Saturday, July 27, 2013


Jimmy Moore pointed me to this hilarious guide to the paleo diet.

I watched a BBC documentary on the Atkins Diet a few days ago. I couldn't decide whether or not to publish the link here. There were moments of "Yes!" and moments of despair. One trusts the BBC to have integrity when they do a documentary but I cannot help believing they have missed a great deal of the scientific research such as that of people like Volek and Phinney, Gary Taubes and more. It seems to me they have ignored the experience of decades of people who have eaten the Atkins way as a long term lifestyle.

I am not advocating Atkins as the only way to lose weight. There was a time when I thought it was the most ridiculous diet out but that was when all the information I had was from newspaper and magazine headlines. I know better now and although I will not recommend it to anyone at this point in my life it is the eating style I am choosing. People must decide what works for them because we are all individual and that certainly comes through in this documentary.

I guess watching a video might whet your appetite but you have to dig deeper if you want the truth.

I am loving the way I eat now and finding it delicious and satisfying. I feel good as you will discover when you read my next post.


  1. Oh that BBC doco made me angry!! They said that protein was the reason for the lack of appetite and in my experience it is the low carbohydrates that reduces hunger! No mention was made of that at all!! Grrrrr.... Because the low protein people had the reduced appetite, did they not also notice they were the low carb bunch? Did you notice that?

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    1. I missed that connection. I just kept thinking Yay! they are catching up with the truth, then they would come up with something totally stupid. What kind of researchers ignore the work of other scientists? Maybe they don't know all the science that makes Atkins so successful but there are plenty of well researched scientific papers with information they ignored. To not connect the dots between low carb, less insulin and reduced fat storage is careless. That's my opinion. This was supposed to be an in depth documentary and Tom Naughton did a better job in his film. I bet the BBC budget was mega bucks in comparison too. The frustration with traditional thinkers continues.

      Thank goodness we discovered a better way. It's really exciting to know that when I lose a kilo I won't ever put it back on, permanently,that is. And all because I now have tools, in the form of knowledge, to maintain a healthy weight that I never had in the past. The fear of not being able to maintain weight loss was always a hindrance. The fear has completely gone. Not that I think it will be easy always but that I know it's possible. It's so cool to have no food cravings ...... unless I get careless and eat too many starches and sugars. I wonder why that is?

    2. Exactly! Why did they not even bother to mention the link between insulin, high blood sugar and hunger? Yes, great that they made the documentary that in some way vindicates Dr Atkins but then simply comes to the conclusion that it was still all wrong because too much meat will kill you! No mention that low carb eaters actually eat lots of vegetables. I feel a blog post coming on...

  3. Go for it.You will do it well as always.