Thursday, March 7, 2013



I've not been feeling well. No idea what it is going on. My blood tests are almost perfect.

Thank-goodness John is house trained. The house is tidy, the floors clean and the laundry done. I am packed except for my toilet bag and a few other last minute items. I'm quite upset that I wasn't able to carry out my normal preparations but it doesn't really matter. The house will still be here and my garden will be a wreck as usual when we get home. There's a degree of relief now that I'm almost away from here. Taking a step back from the house sale and family activities helped. I am quite shocked by how close I came to breaking down completely under the stress whether it was self made or not. I've felt a lot better since I stopped drinking coffee every morning. I miss it.

This profound thought came into my head.

You can know that something is coming. You can prepare yourself for the difficult event/day/experience. Sometimes all the preparation in the world does not make the event any easier to deal with when it comes. I thought I would get through without being too upset. I had lined up my mind with what is and what needs to be done. My emotions took a ride of their own. 

John plans an early start tomorrow. He wants to make time to take my new cell phone into the shop in Thames. We can't work out some basic functions like a decent ring, making it ring long enough to answer and loud enough to hear. What use is a phone if you can't hear it rung? This technology makes me so mad. There's oodles of info on the camera which I am unlikely to ever use and none on how to get a good ring for calls and texts. Dare I say I'm getting too old to learn how to use a new phone. I hate that people who design the programs do it for nerds and I feel stupid trying to learn it.

Catch up again soon. We are in for a busy weekend.


  1. I'm sure they will sort the phone out - I hope you feel better tomorrow and have a great time. Make sure you say hello from time to time!!

  2. I hope being totally away from all the stress and responsibilities will give you time to truly relax, soak up some fun experiences and let God fill you up with His love and care. My prayer for you is that you come home all refreshed!

  3. Have a wonderful awesomely great weekend :)