Friday, March 1, 2013



Recently I have been contemplating having a coffee free period. Today is the first day.

I took this step with a great deal of reluctance. We are heading for Hawaii in a couple of weeks and one of the highlights is to stay on a coffee plantation. America, the country that loves it's coffee, and here I am giving up my morning java, cup of jo, caffeine fix and etc. I am not addicted, (she says), and this is not the first time I've gone coffee free. I adore the smell of coffee and no doubt will be drawn back again.

For the last few weeks there has been a certain level of stress around putting Mum's house on the market. It's a sad time for us with many memories being stirred up. I have been unable to control some of my anxiety and agitation. My blood pressure has been doing strange things although mostly it has remained in a safe enough range. I have been concerned by my heart pounding even when at rest. Again there was apparently nothing to be medically alarmed by. I have a sneaking suspicion that coffee might be the culprit.

Personally I don't think I drink too much coffee. I make filter coffee in the morning using 2 spoons of whole beans which I freshly grind. Occasionally, particularly if we are out for lunch, I have a third cup. I rarely drink coffee after 2 pm. Even so when I have a sleepless night I wonder if the coffee I drank earlier in the day is to blame.

It hasn't been too difficult to go coffee free. I did have a mild headache but that's not unusual anyway.

I am thinking I will give my body a complete break from coffee for 3 or 4 days then I will possibly allow myself maybe 3 cups a week.

This time next week will be our last night in our own bed for 6 weeks. I'm looking forward to going to the Ellerslie Flower Show in Christchurch in Saturday 9th


It has taken me half the day to get into a good head space. I wanted to curl up in a ball and zone out of this world. I still carry a lot of hurting but it will heal and fade in time.

No coffee, no withdrawal symptoms unless that funky feeling had something to do with caffeine withdrawal which I doubt.

I have stopped trying to eat for nutritional ketosis. It no longer makes sense when for 6 weeks I will be unable to monitor everything. It made sense to me to get my food on an even keel before we leave home. It's been a strange experiment. Initially I was in ketosis almost immediately but from then on other things kept cropping up and although I was choosing my food with care I never came close again. I'm not sure what I was doing that kept me from being a fat burner and my weight has pretty much stayed in the same place. I have not given up the idea of eating myself into nutritional ketosis but now is not the time to continue.

I intend to eat low carb forever so that will not change while we are away from home. All the places we are booked into have kitchens so we will be preparing most of our own meals. There will be more eating out than usual but we will maintain our wheat free status. I'm sure I will eat more fruit in Hawaii but I'll not go crazy. Part of the pleasure of travelling is enjoying good local food so there will be some taste testing no doubt.

I have three days to get organised and ready to pack. Tuesday I have a follow-up with the opthalmologist and we will have dinner out with Jane. Wednesday I will spend a good part of the day having my hair done and at the same time my finger and toe nails shaped and painted. I think I booked n for a manicure so purely a pamper day. That leaves Thursday to finish tidying up the house, laundry and packing. I think we have everything done that needs to be done except the house, garden and personal stuff.

In the last few days I've had a swim in the sea with Jane. Really enjoyed it. We also have broadband internet at last. It was quite a surprise because we live in an area where there is a waiting list. We applied for it months ago and although we were only 7th on the list we expected a long wait. There is a very small population in Matarangi and no-one here would be giving up their broadband unless they died or moved away. Apparently they did some kind of upgrade that allowed them space for a few more connections. Yay! All this time I've been using Telecom wireless broadband and it's been expensive. I cannot imagine using all our broadband allowance ever. I think I'd have to watch four hours of movies every day and then still not exceed our limit. I can now participate in on-line church. It doesn't make up for fellowship but it does extend me spiritually and mentally.

Tomorrow I will begin my Hawaii Blog if I have time between all the chores I intend to get started on.

I think I have sorted out the links so that there is no back link from the Hawaii to my other blogs. Thanks Lorretta for warning me.


  1. Oh Margie, you're a brave woman! No coffee! Good luck!

  2. Cant wait to read your Hawaii blog, I am so excited for you. :)