Saturday, May 4, 2013


I love Wellington and this video captures the spirit of the city. Watch right through and don't miss why so many people liken Wellington, NZ to San Francisco, CA.

Oh darn! I so wanted to embed the video but cannot work out how to do so. Here is a link to Judith's post. I hope you will go there and watch it. If I had to live in one of our major cities I'd be hard pushed to go past Wellington. Here is the direct link to the video on Vimeo.

Now I have a serious problem. I love Christchurch too but it has a totally different character, partly because it is build mostly on the flat.

When I was a child, a trip to Wellington was special, a rare treat. So many memories. The drive; stopping at Paekakariki for a meal at the Restaurant that seemed to hang out past the rocks and over the sea; the excitement of being country kids in the city; traffic; would the tram stop or run over our car; brillaint, glittering shops full of all kinds of treasures; so many people, not all of European descent; beautiful buildings; stunning shoreline; architecture that stimulated my imagination; houses glued to hillside; and stopping on the way home at a tiny roadside fish shop for freshly caught butter fish. At the end of the long day Mum would drop butter into a hot pan and pop in the thick pieces of fish to sizzle. I haven't heard of butter fish for years but they were the perfect fish, for a fussy, non-fish eating child, with their sweet flesh and big transparent blue bones. Every now and then a memory comes along and I want to turn the clock back. This video triggered a massive bout of nostalgia.


  1. I know that restaurant! I love Wellington, it's a very special city. I love the compactness and the way that you can walk most places. My home town. Thanks for linking to my blog.

  2. I really enjoyed that video of Wellington! A while back, I had done a bit of reading and looking at photography done in the Tilt-shift method, and loved it. I hadn't seen a whole video done with it, though. Made it fascinating to watch, like it was all a little model village of miniatures. Fun!

  3. I know that restaurant too - I am a born and bred Wellingtonian :) I remember butter fish!! We had it often, really soft and delicate. I love your description of Wellington from your memory. I rode the last tram with my Dad - he had joined the Tramway museum at Paekakariki and I spend many, many days of my childhood there with him and my brother. I remember getting trams to the Zoo and how the city was way back then. I don't miss Wellington though, I've discovered home really is where the heart is and all my hearts (nearly) live nearby.

  4. Have only done a quick overnight stop at Wellington, must go and spend a bit more time there one day not to far away :)