Monday, June 3, 2013


Here is a linked article from The Diet Doctor, Andreas Eenfeldt, Dr. Eenfeldt is a Swedish medical doctor who specialises in family medicine. He wants to find out how to get people as healthy as possible using natural methods. The article supports my reasons for eating low carb, high fat meals.

And here is a video documentary called My Big FatDiet. I think it's been around for a while but I only got to watch it this morning. All I can say is, every community needs someone with the courage and fortitude and of course finance to conduct such an experiment. It made me cry because I have met a few First Nations people and seen their struggle with obesity and alcoholism. Our own Maori and Pacific Islanders have similar problems. It seems to be that when you replace the normal diet/lifestyle of indigenous people with the typical western diet we develop serious health issues. This is something that is easily documented as it has occurred within living or anecdotal memory for some of us. Being comparatively recent history it is easily researched..

I keep thinking that I need to find the energy to begin a LCHF support group in my own community but first I need to find someone who will back me, preferably someone who has respect in medical circles.

I have been somewhat up and down regarding life in general lately. It could be the change in season. It could be stress trying to takeover my life. It could be simple anxiety over this and that. Whatever it is some days are a battle ground and I lose the attle to do anything productive toward Living Well.

I am not looking forward to June in Christchurch. I hope the weather is ind to us. It has been cold there lately. I am packing lots of warm underwear, something I rarely wear. Tights and a merino top or two should help.

Today is our last day at home for a couple of weeks. We are off to Christchurch again. Our car will not start. We think maybe it is the carburettor but there has not been enough time to get it into the mechanic. The Long Weekend, Queen's Birthday Holiday, meant our usual mechanic is away. Our flights are booked and we had to make some decisions in a hurry.

Do we continue with our plans to go to Christchurch or lose the money we have spent on non-refundable flights? We didn't want to disappoint our S.I. families.

Do we use public transport to get ourselves to and from Auckland Airport.? That was going to be a hassle. Every option meant getting to Whitianga first to catch the bus then up to two or three or more bus changes, not to mention the fares. I simply did not fancy struggling with our luggage and possible rain.

Do we call on our daughter to drive us? She is working everyday except Tuesday and we didn't want to commit her to a long day of driving. Her job involves a lot of driving and to work about 10 days in a row with in between days driving us around was not a sensible option. She already had one day off last week to take John to Waikato Hospital where he had some eyelashes lasered. That was a long day of about 8.5 hours driving time alone.

Then we had a brainwave. Why not ask our son from Rotorua to run us around. He agreed. Today he will drive up and stay with Jane because her house is more wheelchair friendly. Tomorrow he will pick us up and take us into Whitianga to do a few quick chores before driving us to Auckland and dropping us off at our Hotel. Wednesday we have a fairly early flight. It would have meat getting up at 4.30 am to be sure of arriving at the airport on time and I'm not interested in early morning starts in winter. Greg will probably pick us up again when we come home on June 20th. So that is sorted and we will of course give him petrol money.

I will pack my suitcase shortly and we are eating up all the perishable food left in the fridge.

I have maintained the weight I lost doing the Fat Fast but no more progress this month. I'm a bit disappointed with my lack of weight loss, particularly as the next two weeks are full of challenges. I guess I will need to be happy to maintain again this month.

Next post will be from Christchurch.


  1. Thats awesome that your son can drive you, have a wonderful holiday down South and keep warm :)

  2. Hope your holiday is going well :)