Saturday, April 20, 2013


One of my time consuming hobbies is reading blogs. It all began after I chose a link to Margie's weight loss blog. Margie and her husband, Bruce were ful-ltime Rvers until their untimely death. I discovered a whole new world of travel and regularly read a number of travel blogs in the hope of gleaning information for a major tour in USA.

Today I am going to share this post with you of The Wave. It's not what you think but it has to be one of the most unique places to hike in the whole world. I hope you'll look in and enjoy Howard and Linda's photos. RV Dreams website is a great place to go if you want to travel off the beaten track in USA

My weight remained stable while we were away. Thanks to Dr Davis of Wheat Belly fame, I realised wheat was an issue for me and that means I am carbohydrate sensitive too. We ate mindfully but had many treats and things I would not eat at home but that's part of why we travel. I was very sick for about 40 hours and that affected me for days but apart from not being able to move from my bed except to the bathroom, for those 40 odd hours, it did no lasting harm. I have since put together the possible reason for such a horrible gasto-intestinal attack. I ate a green papaya salad, fresh ripe papaya, dried papaya, and fresh coconut milk straight from the coconut all within 48 or so hours. I have since learned that some people cannot handle papaya at all and coconut milk can have laxative properties.

Our last five days were in Honolulu at sea level and I suffered. The heat and humidity got to me although I would not call the temperatures excessive. It was very hot in direct sun but as soon as you moved into shade you got the benefit and there was usually a cool sea breeze as well. My feet began to swell until even my loose sandals were very uncomfortable and my feet hurt to walk on. This swelling has taken several day to subside, partly because our weather at home is quite warm and humid. Although autumn is well underway we are still wearing light summer clothes, no jersey and bare foot.

I have now weighed more or less the same for over six months, with small losses along the way. I tried nutritional ketosis after reading about Jimmy Moore's successful experiment and The Art of Low Carbohydrate Performance by Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek. I was only partially successful but was probably a little too loose with my food ratios, particularly carbohydrates. Now that we are home and I have recovered from travelling sufficiently to take stock of where I am and where I want to be, I decided to re-read Dana Carpender's book Fat Fast Cookbook. This book is a reasonably quick read with some good basic information and recipes which have helped me a lot.

On Thursday I decided to give some of her ideas a try. On my third morning I am in the fat burning zone. My Keto Coffee is different but palatable. I cannot say I have been fully sated by my meals but there is probably a good reason for that. The need to keep calories low and fat high and still eat My Food means that I don't have very many calories left for dinner. Another small glitch is that Dana used coconut milk in her Keto Coffee while I only had coconut cream in the pantry. Zillions of extra calories in coconut cream. Whatever my hunger button has been telling me these last two nights no harm has been done by eating a smaller meal in the evening. I have lost at least 1.5 kg/3.5 lbs. I know most of that is fluid and my feet are at last beginning to look normal.

I'm not going to detail my recipes because I can think of many people who will go into shock. That would never do.

I began each day with my version of Keto Coffee which is coconut flavoured coffee with cinnamon, unsweetened. My lunch or brunch is a smoothie I make with Greek yoghurt, frozen berries, cod liver oil, whey powder, cream and water. My evening meal has been 2 eggs on silverbeet/Swiss chard or about 100gm of meat with a small lettuce salad dressed with olive oil followed by a few almonds to munch on.

This is a modified version of a fat fast รก la Dana so I think I am safe to do this for 10 days. I do not want to be restricting calories and worrying about the ratio of macro-nutrients or measuring and weighing for any longer than that. I do want to stay in nutritional ketosis. I have noticed a definite advantage mentally when there are plenty of ketones to feed my brain. I do want my daily food menus to be sustainable long term. getting it right makes maintenance a whole lot simpler when that time comes. How cool it is to feel positive about my future being in maintenance mode rather than weight loss. I feel as though I've been in weight loss mode forever and that is true in a way. I first became aware of my weight as a very young child, maybe 9 years old. The crazy thing is that I was never overweight until after our first child was born, in my mid twenties. It's been an uphill struggle until now. For 63 years my weight has been an issue. For about 45 years I was a yo-yo dieter. Here's to being in the final stages of learning how to become slim and stay that way.

I am back to keeping track and recording stats on my Tracker/Record Blog.

My Hawaiian Trip Blog is still active with several more posts to finish writing and posting.

My main Blog, Growing Older Gracefully, remains on the sidelines except for occasional posts. I am not up to keeping all my blogs active at the same time. I really want to lose more than 20 kg/44 lbs before I assess where to from here. Until that point this will be my writing residence.

I'm not sure how many people are reading now because this Blog is no longer showing on my profile. I will probably wait another couple of months before reorganising that detail. In the meantime I'm in a bit of a funk trying to work out what to do once Google close their Reader service. The alternatives that I've seen recommended do not seem to work well for me. I have been reluctant to get sucked into Google + but there may not be an alternative.

One thing that never stays the same for any length of time is technology. The older I grow the less I want to make changes. Change involves stress and learning opportunities neither of which I get very excited about. Perhaps some clever person will devise a network for those of us who want to keep it simple.

How do you feel about managing changes, especially the ones where you seem to have no choice?

Blessings all. It's good to be back.


  1. Glad you made it back home alright, and are doing well. Nice to see all of your wonderful photos of Hawaii. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  2. Welcome home!
    Wow... a long Hawaiian vacation; trying out all the neat local foods... and your wt remained stable. Kudos to you! I'm impressed.

    I bought Dana's book a few weeks ago, thinking it could be a waste of money. But it was worth it, and answers lots of questions about the fat fast, and has so many recipes I wouldn't have thought of. I tried it a couple of times, for 3 days stretches each (that's what she recommended), and found it hard to adjust to the tiny 200 calorie mini-meals, which are supposed to total 1000 calories (which is why she limits it to 3 days max, for nutritional reasons).

    I'm thinking that if I stick with it, and get used to the mini-meal approach, it could be a useful tool, as long as I alternate it with lots of veggie/good nutrition days in between. Not sure if that would work, but I'm thinking of giving it a try, such as 3 days on, 4 days off each week.

    You are such an inspiration to me, MargieAnne! I was put on my first diet at age 10. So I've been at this, on and off, for 52 years.... aargh! I found what you wrote about how long you've been at this to be encouraging, and that you are making such wonderful progress now! Thank you for sharing your progress with us!

  3. Well, welcome home! I hadn't realized you were back. My computer has been giving me trouble and has, in fact, been down most of this past week. I'm up and running now, tho...I think.

    No matter how great a trip is, I find that it's always good to be home.


  4. You know I am here reading lol.. and yes hate changes :)