Tuesday, March 5, 2013



but I can wish I was that young again........ Would I really like the last 14 years all over. No Siree! There were lots of good things but lots of horrible stuff too. One son had a motorbike accident which left him a paraplegic, and all three sons were in court for various things, minor and serious. The business that was supposed to feed us in retirement went bust. I faced some major childhood trauma. There's more but who wants to go back except for the fun bits.

I met some wonderful people and became fully immersed in God's love and joy. We've had three cruises. Each cruise was extended to include a road trip in USA. We lived in our Old Purple Bus for 6 months straight and toured the South Island. There's been lots of laughter, forget the tears.

We have some wonderful friends, taken a look at the world and seen a little of the wonders God created for our enjoyment. What a life we have been privileged to live. Long may it last.

My eye is good, not soo sure about my sight though. I'm wondering if the optician did a number on my glasses. So easy to blame someone else. Looking forward to the surgeon's report. Catch you back later with his opinion.


 It's been a long day but I had fun. First my eye. The opthalmologist is very pleased with the result so far and took a couple of photos as teaching tools. He then said it was time to consider the second stage which is ...... Forget Goldfinger! I will be the girl with a golden eyelid, about $70.00 worth of pure gold will be implanted into my upper eyelid. He tested weights until he was satisfied he had the right one. 1.2 gm (less than 0.043 ounces) of gold will be shaped then implanted into a pocket so more surgery to come but again will be done with a local anaesthetic. I like that. I am very pleased I will not need a general anaesthetic. It took quite some time to test the weights by trial and error. They began with 0.6 gm and it made no difference. With each new weight I was sent back to the waiting room for 5 -15 minutes to test how my eye and lid felt. It wasn't until we got to 1 gm that my eye was closing properly. Another 0,2 gm was added and it felt perfect and I wanted to dance and sing it felt so good. For the first time in more than a year I was able to blink. Such a simple thing yet it was as though my whole body responded with joy. It made me realise how serious a handicap my eye has been this last year. Sadly I had to give the weights back as they were only sample weights taped on. I can't wait to have the implant done. I will have to wait 3 or 4 months.

The tuck that has lifted and tightened my lower eyelid has been mainly cosmetic. It helped some but because my top eyelid was not moving properly my eye was still not closing. I still cannot get over how good it felt to be able to blink. The weighted upper lid will make it look as though I have a lazy left eye but my eyelid will open and close almost normally. I'm so excited about that.

Regarding my wonky and frustration with vision: I have cataracts in both eyes which are still too small to remove. I'll get my eyes tested again by an optician and consider my options but that will have to wait a few months, or at least until we have returned from Hawaii.

My hospital appointment was 11.30 am. I expected it to be an in and out follow-up. Instead I was sent away for lunch and then the weight testing began. This must have taken about two hours. I'm so glad we have an excellent public health system and such talented, dedicated and patient doctors and specialists. My Opthalmologist told us he does two or three of this type of thing in a year. It is usually for people who have had tumours removed, children with palsy or people like me with Bells Palsy. He seemed quite excited that I am getting such a good result.

Next thing to do while in Thames was upgrade my phone and check out global roaming. My old phone is now on pre-paid and we have a new red Samsung which I am learning to use. You should have seen the first text I sent to Jane. The auto text went totally crazy. The first thing we did when we met tonight was for her to turn off that feature.

The wild text:- Hi. We appre jjjedattugi

At this point I kept clearing the meaningless jumble of letters until I got fed up and turned the phone off except that I sent the text. Haha! Poor Jane must have wondered if I had gone doolally.

This was what I was trying to send. 'We are leaving ...'

I wanted to let her know we were finally on our way home and would meet as planned. We did meet as planned and no harm done. I can predict more phone adventures while I discover all the changes since I last used a Samsung 3 years ago.

We have some very dear friends who are in a Rest Home who wanted to see us. We popped out and spent an hour with them. Not long enough but at least a long drought has been broken. They are very special to me and I cannot believe so much time has slipped by between visits. Because our time was short I will write as soon as I can.


It was time to come home and celebrate our friend's 50th birthday. So much fun and yes we did eat pizza and I'm not sure whether it was the wheat free crust or not but I don't really care. Neither John nor I were terribly hungry so there was no over eating. We had lunch at the Wharf Café in Thames and it was very filling. John had seafood chowder which was jam-packed with the tenderest of mussels. I had the spicy beef taco without the corn chips. Mine was served in a bowl topped with a good sized dollop of sour cream and fresh salsa. I couldn't eat it all in spite of it's deliciousness.

It's close to midnight and tomorrow we go out again. We need to leave just before 9 am and it will be at least 3 pm before we return. Time for bed but I'm afraid I will need some Quikeze for indigestion if I want a good sleep.



  1. Those gold weights sound awesome, something to look forward to for when you get back :)

  2. How exciting to know that your eyelids can be sorted out... we will have to call you 'Golden Eye' from now on! lol

  3. Wow, how interesting about your eye and the gold weights. I had never heard of that.

  4. As I read the list of heartaches you experienced over the past 14 years, I was sitting here with my mouth open, and shaking my head. Oh so much... I couldn't imagine having to endure all that in succession. Then... you wrote something that brought tears to my eyes: "...and became fully immersed in God's love and joy." All I can say is Wow. I am awed at God's mercy and grace!! It's hard to describe... but it's like He stepped in Himself and met you, and compensated for all you went through. (compensated is probably the wrong word... can't think of the right one, so I hope you know what I mean).

    When I read all about the gold implant and all you've been through for a YEAR with your eye... it hit me how much we take for granted! I'm am so so SO glad you are getting progress with your eye. Golden Eye... yes!