Monday, May 6, 2013


Poached pork tenderloin

I tried to poach the meat as shown in the video this but had a small disaster. I did not check the zip lock bags I used and they melted in the hot water. Quite an oopsie and a big disappointment. I pulled out the plastic and left the meat to poach for another few minutes before pulling it out and finishing it in the pan I was cooking mushrooms.

So in the end my meal went something like this. Place pork into plastic bags and cook in hot water, kept below boiling point.

Slice mushrooms, spring onion and chop a little garlic. Saute in butter and season with pepper, salt and a tiny sprinkle of grated nutmeg. I have freshly grated nutmeg on the brain at the moment. Rescue the meat and add to the cooking mushrooms and allow to finish cooking. Pull the useless plastic from the buttery seasoned water. Reduce the water to a sauce to make gravy for the meat and mushrooms.

Now I know this will probably horrify some people because the water was contaminated by the plastic. Sorry! I don't care, as I will never make this mistake again and I refuse to believe that a single Oopsie like this is a danger to us.

There is quite a lot of seasoned thyme flavoured water left and it will go into tomorrow's casserole.

Lesson learned. Next time I go shopping I'll look for zip lock bags that are suitable to poach in.

We ate poached pork tenderloin with buttery mushroom sauce and silverbeet. John had a potato baked in the microwave. It was amazingly tasty and the mushroom sauce was delicious. I'd love to do it again but with the proper bags to poach in.

Sometimes I think I need to go to cooking school or maybe vodka will do the same for my cooking as it does for for cleaning.


  1. Oh dear about the plastic but I love the vodka bit :)

  2. How funny about the plastic baggie. But all things considered, those bags sure do come in handy. But I get frustrated with some as I find them difficult to connect and close. I like the Zip top ones. I attribute my difficulty in closing the others to my complete mechanical inability!