Saturday, August 17, 2013


I found this video fascinating. It reminded me of many books and magazines and advertisements that were still around when I was a child in the 1940s and 50s.  I had aunts who subscribed to some of the health ideas here. They always seemed a little strange yet somehow they were also compelling.

Personally I have been thinking lately about the term Paleo and the popularity there is for the Paleo Lifestyle and how some people are zealous to live it to perfection. It reminds me of how some racial groups try to hold onto their ancient culture in it's purist form, into the 21st Century. The world and it's knowledge do not stand still. If it did we would still have wooden wheels or none at all.

I have also become aware of dissent in the ranks as various expressions of the Paleo and Primal lifestyles try to insist their's is The Way. It reminds me of Christian denominations squabbling over the authenticity of their particular way of teaching, preaching and living the Christian walk. There is always going to be as many different ways of living as there are people and the same fundamental beliefs are not always unifying. Even within my own family, where four children had the same parents with the same up-bringing and same basic value system, each has evolved his/her own style.

At the same time there are some things that are basic to leading a good life and one of them is good nutrition. How does one maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep it in balance in a world gone crazy? Answer: Take a swing back into the past and find a place that feels comfortable to you and encompass it with a great sounding philosophy such as saving the earth from the damage we humans inflict on nature.

Paleo has much wisdom and also a lot of foolishness in that it can so easily become a quest for perfection or maybe worse, as fanatical as any religious cult. If anything bugs me about the Paleo movement it is the emphasis on evolution. I am not a monkey. I was never a monkey and nor were my ancestors monkeys. Monkeys may have some humanoid characteristics and  horses have some similarities to donkeys or zebras but they are different animals and require different conditions and handling. I'm prepared to learn lessons from the past but don't equate me with Caveman.

Let's have another look at the wisest book, The Holy Bible. The earth was created to please God and provide a place for mankind who are to be companions and friends of God. Mankind is instructed to care for the earth but also to go forth and multiply. Surely then, caring for the earth will involve some way of providing for future generations. This automatically leads us to using our intelligence to develop a sustainable economy. We all know that this is idealistic and intrinsic greed takes us in the opposite direction.

Mankind is also made in God's image. This means we have the potential to be creative, intelligent and solve problems. We also know that mankind is imperfect and open to suggestion or temptation that leads us down wrong pathways. This is called sin in Bible terms.

I am grateful to the Paleo movement for the information they bring forth but I am also mindful that this often needs a healthy filter to prevent travelling down strange roads.

What is our, yours and my, area of responsibility? To be as sensible as possible in our interpretation of what is good. The only place I find consistent good is within the love that God has for me. I am then able to let my light within my sphere of influence however large or small. If everyman uses his knowledge for the good of others we will do well. Is that possible?

My understanding and knowledge tells me that man is flawed and only when we allow God to reign in our hearts can we hope to live better. That is why Jesus came. It's a great shame that so many people cannot accept His goodness as being better than any other thing. It's a great shame that many people who call themselves Christian have no understanding of the Father Heart of God and therefore have no integrity and no credibility. That's a sermon for another time.

I know this might seem like a disjointed read, simply a bunch of soundbites, but It would take hours of thought and weeks of composition to put this together as a proper article. I am coming to a conclusion that gives some cohesion to the way I live and in particular of how I eat.

My preferred eating plan is like the one who lives on the land where 80% of food is grown and prepared by him/herself. There are some things in the grocery shop I will always buy, like vinegar, baking powder, coconut and olive oil, canned tomatoes and frozen veggies. There are some things I will try to find at Farmers Markets. Because I live in New Zealand and believe that most of our farming practices are reasonably safe I will buy my meat from the butcher or the supermarket and I will enjoy the variety of dairy, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruit that is available. In addition I will always enjoy restaurant meals and cappuccinos.

What to call this? It's not Paleo or Primal, it is currently Low Carbohydrate, High Fat and Moderate Protein but only because I find myself intolerant of wheat and still at an unhealthy weight. It's not completely free of industrialised foodstuffs.

How does The Real Food Menu sound?

As for other aspects of lifestyle, we are blessed in New Zealand to have a mild, temperate climate with temperatures varying from occasional frosts to hot days which rarely exceed 32'C or 90'F We can comfortably go barefoot at all times of the year. For some, winter swimming in the sea is a year round activity while for others we have some magnificent ski fields. We have hills to climb, beaches to walk on, quiet rural towns and sophisticated cities. Generally speaking it's a good life and most people do well or at least have the opportunity to do well.

Well that strayed a bit from the video but it's what I've been thinking about. Somehow we humans like to have a label for things. My life is REAL.

 Otama, Coromandel,New Zealand
at 11:27 HIGH 16°C (60'F)
LOW 8°C (46'F) at 07:38
Wind NNW 11 KT With Gusts 14 KT 
Humidity 74%
This is Mid-August looking forward to spring. It was a beautiful morning but my camera had flat betteries so had to wait until they were charged before taking this snapshot



  1. I'm in total agreement. New "diets" take on a religious zeal. I can't be bothered. I just eat what works and have no name for it and don't want to be aligned to any one name. It really is about eating real food and keeping blood sugar low. I hope you are enjoying Otama - we haven't been over to the beach house for ages now. Hopefully soon.

    1. Somehow our weekend weather has not been the best lately.

      Hope to catch up when you do come.


  2. Love the photo, hope the weekend is going well :)

    1. We have the most stunning views form the house. I am going outside to enjoy the view and some sun right now.


  3. Haven't had time yet to watch the video, but from the intro, it reminded me of reading the life story and work of Paul Bragg. He was into "physical culture" long before it was acceptable, and considered a nut. He started the first "health food store" if I remember right, way back in the.... 50's?? . Interesting man. His daughter carried on his legacy; I still use some of his products, Bragg Amino acids (in place of soy sauce), their spice blend (excellent!), their Apple cider vinegar with the "mother" included. :-)

    Anyway, good post. I had to laugh about not having monkeys in your family tree... I know, I know, that bugs me too, about the "Paleo" movement. I think if they stuck to good nutrition they'd get more people interested, instead of coming off as a secular religion, ha ha.

    I'll join your new movement: The Real Food Menu-ites. We'll set up a charter, hold a convention in New Zealand every year, have speakers, join your online forum and debate with everyone else and tell them why they are wrong, and we'll all become your disciples and buy the new supplements with your name on the bottle and read your newest book of the year. Oh, and use your must-have cookbook.

    Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.........

  4. Funny! Made my morning. What a great idea. We could get sponsorship from the Meat Board, The Dairy Board, Free Range Poultry NZ, Vegetable Producers, The Green Party, and so on. I can see a whole new career emerging and New Zealand leads the world again. I could do with getting rich.

    Have you noticed that our New Zealand pride is in inverse ratio to our size :)

    Oh My Goodness! Menu-ites! Ha ha!