Saturday, August 31, 2013


What do you think?

I fell for the clever marketing too. My children began their day with weetbix. Other cereals were a treat because they were so much more expensive. I heard the comment that weetbix were no better than chaff and that they had as much nutrient as the cardboard packet but here in New Zealand we trusted the manufacturers, Sanitarium, who were also Seventh Day Adventists and, like Kellogg's, promoted the vegetarian lifestyle.

I feel sad that I was not wiser about the nutrition of cereals. As I watched this video the science of advertising took on a whole new meaning. I knew it was there but was kind of shocked to discover how subtle and invasive it really is and how much I had been sucked in when I thought I had a reasonably healthy degree of scepticism.

If you have had enough of the skill and skull-duggery of advertisers take a look at this article which describes how some researchers are studying ideas to change our shopping habits. Awesome! Put a mirror to reflect your own image as you go around the grocery store making your selections.

And there's more. I was totally shocked to read this today. I followed a link on the Livin La Vida forums. Shock horror. Now I will never eat anything again with aspartame even in an emergency. I'd rather eat sugar despite it's addictive and other negative qualities. This is not BS there is now public access to the patent for manufacturing Aspartame. Does this scare you about food manufacturers? It does me!

Today's photo of Otama Beach. You can't feel the wind but let me tell you it's straight off the Antarctic ice.


  1. brrrrr You are right about that wind!! It's warming up though. Yuk to the aspartame too. It's a right old dilemma for me because I just won't have full sugar drinks. Luckily I don't have many diet drinks.. I'll just have to stick to the wine :)

  2. Fascinating article about shopping habits. Thanks for the link.