Sunday, June 30, 2013


I took this photo in July last year of the border I weeded yesterday. Currently the daffodils are barely poking their first shoot through the earth.

I'm all dressed up after meeting our daughter for lunch at Colenso Café. (Photo Tomorrow). It's crazy to drive 45 minutes for lunch when we live 20 minutes apart but with lovely sunny days and a voucher for one free meal when two or more are purchased, (Thanks Jackie), burning a hole in our pockets it seemed like a good thing to do. Jane was working at Whangamata and Tairua today, so Colenso made a nice late lunch break for her on the way back to the office. For those who don't know, Jane is a registered nurse and one of a team of Community nurses. She was on call this weekend with home visits scheduled as far away as Whiritoa, 90 km or 50 miles from base it's a demanding day so lunch in the sun sounded like a great idea.

It's just as well I broke my Fat Fast last night with a higher calorie meal, creamy, coconut chicken curry, a Livin' La Vida recipe. John and I both had Colenso's delicious 'gluten free' frittata with salad and a cappuccino. I am so full I'm regretting the capuccino. A glass of water would have been nice. I've had so much coffee today I might be bouncing of the walls all night. If I eat anything else it will probably be a small dish of Greek Yoghurt.

My knitting proceeds nicely. I should have John's cardigan finished in time for summer.  *ha ha*
You can also see a small section of a hand made floor rug which I made when our sons were young. I like the Arabian carpet patterns and found this hand stitched pattern somewhere. I thought the boys would enjoy playing on it with their small cars. It's large for a hand stitched rug and fills the space between our couch and TV very nicely.

I hope John doesn't lose much more weight or the cardigan will be too big for him next winter. I am wondering how I am ever going to get past him. Weight-wise, that is. He is now around 79 kg/173 lbs. I'm really enjoying knitting again and I love doing Aran patterns. My knitting was never perfect enough for me to be 100% happy with plain stocking stitch, also it gets boring before too long. This is a challenging pattern with 24 rows but now I have the hang of it I can see where I am by studying what I have already completed. The thing is, one mistake will show up and throw everything out of line so I do check against the pattern often.

In the way home we stopped off at Warehouse and bought ........wait for it .............

......... Not yet ...........

............Nearly there ..........

weights. John has expressed an interest so we begin with 2 kg/ 4.4 lbs. I am still trying to decide which book to buy. Fred Hahn's Slow Burn or Jon Benson and Tom Fit Over 40. I think both will be useful but more books????????? As if I need to spend more hard cash on books.

I also bought a few more cheap pansies and some veggie plants. I personally think planting in June is a waste of time because the ground is so cold nothing wants to grow but John is in the mood to garden. Hurray! At last he is doing something other than mowing lawns and fiddling around in the house. To be honest I have given up on housework because he is so intent on doing it I may as well leave it to him and get on with other things. I have multiple interests and hobbies and never enough time to indulge in them all. John seems to have nothing other than seeing that the lawns are mown and the car cared for. He is a potterer and it's amazing how all the small things that I leave for tomorrow get done when he is around.

Yesterday I enjoyed weeding a small border garden, (see top photo) and planted 40 tulip bulbs in it. It's far too late to be planting tulips here and truthfully I don't think our climate is the best, being almost sub-tropical but subject to the odd frost. I bought the tulips when they were seriously reduced in price and should have planted them late May, before we went to Christchurch. When I went out to the car today I paused to look at my handiwork and gloat over my weed free patch. Half the tulips, it seemed, were scattered over the garden and lawn. Birds! Worm hunting birds! Tomorrow, if this fine weather persists, I will be out replanting the bulbs and planting a bunch of pansies to cover the bare dirt. Before I finish we will put bird netting over the border to protect it until the plants are properly established.


  1. That frittata at Colenso is great! I also need to do some weights - pretty important for me now. Best get on with it I think, especially as my knee is no good for walking at the moment.

  2. Ooh, that is such a lovely shade of blue!

    I just read an article that says what I've read before: that weight training is even more important than cardio for people of a "certain age". I use a set of dumbells in the pool, and that are so bouyant that it's a workout just to keep the submerged, and I do a series of exercises with them. It's fun!

    I look forward to seeing photos of your new "gym" set up. :-)