Thursday, August 8, 2013


Deb posted this and I realised how much I needed to pause and take in the beauty of the song, music, words and pictures.

Sometimes I think I'm crazy. Sometimes I think the people around me are crazy. Sometimes both are true.

I am enjoying a quiet sunny day. I've had a short bike ride. A friend was willing to lend me their bike for a few weeks so I can get fit enough to ride on the West Coast Rail Trail next month. First I had to re-learn to ride and I feel very wobbley. Quite possibly the biggest challenge is improving my balance and getting back the confidence that will go with doing so. I have been surprised that the cross-trainer did not condition my legs for cycling and I get puffed easily. Fortunately there is hardly any traffic. I can ride on the footpath or on the road and feel safe. Which is just as well because I have not yet been able to use the brakes. I tend to get slow enough to put my feet on the ground or fall off as I did a couple of days ago.

One project is almost finished. I'm knitting the front bands on John's cardigan and then will finish sewing it together.

The garden is being worked on as energy, time, weather and inclination permit. I am going to sow my tomato seed and etc in pots this week and hope they will be big enough to plant out before we go south on Sept 21st.

The next major project is obviously becoming proficient on the bike. Murphy's Law kicked in when John's leg packed a sad. He has been riding his bike off and on for years and I was looking forward to riding with him. But he is having problems. He had an angioplasty earlier this year which seemed very successful. Unfortunately it has gradually become bad again over the last few months and now he is waiting to see the specialist in about 10 days time. It cannot come quick enough and I must say I feel very anxious.

Our quiet time is almost over. Saturday we go to my uncle's 95th birthday lunch. Next Wednesday we move to Otama for 3 weeks of Kitt-sitting. Trips to hospital are coming up and we will be heading for Christchurch in 6 weeks.

Hope you enjoy the video. It really spoke to me so thanks Deb.


  1. :D I'm so glad you liked the song. :D It's from the CD called, "A Night of Extravagant Worship." It is excellent.

    Re: the bike. :o Do learn to use the brakes! The falling down part sounds most unsafe. Hips don't land as well at 70 years of age as the do at 7!

    Your schedule sounds daunting. That song may have come just in time. :}



  2. I'm worried about your bike riding! For goodness sake if you fall and break something you'll be totally miserable. Surely walking might be better?

    I'm sorry to hear about John, I do hope it gets sorted quickly.

  3. Sorry to hear about John. Love that you are bike riding, I miss it so much but I am just to shit scared to ever try again. Make sure you have a helmet on. Have an awesome weekend :)

  4. I was sorry to read about John, too, and will pray for him, the doctors, and you. I think the waiting part is hard, with our minds running scenarios and what ifs. You have such a packed schedule coming up, I hope the time flies by for you!