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We are on holiday but I try to keep up with blogs etc.


I'm watching TV news and a reporter talking about the millions of dollars to be saved by improving petrol/gasoline and thus cleaner air and better health.

I've just finished reading HERE a deduction of the health cost of the eating and living badly is one billion dollars a day in USA. I won't say any more. It's worth reading what Dr. Peter Attia says.

Our lifestyle choices are important.

First of all to ourselves. You and I are worth the effort.

2.  We owe it to our families to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

3.  We can be part of improving the lives of others

4. And thus leave the world a better place.

5. The reward is knowing we did something.

Every person, who writes, talks, does is an educator.

Keep up the good work with your own health and sharing your success and knowledge.


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Two Videos of interest. Both thought provoking regarding the ecology of the planet and our part in future development. It's possible to make a case for anything you believe in but .... The trick is to use your knowledge with wisdom.


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March 12th

Today's post on Hawaii 2013

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I've made a new posted over on Hawaii 2013. Click on the top tab or CLICK HERE

Thursday, March 7, 2013



I've not been feeling well. No idea what it is going on. My blood tests are almost perfect.

Thank-goodness John is house trained. The house is tidy, the floors clean and the laundry done. I am packed except for my toilet bag and a few other last minute items. I'm quite upset that I wasn't able to carry out my normal preparations but it doesn't really matter. The house will still be here and my garden will be a wreck as usual when we get home. There's a degree of relief now that I'm almost away from here. Taking a step back from the house sale and family activities helped. I am quite shocked by how close I came to breaking down completely under the stress whether it was self made or not. I've felt a lot better since I stopped drinking coffee every morning. I miss it.

This profound thought came into my head.

You can know that something is coming. You can prepare yourself for the difficult event/day/experience. Sometimes all the preparation in the world does not make the event any easier to deal with when it comes. I thought I would get through without being too upset. I had lined up my mind with what is and what needs to be done. My emotions took a ride of their own. 

John plans an early start tomorrow. He wants to make time to take my new cell phone into the shop in Thames. We can't work out some basic functions like a decent ring, making it ring long enough to answer and loud enough to hear. What use is a phone if you can't hear it rung? This technology makes me so mad. There's oodles of info on the camera which I am unlikely to ever use and none on how to get a good ring for calls and texts. Dare I say I'm getting too old to learn how to use a new phone. I hate that people who design the programs do it for nerds and I feel stupid trying to learn it.

Catch up again soon. We are in for a busy weekend.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013



but I can wish I was that young again........ Would I really like the last 14 years all over. No Siree! There were lots of good things but lots of horrible stuff too. One son had a motorbike accident which left him a paraplegic, and all three sons were in court for various things, minor and serious. The business that was supposed to feed us in retirement went bust. I faced some major childhood trauma. There's more but who wants to go back except for the fun bits.

I met some wonderful people and became fully immersed in God's love and joy. We've had three cruises. Each cruise was extended to include a road trip in USA. We lived in our Old Purple Bus for 6 months straight and toured the South Island. There's been lots of laughter, forget the tears.

We have some wonderful friends, taken a look at the world and seen a little of the wonders God created for our enjoyment. What a life we have been privileged to live. Long may it last.

My eye is good, not soo sure about my sight though. I'm wondering if the optician did a number on my glasses. So easy to blame someone else. Looking forward to the surgeon's report. Catch you back later with his opinion.


 It's been a long day but I had fun. First my eye. The opthalmologist is very pleased with the result so far and took a couple of photos as teaching tools. He then said it was time to consider the second stage which is ...... Forget Goldfinger! I will be the girl with a golden eyelid, about $70.00 worth of pure gold will be implanted into my upper eyelid. He tested weights until he was satisfied he had the right one. 1.2 gm (less than 0.043 ounces) of gold will be shaped then implanted into a pocket so more surgery to come but again will be done with a local anaesthetic. I like that. I am very pleased I will not need a general anaesthetic. It took quite some time to test the weights by trial and error. They began with 0.6 gm and it made no difference. With each new weight I was sent back to the waiting room for 5 -15 minutes to test how my eye and lid felt. It wasn't until we got to 1 gm that my eye was closing properly. Another 0,2 gm was added and it felt perfect and I wanted to dance and sing it felt so good. For the first time in more than a year I was able to blink. Such a simple thing yet it was as though my whole body responded with joy. It made me realise how serious a handicap my eye has been this last year. Sadly I had to give the weights back as they were only sample weights taped on. I can't wait to have the implant done. I will have to wait 3 or 4 months.

The tuck that has lifted and tightened my lower eyelid has been mainly cosmetic. It helped some but because my top eyelid was not moving properly my eye was still not closing. I still cannot get over how good it felt to be able to blink. The weighted upper lid will make it look as though I have a lazy left eye but my eyelid will open and close almost normally. I'm so excited about that.

Regarding my wonky and frustration with vision: I have cataracts in both eyes which are still too small to remove. I'll get my eyes tested again by an optician and consider my options but that will have to wait a few months, or at least until we have returned from Hawaii.

My hospital appointment was 11.30 am. I expected it to be an in and out follow-up. Instead I was sent away for lunch and then the weight testing began. This must have taken about two hours. I'm so glad we have an excellent public health system and such talented, dedicated and patient doctors and specialists. My Opthalmologist told us he does two or three of this type of thing in a year. It is usually for people who have had tumours removed, children with palsy or people like me with Bells Palsy. He seemed quite excited that I am getting such a good result.

Next thing to do while in Thames was upgrade my phone and check out global roaming. My old phone is now on pre-paid and we have a new red Samsung which I am learning to use. You should have seen the first text I sent to Jane. The auto text went totally crazy. The first thing we did when we met tonight was for her to turn off that feature.

The wild text:- Hi. We appre jjjedattugi

At this point I kept clearing the meaningless jumble of letters until I got fed up and turned the phone off except that I sent the text. Haha! Poor Jane must have wondered if I had gone doolally.

This was what I was trying to send. 'We are leaving ...'

I wanted to let her know we were finally on our way home and would meet as planned. We did meet as planned and no harm done. I can predict more phone adventures while I discover all the changes since I last used a Samsung 3 years ago.

We have some very dear friends who are in a Rest Home who wanted to see us. We popped out and spent an hour with them. Not long enough but at least a long drought has been broken. They are very special to me and I cannot believe so much time has slipped by between visits. Because our time was short I will write as soon as I can.


It was time to come home and celebrate our friend's 50th birthday. So much fun and yes we did eat pizza and I'm not sure whether it was the wheat free crust or not but I don't really care. Neither John nor I were terribly hungry so there was no over eating. We had lunch at the Wharf Café in Thames and it was very filling. John had seafood chowder which was jam-packed with the tenderest of mussels. I had the spicy beef taco without the corn chips. Mine was served in a bowl topped with a good sized dollop of sour cream and fresh salsa. I couldn't eat it all in spite of it's deliciousness.

It's close to midnight and tomorrow we go out again. We need to leave just before 9 am and it will be at least 3 pm before we return. Time for bed but I'm afraid I will need some Quikeze for indigestion if I want a good sleep.


Monday, March 4, 2013



At last my first Hawaii Trip post is published HERE

We go to Christchurch first to see our family there and go to the Ellerslie Flower Show with them.

Our flight to Hawaii is on March 14th late at night. This appears to be the first direct flight out of New Zealand to Honolulu by Hawaiian Air. I wonder if we will get any special treatment. We fly back from Christchurch earlier in the day and then have hours to hang around the airport and have dinner.

We have been reading a lively Vacation Blog and searching interesting things on-line.

Considering how little time we have left to prepare and packed I'm very frustrated with myself. I just have not had any energy and I'm having to push myself to do the smallest tasks. I'll get myself there but many things that I wanted to do before we close our house for five weeks will be left undone.

Tomorrow I have to be ready to leave home before 10 am and we will be away all day after that.

Another thing that is disturbing me is that I need to visit with some old friends while we are in Thames tomorrow. I should have phoned them earlier today. It's not too late but my reluctance to make the call is a worry. This kind of procrastination seems like depression but I'm hoping a reason will be revealed when I get my blood test results in the next couple of days.

Among all the things we would like to do we might go to this exhibition.  I looked at the wood turner's website. This was the cheapest item. Anyone want a cork.

I brought my stats up to date on my tracker. This morning I saw 84kg/185 lbs on the scales. I'm at my lowest weight in nearly 25 years. My weight loss is very slow but it continues and that's good. I'm rarely hungry. Today I had a berry smoothie for breakfast, mid afternoon I had some camembert and tomatoes with a couple of olives. Tonight I had a large piece of rump steak with tomatoes and a small scoop of mashed mixed carrot, kumera and potato. Tomorrow we will have a Café lunch and Restaurant dinner at Luke's Pizza Kitchen which is mostly outside seating. There's supposed to be rain on the way. Badly needed rain. *smles*

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I have always had a soft spot for Pat Robertson. When I first became a Christian his teaching influenced me and I have always found him an encourager. He is an amazing man with wide influence. This video will be seen by millions of people. I hope you like it. When people like Pat Robertson take notice of science you know attitudes are beginning to change. One more nail in the coffin of High Carbohydrate, Low Fat diets. I thought Lori's description of  fats that are bad for you is excellent.

Go out and eat a steak with all the fat on it and cook it in butter but don't serve it with bread or a mound of mashed potato followed by a cake-like dessert. And don't wash it down with sugary soda!

I decided long ago that the best foods are naturally grown, or what God has provided without unnecessary intervention by mankind. We all know that in today's world this takes using a little wisdom because much of our food has been messed with even as far back as down on the farm. We need to shop wisely and thoughtfully.

I hope you enjoy your next meal.

Friday, March 1, 2013



Recently I have been contemplating having a coffee free period. Today is the first day.

I took this step with a great deal of reluctance. We are heading for Hawaii in a couple of weeks and one of the highlights is to stay on a coffee plantation. America, the country that loves it's coffee, and here I am giving up my morning java, cup of jo, caffeine fix and etc. I am not addicted, (she says), and this is not the first time I've gone coffee free. I adore the smell of coffee and no doubt will be drawn back again.

For the last few weeks there has been a certain level of stress around putting Mum's house on the market. It's a sad time for us with many memories being stirred up. I have been unable to control some of my anxiety and agitation. My blood pressure has been doing strange things although mostly it has remained in a safe enough range. I have been concerned by my heart pounding even when at rest. Again there was apparently nothing to be medically alarmed by. I have a sneaking suspicion that coffee might be the culprit.

Personally I don't think I drink too much coffee. I make filter coffee in the morning using 2 spoons of whole beans which I freshly grind. Occasionally, particularly if we are out for lunch, I have a third cup. I rarely drink coffee after 2 pm. Even so when I have a sleepless night I wonder if the coffee I drank earlier in the day is to blame.

It hasn't been too difficult to go coffee free. I did have a mild headache but that's not unusual anyway.

I am thinking I will give my body a complete break from coffee for 3 or 4 days then I will possibly allow myself maybe 3 cups a week.

This time next week will be our last night in our own bed for 6 weeks. I'm looking forward to going to the Ellerslie Flower Show in Christchurch in Saturday 9th


It has taken me half the day to get into a good head space. I wanted to curl up in a ball and zone out of this world. I still carry a lot of hurting but it will heal and fade in time.

No coffee, no withdrawal symptoms unless that funky feeling had something to do with caffeine withdrawal which I doubt.

I have stopped trying to eat for nutritional ketosis. It no longer makes sense when for 6 weeks I will be unable to monitor everything. It made sense to me to get my food on an even keel before we leave home. It's been a strange experiment. Initially I was in ketosis almost immediately but from then on other things kept cropping up and although I was choosing my food with care I never came close again. I'm not sure what I was doing that kept me from being a fat burner and my weight has pretty much stayed in the same place. I have not given up the idea of eating myself into nutritional ketosis but now is not the time to continue.

I intend to eat low carb forever so that will not change while we are away from home. All the places we are booked into have kitchens so we will be preparing most of our own meals. There will be more eating out than usual but we will maintain our wheat free status. I'm sure I will eat more fruit in Hawaii but I'll not go crazy. Part of the pleasure of travelling is enjoying good local food so there will be some taste testing no doubt.

I have three days to get organised and ready to pack. Tuesday I have a follow-up with the opthalmologist and we will have dinner out with Jane. Wednesday I will spend a good part of the day having my hair done and at the same time my finger and toe nails shaped and painted. I think I booked n for a manicure so purely a pamper day. That leaves Thursday to finish tidying up the house, laundry and packing. I think we have everything done that needs to be done except the house, garden and personal stuff.

In the last few days I've had a swim in the sea with Jane. Really enjoyed it. We also have broadband internet at last. It was quite a surprise because we live in an area where there is a waiting list. We applied for it months ago and although we were only 7th on the list we expected a long wait. There is a very small population in Matarangi and no-one here would be giving up their broadband unless they died or moved away. Apparently they did some kind of upgrade that allowed them space for a few more connections. Yay! All this time I've been using Telecom wireless broadband and it's been expensive. I cannot imagine using all our broadband allowance ever. I think I'd have to watch four hours of movies every day and then still not exceed our limit. I can now participate in on-line church. It doesn't make up for fellowship but it does extend me spiritually and mentally.

Tomorrow I will begin my Hawaii Blog if I have time between all the chores I intend to get started on.

I think I have sorted out the links so that there is no back link from the Hawaii to my other blogs. Thanks Lorretta for warning me.