Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Statin Nation

I believe this movie should be seen by every person over 55 year at least.

We need to educate our friends and families. But I do know people I will not even mention this to. They are so died in the wool in their lifestyle and what their doctor is telling them that they will not respond to this information. It would confuse them and cause so many problems. Most of the people I am talking about are over 65 and have serious cardio-vascular problems. This information and the research into the damage wheat does to us has come too late to be of any great help to them. I see no purpose in destroying their peace of mind, such as it is, for information which has come too late for them. That makes me sad but I know only too well that some people do not want to know what is best for them. They do not want to make changes. They want to trust traditional systems no matter how faulty they may be.

I am concerned about my children and their generation. It does not look as though medicine is going to come to it's senses any time soon. My children need this information now before they reach their 50s.

On another more personal topic. I think I might need to get a proper bra fitting in the near future. Do any of my NZ readers have knowledge of a good place to go. My body shape is changing so much with age and weight loss that none of my existing bras feel right and then there is the matter of a body shaper to deal with all the wobbly bits and bulges. Back in the 50s and 60s I would not have needed to ask this question but since the days of women burning their bras, qualified fitters are thin on the ground.

It was amazing to me to see bromeliads growing wild


  1. Personally, for me? The best bra shop in New Zealand is Rich Lingerie. It specialises in bigger fittings and mostly quality English bras which, while a little more expensive, last for years. The shop is in Epsom and I have been going there for years. I am still an E cup so can still buy bras there - they only stock D cups up.

    For you locally, I don't have a clue but I did notice this week that the Warehouse have the "Hold Me Tight" range of body slimmers on special. I have looked at many brands and think this is as good as any of them.

  2. Thanks Linda. I wear a B OR C cup and I cannot see that increasing at this stage. I will look in warehouse but my best bet is probably on-line.


  3. Hmmm. MargieAnne, I think you need a proper in-person try on. When you find what fits well, then you can orer on line. With some bras, as the size goes down in the numbers (44, 42, 40, 38..) it can go up in cup size. Every maker is different. You really do need to try them on in person.

    For instace: Thee's an inexpensive bra here that I accidentally discovered when I shrunk out of the lowest size of my usual bra. I tried on soooo many bras and just included this one on a whim. It really fit just as well...and was more comfortable...than the expensive one I'd worn for years. Anyway, it has several different styles and I saw a different style than the initial try-on and thought I'd give it a go. I was horrible! Just awful--and the same company. (18 Hour is the name).

    They must have 10 different styles, only one fits me and it is perfect. NO cleavage (I don't have cleavage naturally, so if it's there, the bra is wrong), holds the girls up with no sag, doesn't roll up and the straps don't cut. They're padded with only a tiny bit of elastic.

    If you can get the 18 hour brand in NZ, the style I use is 18 Hour Comfort Strap. #4693 This link shows a picture and it fits me exactly like it's shown. flat against the upper chest, no cleavage. (I have bulges, of course, unlike the model) If you click on this link there is a link on the left that says something about finding your FIT. It might be helpful even if you don't have access to this brand.



  4. Hey. I checked out the fit guide and it wasn't real helpful as far as figuring out your size. The link has how to measure and what the numbers mean: https://www.onehanesplace.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/hanesb_BraFittingGuide_10151_-1_11001#MeasuringInstructions

    Basically, you measure the spot where you bra band rests. Just under your bust. Add 5 inches to that number and you have your bra size. Then measure around the fullest part of your bust--assuming the girls are standing at attention and not down speaking to your waist. Take that number and subtract the band measurement from it. The difference in inches will give you an estimate of your cup size. Details are on the above link.