Saturday, April 27, 2013


 Before I get into my main theme here is a photo of the amazing Volcano on Hawaii Island. This volcano has been continuously erupting for decades with eruptions being documented from 1883 to now. It's not often you can get this close to an active crater.

There is a new post at Hawaii 2013 with more to come....

Have I ever said I am a Blog reading junkie. Yesterday I was going through my email and found this link to Dietitian Cassie's latest post. I was intrigued and followed all the links on her page. What an eye-opener. We can go through life with our eyes closed to what is going on in the big world or we can get so absorbed in the astounding stories we become paranoid or we can look in every now and then and suddenly want to be an activist. Bringing this to the attention of my readers is my small way of being an activist advocate for not falling in the trap set by Big Food Manufacturers and their advertising.

Personally I prefer to live in my own small world where I can make everything safe. Sometimes I venture out, shocked by what is really going on and then I feel helpless to change things. Times like this I remember a saying by one of my favourite evangelists, You look for the ONE. We can only connect with one person at a time in a meaningful way and as we do who knows how the ripples from that pebble will fall. If one person reads this and begins to think differently about manufactured foods and uses that knowledge to better their life then I have been successful. Of course I hope that there will be more than one person who follows through on what they discover through this as they read.

Here is the article I stumbled on via Cassie's website yesterday. It helps to explain why we eat manufactured junk and why there is so much of it on the grocery shelves. The whole article is a long read but well worth the effort with gems like the following quote from a 2011 publication of the The New England Journal of Medicine about potato chips also known as crisps.

. “The starch is readily absorbed,” Eric Rimm, an associate professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health and one of the study’s authors, told me. “More quickly even than a similar amount of sugar. The starch, in turn, causes the glucose levels in the blood to spike” — which can result in a craving for more.

The Magazine article is adapted from a new book by Michael Moss which will be released soon. I think this is one book I might be looking for in the library if not buying for myself. The book is called Salt Sugar Fat: How the food Giants Hooked Us.


This plant is a Heliconia and I think I have found a description of the variety. The garden this plant was growing in is lava rock with a surface that became crumbled by the developer just over 5 years ago. The surface is being continuously mulched by decomposing plants in the moist tropical climate. This is a rain forest area.

Heliconia Caribaea - has large erect red bracts. This species can become very large under ideal conditions. It will even grpw in lava rock with mulch and fertilizer. It prefers full sun to light shade and is best where temperatures are above 55'F. I think we get a little bit cooler than that in winter so I will have to wait until we go back to Hawaii to enjoy these plants again. 

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  1. Thanks for that great link to Cassie - I see she is on the low carb cruise... how I wish I was going :) Nice to see you two today !!