Saturday, September 14, 2013



You may not consider this piece of information world shattering but for me it was a gob-smacking, jaw dropping revelation about the fat cells accumulated over the years.

I am pretty certain that I have always understood that once you have a fat cell it never goes away. This is bad news, especially for younger people who might have been fat babies or become obese children which is all too common these days. It seems to me that it has been one of the reasons used to explain why people tend to yo-yo in their weight loss. And it could have been one of the reasons cited for the poor rate of permanent weight loss. The statistics are very poor in that only 5 % people are reported to maintain their weight loss beyond 5 years. There are many other reasons for poor results of permanent weight loss including people not wanting to remain vigilant long term, or make permanent changes to their lifestyle and returning to the eating habits that made them fat.

I don't know about you, but saying that only a small percentage have long term success, has a negative affect on my brain and emotions. Why bother to lose weight if I am unlikely to keep it off? Certainly my experience over nearly 60 years of various diets gave me no indication things could be different.. Fortunately I have found a way of eating which gives me confidence that something has changed. I expect my fat loss to be permanent this time around. Of course I have the added incentive of age. My health and enjoyment of life into my latter years depends on maintaining a healthy weight among other things.

But Hear This! Apparently fat cells die after 10 years of maintained weight loss. Is that good news or not?

I was listening to this podcast on Jimmy Moore's Ask The Experts and I nearly dropped my cup of coffee, I was so surprised. The comment is about 1 hour 9-10 minutes in and was almost a throw away as though we should all know this. Well I did not!!!! It was great news and another example of the ability our bodies have to heal itself given the right support.

Now I know I only need to maintain my current weight for another 9 years and fat cells will give up and die. They will not be there, begging to be filled up with fat once more. I will only be 84 years old with lots of living ahead.... God willing.

Ten years to wait may seem like a long time but if you are, say 25, and have been fat for many years, you are a great age to lose weight. You are young enough that your body is not totally messed up and weight loss and suitable exercise usually comes more easily to the young, and now you have the knowledge that before you are 40 your body will have adjusted to being slim and the fat cells will have reduced through die off. That sounds like a good reason to begin losing weight ASAP.

I guess it is a funny piece of the weight loss jigsaw but it gives me another incentive to get rid of as much fat as possible as smartly as possible and keep it off.

A couple of other neat things I am noticing.

It is easier to exercise. It's not just a matter of fitness but ease of movement and I do not get out of breath as quickly. I'm sure I am extremely unfit by most people's measurements but yesterday I complete 30 minutes on the cross-trainer, (zero resistance), went straight into 30 minutes of strength exercises, which I haven't done for years, followed by 30 minutes of stretching to improve my flexibility. I was amazed that I did all this and still felt fine at the end. In fact the stretching was quite relaxing. I can feel a few muscles have worked hard but there are no ill effects today and my plan is to repeat all of this in 4 days time. For a couch potato this was also a revelation to me. I can do it Yay!!!

It's getting easier to eat the way I have chosen which is low carbohydrate, high fat and moderate protein within a calorie limit. I know all the LCHF gurus say you don't need to count calories but if you look at who they are you soon find out they are young and fit. By young, I mean they all seem to be about 30 years younger than me and most of them are men too. We women all know how much easier it is for men to lose weight and develop strong muscles. We are different in case you hadn't noticed.

At last I am finding my sustainable lifestyle. It has taken me some time to work this out. I began experimenting back in April or May putting together all the knowledge I had gleaned over the years and more recently through the explosion of information on the internet. Learning about nutritional ketosis was a turning point. While I still have a lot to learn about what this means for me. I cannot imagine eating my old way. I shudder when I think of eating cereals. I may be adding fat in strange ways right now but that's all part of experimenting until I find the right balance and how it should fit into everyday life. I feel good and while I would never recommend that anyone follows my example, eating more fat than I ever thought possible is working out well for me right now.

Sometimes I shake my head in wonder. Is this really me drinking coffee laced with coconut oil or drinking a green smoothie? The coconut oil has more to do with some health issues I am dealing with. Coconut oil is reputed to have many healing qualities, particularly when it comes to gut and skin issues. I keep hoping it will work but it could take a year or more to see the improvement I'm looking for. When I first read about Green Monsters or spinach in smoothies I thought people were off their rockers. Now I'm off my rocker!  Not everyone likes smoothies but they have worked well for me for years and I have always noticed that a smoothie seemed to always accompany feeling good and loosing weight.

Here's my latest recipe and it is DELICIOUS.

50 gm frozen berries, strawberry, boysenberries, whatever you have.
100 gm plain Greek yoghurt, we make our own using easiyo.
50 gm cream, can be whipped first
10 - 15 ml cod liver oil Arctic brand lemon flavour only
2 scoops or 30 gm whey protein powder I use vanilla sweetened with stevia
30 - 50 gm baby spinach. I prefer to use 50 gm but I failed to buy enough to last until our next shop.
1/2 - 3/4 cup cold/chilled water

Whizz it all together until it looks a bit like a milk shake. I drink it through a straw.

Without the berries I get a pretty pale green. without the spinach I get various shades of pink, depending on the berries. Put the two together and it's a not quite so pretty, more like coffee latte. It still tastes good and just as all the people have been saying, you do not taste the spinach.

I cannot tell you how good it feels to know that I am finding a way to eat that continues to promote weight loss, makes me feel healthy, and is sustainable in my real life.


  1. The only way I've ever lost weight is to count calories or while on WW, points. And the "secret" is always more exercise. Dang those FAT CELLS!

  2. Fat cells DIE off after 10 years??!! Never heard that before. Yeah, especially for the younger crowd that is indeed good news.

  3. Have never heard it before, but hey I will take it. It means I have about 4 years to lose weight, keep it off for 10 years and when I retire it will all be well, ready to enjoy my retirement at the Gold Coast Perfect :)

    1. Oh and yes have watched Simon's Cat not in a while though, thanks for the reminder :)

  4. Chuckled at your Green Smoothie comments. Guess we are off our rockers too!! I now love throwing in some spinach. :) I know too that our one uses a lot of fruit but it works for us. I just throw a banana, a large handful baby spinach (one of my daughters uses silver beet) an apple, a pear, some coconut water or some filtered water as a base. Then I add whatever I feel........some blueberries or other berries, sometimes some pineapple just whatever is around. Sometime Greek yoghurt :) If I'm feeling lazy I just do the base one. I even add almond butter some days. We don't have these every day but do make an easy lunch after being out in garden. :)
    Have a great week and like you I look forward to less fat cells in nine years time :)

  5. I don't think I could cope with quite as much fruit but that does sound delicious. Yesterday I extended the green with celery because I thought I was running out of spinach. Silverbeet works!!!! OK must try that too as we have plenty in the garden.


    1. Meant to say that 1 of each fruit (banana, small apple and small pear) is enough for the 2 of us. Today I added the spinach, some cinnamon, some grated ginger and some turmeric with coconut water and filtered water and a few ice cubes......yumm :)

  6. Just popping in to say Hi, think you are heading to Christchurch this month, sorry if I am wrong, but if you are there, hope you take time out to enjoy it down there :)

  7. Hello from me too... I hope all is well - haven't heard for awhile :)