Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Our pretty, red sunrise has been followed by a chilly day with lots of heavy showers. John lit the fire which took a couple of hours to begin to warm us up but from then on we have been cosy. This house is open plan with huge open spaces and high ceilings. Days like this I would love a cosy corner but there isn't really anywhere.

I had to do a frantic last minute internet search to find out what to do after making our Mexican Chicken Stir fry too spicy. I had chicken and a huge bowl of limes so decided to make a tasty stir fry using a pinch of chilli and lots of smokey paprika. You can guess from my heading what happened. I went to pick up the jar of chilli powder after shaking in a heap of paprika except that the paprika was sitting there unused.


We are not into hot chilli and I am very careful to only add it for flavour, a pinch at a time, rather than heat.

Thank goodness for the internet and tips to rescue our meal. First I added a can of tomatoes and more lime juice. Then I put the lime skins in,  removing them before serving. I served our chicken with as little sauce as possible and then added a large spoonful of Greek Yoghurt to our plates.  In the end I enjoyed our dinner but I have a heap of left-overs. I think I'll freeze it. I understand freezing kills the heat.

Whatever I did worked to rescue our dinner. John went back for seconds and I have none of the unpleasant after affects of too much chilli.


  1. Good save! I like a little chili, but definitely not too much. Too hot and you can't taste the food for the heat!

  2. Hi Judith. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your comments. You blew me away a while ago saying how much you like reading my Blog. Coming from a librarian that meant a lot and I never got around to telling you how much that meant to me.

    How are things on the Kapiti Coast? Often think of you.


  3. I still enjoy your blog too MargieAnne :) I like a little chilli but not too much! Good save :)

  4. I hate even a small amount of chilli..... Good on you for making it good again, got to love the internet at times :)