Monday, March 4, 2013



At last my first Hawaii Trip post is published HERE

We go to Christchurch first to see our family there and go to the Ellerslie Flower Show with them.

Our flight to Hawaii is on March 14th late at night. This appears to be the first direct flight out of New Zealand to Honolulu by Hawaiian Air. I wonder if we will get any special treatment. We fly back from Christchurch earlier in the day and then have hours to hang around the airport and have dinner.

We have been reading a lively Vacation Blog and searching interesting things on-line.

Considering how little time we have left to prepare and packed I'm very frustrated with myself. I just have not had any energy and I'm having to push myself to do the smallest tasks. I'll get myself there but many things that I wanted to do before we close our house for five weeks will be left undone.

Tomorrow I have to be ready to leave home before 10 am and we will be away all day after that.

Another thing that is disturbing me is that I need to visit with some old friends while we are in Thames tomorrow. I should have phoned them earlier today. It's not too late but my reluctance to make the call is a worry. This kind of procrastination seems like depression but I'm hoping a reason will be revealed when I get my blood test results in the next couple of days.

Among all the things we would like to do we might go to this exhibition.  I looked at the wood turner's website. This was the cheapest item. Anyone want a cork.

I brought my stats up to date on my tracker. This morning I saw 84kg/185 lbs on the scales. I'm at my lowest weight in nearly 25 years. My weight loss is very slow but it continues and that's good. I'm rarely hungry. Today I had a berry smoothie for breakfast, mid afternoon I had some camembert and tomatoes with a couple of olives. Tonight I had a large piece of rump steak with tomatoes and a small scoop of mashed mixed carrot, kumera and potato. Tomorrow we will have a Café lunch and Restaurant dinner at Luke's Pizza Kitchen which is mostly outside seating. There's supposed to be rain on the way. Badly needed rain. *smles*


  1. It's gonna be fun going on vacation with you, virtually.
    I'd not worry about the stuff that doesn't get done. Hey, just do your best, and let it go. Go and have fun!!
    I'm so excited for you that you are seeing a lowest weight in so long... how encouraging for you!!

  2. We had a tiny shower of rain here too, last night. Very welcome but we need more!
    I am very much looking forward to your holiday stories. And sometime, when life is back to normal for you I would like to know more about what you eat...I am finding it a real struggle at the moment.

    Have a great trip!

  3. I hate that overwhelmed feeling! I often seem to do my best to ruin what should be an exciting "looking forward to vacation time" by overwhelming myself with unrealistic expectations of the things that need to be done. Like you, my reaction to being overwhelmed is to simply shut down and do nothing. Then I'm forced to rush around, doing the bare minimum to allow me to get out of the door.

    So much better if we just figured out a reasonable list of "to dos" and just did them.

    I'm doing that to myself right now about something, so this pep talk is for me! I just told my husband last night that I was completely overwhelmed. He looked at me with a quizzical expression. Of course, HE would be puzzled. all he has to do is put on his shoes and go.

    Let's both just take a deep breath, shall we? Make a list of what needs to be done--really, actually, needs to be done or you can't go--then do those things firs. If there's time for other stuff, you'll feel like doing it once the pressure is off.

    I've been wondering. How's your surgery healing up? Are you experiencing improvement? I sure hope so.