Monday, April 22, 2013


This post by Dr. Peter Attia included this video clip. Life in proper perspective.

 Dr Peter Attia is one of the founders, along with Garry Taubes, of NuSi. NuSi is a not for profit organisation dedicated to improving the research into the problems of obesity, personal, social and economically. I have been reading and following so much stuff that I have ignored these two people up till now. I think it's time I looked more closely at what they are doing. I'm also considering joining TED and dropping some of the other things I read and listen to.

Whatever I am doing right now seems to be working well. I have broken through my plateau and lost at least 2 kg/4.5 lbs. I will post my menu with recipes when the 10 days are complete and let you know how I feel and what I am going to do next. The modified fat fast is a challenge because ideally I should be eating about 14 gm carbohydrate per day but my lunch-time smoothie has 11 gm carbohydrate and I don't want to fiddle with it any further right now. I'm not starving, I'm never over full but I cannot say there are no moments when I would like to eat a little more. I must be close to my lowest weight since ....Oh I don't know! Maybe I have to go back to around the 1070s although I do think I weighed a little less for a time around 1990. Edit. I should leave this typo but I meant 1970s.

While in Hawaii I bought a dress without trying it on. I was certain it was too small and would not fit until next summer, 6 or 7 months away. Although it is autumn here we are still having quite warm days and I wanted a change from always wearing pants to church. I tried the dress on and it fits perfectly. I do have a problem with bulges and sagging and flabby fat. I don't think that is going to completely go away whatever I weigh. I need to look into a stretchy body suit thingy that holds all this a little more firmly but I've looked at the Trinny and Susannah stuff and not sure they are what I want. Anyway it's time to do some research on Under Garments. Maybe something like this or maybe this

Here's the photo John took yesterday.

I am really upset that my face remains so twisted from the Bells Palsy. Most of the time I can forget it but photos do not lie. I cannot remember wearing a skirt this short in eons. I am wearing clothes we bought at Hilo Hattie's in Honolulu. I twisted 3 shell leis to make the choker necklace. The sandals are one of the pairs my daughter brought back from Bali a couple of years ago. It is good to feel confident enough to experiment with clothes again.



  1. Loved the dress.

    When looking for a body slimmer, make sure you have a good bra. The best slimmers are usually ones that allow you to wear your own bra with it. (Sometimes they have suspender like things that go over your shoulders rather than its own built in bra)

    The "all in one" slimmers that include a bra seem efficient, but they often flatten the girls out or let them droop down and give you an unattractive shape.

    A good bra that hoists the girls up to where they belong will make you look 10 or 20 pounds thinner.

    Haha. Don't I sound knowledgeable? chuckle. I rarely wear slimmers (Although I ALWAYS wear a good bra.) If I need a slimmer, I wear one with a midriff panel that either fits under my own bra or has those straps to hold it up. A long-line bra and high-waisted bottom is best, but I'm not that determined to get a smooth shape to wear all of that. :}

    I only know what I know because my grandmother was what is called a "coursettier." She was trained on how they should fit when most every women wore "substantial undergarments. Snicker. The styles have changed, but the basics remain the same.

    Good lift up top, Not too tight around belly/waist. If you get too enthusiastic with the girdle section, you'll have an unsightly muffin top. But you know that.

    Good luck with the undergarment search. I find it grueling--I hope you find it quick and easy.


  2. I love the dress and the colour!! Well done too on losing more weight. I too love TED TV.

    I have a great slimmer thingy that I got from the Warehouse. It is "holdmetight" shapewear and I have one that has legs and comes up to under my bust. It is very comfortable and not too hard to get on and off (esp for urgent toilet visits). I like that it smooths my thighs as well - if you get one that cuts around the top of the leg you can get a bulge in your dress or pants.

  3. Love the dress, and just letting you know some more vouchers will be sent up to you in the next day or two....have given you some for Hamilton as well, as I know you go there occasionally for appointments..they are valid until 2014 so just over a year to use, them, not sure what Hamilton ones they are as I just grabbed some, pass them on if you don't use them... :)

  4. The TED video from Ric Elias was wonderful, very moving. Thank you for sharing that link.