Thursday, September 12, 2013


What a great way to protest.

Jimmy Moore said the community had won their battle but a news search brought this up for September 9th 2013. These people have been working so hard to have what they want for their community but it's a tough battle against Big Bucks. What is happening in our world when concerned and honest people cannot protect their community from unwanted commercialism that they consider socially and morally detrimental? It reminds me of some of the community battles going on in New Zealand, Brothels in family residential areas, Liquor too close to schools, Pokies in every club, legal/illegal harmful Drugs sold in what once were innocent dairies.

The world is full of unscrupulous people and it's no wonder there are many who turn to the extreme right which of course is little better when you look into their tactics and methods.

I generally keep away from political argument these days. It seems so fruitless yet here is a bunch of people in Tecoma, Victoria, Australia who are willing to protect their town. Sadly it has become a bitter fight.

Personally I have nothing against McDonald's because I doubt if I go there once in three years but ...... more and more people are depending on them for all kinds of reasons.

Perhaps a better way is to improve our nutritional education and teach our children how to cook real food that's fast and probably cheaper too.



  1. Loved the idea. A couple of years ago, there were several malls in Pennsylvania that had a similar event. A Philadelphia (if I remember correctly) choir organized several sing-ins by placing people throughout the center of the mall like those folks in your video. Only they burst into the Hallelujah Chorus!

    It was magnificent.

    When I saw it, it occurred to me that if our world had turned out without the influence of sin, people bursting into praise would be a daily outside planing required.



  2. Yes, I saw that the other day. Well done. About McDonalds you are right - it's not their "fault"... but all the people who now rely on going there and eating there all the time! How do you save people from themselves? I just don't know, but it's the kids I feel sorry for - always have.