Sunday, March 3, 2013


I have always had a soft spot for Pat Robertson. When I first became a Christian his teaching influenced me and I have always found him an encourager. He is an amazing man with wide influence. This video will be seen by millions of people. I hope you like it. When people like Pat Robertson take notice of science you know attitudes are beginning to change. One more nail in the coffin of High Carbohydrate, Low Fat diets. I thought Lori's description of  fats that are bad for you is excellent.

Go out and eat a steak with all the fat on it and cook it in butter but don't serve it with bread or a mound of mashed potato followed by a cake-like dessert. And don't wash it down with sugary soda!

I decided long ago that the best foods are naturally grown, or what God has provided without unnecessary intervention by mankind. We all know that in today's world this takes using a little wisdom because much of our food has been messed with even as far back as down on the farm. We need to shop wisely and thoughtfully.

I hope you enjoy your next meal.


  1. Excellent clip! There was so much information on it - covered just about everything.

  2. Wow, that video was terrific! Put everything into a short, understandable presentation that anyone could follow, if they are the least bit open to gettin' healthier. I kept the link, and will pass is on to anyone interested.

    I've liked Pat Robertson for umpteen years... first started watching him in 1975!! The year I got saved. One day he was talking about being filled with the Holy Spirit, and I phoned in, and God met me there, too. :-)
    I was saved listening to the radio; filled with the Holy Spirit by phone. I'm such a techno-babe, LOL!
    Can you imagine how many lives Pat Robertson has touched. What a blessing he's been.

  3. Loved the clip. Thanks for sharing.

    Your comments about Pat Roberston sure brought up some pleasant memories. Like other commenters, I've been watching Pat since the '70s. In fact, I have a testimony about how God used what I heard on CBN to save my life. It is too long to tell in a comment, tho.

    Beyond that event, it was while listening to Pat and Ben Kinchlow on the 700 Club that I discovered the baptism in the Holy Spirit. I had been saved in a Baptist church and had never heard of such a thing.

    It wasn't long until until it was a reality for me, too--at home, just me and God. :)

    So, I'm with you. Even tho Pat has occasionally said some things in the past few years in his off the cuff responses to email and audience questions that have given me pause, I value his POV greatly. And, yes, there will be reward for him in heaven, no doubt.

    (I do hope he's wrong, tho, about that post-trib rapture thing!)