 Boysenberries.
Dinner:- Bone Broth, Jelly Whip made with WW jelly and whipped cream.
Snacks:- Pork Crackling, (20 gm), Peanut, and Chocolate Fat Bomb

While it was not a terrible menu for that day it is not exactly the healthiest with no green veggies at all. The goal is to be Healthy. I am frustrated. Does good health mean I cannot loose more weight?

At the same time I am determined to get myself back into ketosis so for the next few days I am going to Fat Fast once more. I'll see how that goes.

One thing I will try, not today because we are almost out of veggies, is a green smoothie by adding spinach into my lunch.


I think I've worked out what I will do. I feel more settled in myself. 

We had a lovely sunny day but there was still too much wind for me to enjoy being outside for more than a few minutes at a time.

A phone call from the Eye Clinic at Waikato Hospital late this afternoon was kind of annoying. I told them months ago we would be away from September 20th to the end of October .... Why can they not make a note of such things? First the woman said she had a place for me on Sept. 23rd and when I said that would not work she suggested October 5th. 

She  ended the call by wishing us a nice holiday. I didn't tell her we were not going away for a holiday. None of her business but it did kind of grate that she assumed we would be on holiday. We would not be making all these trips to Christchurch if it weren't for our son in prison. This time we are also Kitty-sitting which just takes the pressure of a lengthy stay with our other son and his wife. Of course we try to make the most of our time down South but it's really not all that different to being at home. We both have very mixed feelings about these trips. We look forward to them and dread them at the same time.

I am to call the hospital the week before we come home again. Hopefully I will have the operation before Christmas .... maybe. 



  1. Just remember.... Your heart is a muscle. Muscles need protein. Just sayin'


    1. Thanks again for reminding me and keeping me on the straight and narrow.

      I am working at getting a decent amount of protein. I just need to keep the balance right so I stay in ketosis. I am eating more protein this week. Yesterday was around 55 gm and I understand that somewhere between 50 and 70 gms should be right for me. There will be high days and lower days as I continue.


  2. What Deb said. ;-)

    In fact, that's why I mentioned in the last post about the protein gelatin, that I started adding to my coffee, and you could also add it to smoothies and you'd never know it was there. An easy fix to get in the protein, if you were interested.

    And fresh veggies... ack. That is still the one thing I really have to work on. Right now our zucchini is growing like weeds, so I have that almost every day. And homegrown tomatoes, and assorted other veggies. But the rest of the year, it's a challenge. Maybe I'll do like you said, and go back to making green smoothies... Greenies. Maybe... ha ha.

    I hope you find a way to make your trip less stressful... maybe times when you two can just go somewhere nice and quiet, and relax, de-stress, be refreshed. Even little breaks now and then might help. I hope so. Still praying for you. :-)

    1. Thanks for the tip about the gelatin. I am looking out for it. I noticed Anne H was putting it in her drinks and wondered about it. I will be looking for it when I go shopping tomorrow. If I cannot find it in our local health shop I should find it in Christchurch. I love jelly/jello and whipped cream. It's always been a favourite dessert so I'm looking for ways to have it without using the WW packets of jelly which are loaded with aspartame. So that's another reason to find a good gelatin although I think we are talking about two different kinds here.

      We have a few things already booked while we are away. I love Christchurch so there's always a good side to this.


    2. Actually, the Great Lakes gelatin comes in two forms, one that does NOT thicken, and one that does. I bought both, and make my own gello, using flavors and sweeteners more acceptable to me than aspartame. That link I gave you will give you the info on both kinds. I bought both, so I could have options in how I use it, hopefully to be regular in daily usage. Too soon to tell if it's making any difference... ask me again in 6 months, ha ha ha.

      Oh, I called the Knox gelatin people (since it is WAY cheaper), and the customer service rep tried to tell me there was no difference between grass fed beef and factory farmed beef, since gelatin was made from the hooves. But the Great Lakes gelatin is made from beef hides, according to their site. So... I suppose I will err on the side of caution, since it's my health that is at stake. :-)

  3. I think you make this way too hard... I'd stop analysing so much and start to enjoy your food! Concentrate on great vegetables and good protein and forget about how much fat or whatever. If the body is nourished it will work better. I've never considered my ratios and have no idea about that. For me it is more what I don't eat and enjoying what I do eat! If you make this too hard then where is the enjoyment? Just my thoughts. If you don't lose more weight will it be so bad? Health is the most important thing.


    1. Hi Lynda and thanks so much for your concern and support.

      I know what you are saying and I do actually enjoy what I'm doing although sometimes it may not sound like that. You have to remember that my body is many years older than yours and I have a goal of health which is unlikely to be achieved unless I lose more weight. This is not only about the weight although again it must seem like that sometimes to readers. To be stuck at my current weight is not acceptable and I know I can get rid of more body fat, it's just a matter of working out the place where it works For Me.

      I envy that you found your way through this at your age.

      I am also experimenting because I believe in nutritional ketosis and I want to see how it works on an older woman. The more I read about women's health the more it seems to me that women have a much harder time as they age. I guess I'm trying to prove a point. This works when you get it right.

      I'm also recording stuff I would not necessarily want others to see because I want a good record. I'm hoping that there will be a book in it for older people if someone doesn't get there before me.

      I am very fortunate to have so many caring friends. It helps to keep me honest and not go foo the deep end in my endeavours.

      I really am feeling great today and that is what I want. I don't feel great when I'm out of nutritional ketosis so I'm still learning how to stay in the best place for me.

      I seem to be able to eat what seems to me to be huge amounts of fat with no ill effects. That's interesting because I've had no Gall Bladder for more than 50 years.

      I really wish I'd stuck with this way of eating, (Stone Age and bread free), when I was first introduced back in the mid 70s. I guess I didn't have the support of more recent research and the internet that I have now. We live in great times in spite of all the scary stuff that goes on.

      Wow! That's a long reply but I hope you understand where I'm coming from :)


    2. Thanks for the reply - as long as you are happy and not beating yourself up too much!! You most certainly are right though - women do struggle more than men with weight. Stu struggles badly too though - he eats the same or less than me and simply does not lose weight. He needs to change something up but is not ready to just yet (exercise).

      If you'd tried this way of eating back in the 70s it would have been much harder. There was no information and no support - at least now there is more understanding and lots of food choices available to us.

  4. All your figures confuse me lol... a book would be awesome, hope no-one beats you to it. Wow that trip to Christchurch has come around quick again. Have an awesome end of week and weekend :)

    1. Sorry about the numbers. I don't usually put them here. It felt weird to do so but I was having a bit of a melt down. Much better tonight. Hope it's not tp stormy your way. We should stay on the fringe of it.