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Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

Sunday Feb 3rd

First of all I got a little more sleep last night but not really enough. Today is cooler. I wonder if there will be rain. We dodged it last night. There is a price to pay for indulging as I did. Two small glasses of wine and a piece of carrot cake and my blood ketones dropped to 0.2 before I went to bed and the same this morning. I expected that but there is a dark side.

It takes 2 weeks of reasonably consistent blood ketone levels to turn your body into an awesome fat burning machine. My two weeks is starting again. Everytime you have a little blow out your body needs to be started off again. The thing is that once fully adapted a little infrequent deviation, and lets face it, it was not a major binge, makes very little difference. For two weeks I need to be a little obsessive about this. Two weeks is a long time to stay completely on plan.

This afternoon we are going over to Mum's house to have time with family who are on holiday there. Tuesday we will be out for a large part of the day which will probably involve a Café lunch. Friday I have another whole day out for River Day. That's a very long day and I'm always exhausted by the time we get home. I'd love to stay at Pauanui for the weekend but I'm guessing the people I stay with will have a house full. I leave home about 7.30 am and it's usually 6 pm before I get home again. We have a shared lunch and I need to be well enough organised to take my own food as well as something I can share. So 3 known traps in the next 6 days and the week has not really begun. We seem to be leading a very social life.

In 4 weeks and a couple of days we begin our trip. First we fly to Christchurch for a few days then on March 14th we fly back to Auckland then to Hawaii for our 4 weeks of adventure there. I need to focus on getting a bit or a lot fitter for walking than I am right now and I really, really want to be a lot less fat. I want to have a shopping spree and what's the point if I can't drop another size.

Later.......I thought I might have a swim this afternoon. The air was heavy and warm and it seemed like a good idea until we got to Mum's and found an easterly blowing in and cooling the air. We've finally had some rain but doubt if it's enough to green things up. Our lawn has turned to straw. Very crisp to walk on.

I have been able to talk with my brother and finally we are all on the same page and can get Mum's house listed with a single agent. This has been a very drawn out process.

I am going to bed while my brain still has sufficient energy to tell my legs to work. Tomorrow is another day.


Nothing to inspire me today. Being lazy. Have a full day tomorrow what with getting my nails done. checking in with Personal Trainer Lynn and getting the contract sorted with the Real Estate Agent. It's nice to have a day with no particular agenda.


I've been in the doldrums. Many things contributed to low moods and lack of energy.

I can cope with my health/weight loss on a day to day basis but staying in maintenance is frustrating. I'm making a few changes today both to my attitude and practical application. More about this tomorrow. I need to get some stuff off my chest and record some of what is going on in my life.

Last week turned into a mini nightmare for me. It was all about the selling of Mum's house, our Beach House. It's now 12 months and a couple of weeks since Mum died. Our daughter has been living in the house and caring for the two precious ragdoll cats, Lexie and Katie. The house is now owned by a family trust consisting of myself, my brother and sister and my other brother's three children since he died about 40 years ago. The house is a beach front property, almost as rare as hen's teeth. The section runs between the road, which grows busier each year, and the sea. In fact our boundary stretches to the high tide line. It's not a large section being less than 1/4 acre. The house was designed by my mother with some input from my sister and myself. It's two storied. At ground level there are three bedrooms, open plan living area with modest kitchen facilities, a bathroom suited to wheelchair bound people and second separate toilet plus the double garage. On the upper level there is a large open plan living area with fabulous views over Mercury Bay. The main bedroom is also in the front and has those wonderful views and shares the bathroom with visitors. There is also a studio unit with ensuite bathroom and small kitchen, no stove. The house is 12 years old and looks tired. The original bach was built in 1955 and proved unsuitable for renovation.The furnishings show their age and the paintwork is, well, tired. We are not spending money re-decorating because this property is at the higher end of the market and most people in that bracket are going to want to re-do it to meet their own needs and taste.

Our job is to present the house for sale in the best possible way. A new build next door has meant some changes along that boundary causing the odd challenge. Mum had very set ideas about what she wanted and they have not always translated into property that is attractive to a buyer. I was happy to simply keep the place tidy and clean and de-clutter effectively. Remember, I said there are many other interested parties.

Tuesday we met with the Land Agent. Did I mention it has taken months of patience and gentle persuasion to agree to choose this particular agent and give them exclusive right to sell. Meeting with the agent were myself and John, my brother and his wife and a niece, representing her siblings. I thought I had prepared everyone present. Apparently not. My brother and his wife told someone that they were thrown by the charge for photography, (and lack of advertising at the Agent's cost), mentioned in the contract. Grrrr! They read through the papers with me the previous day. I just didn't go through them in great detail leaving to to them to decide for themselves. By having a professional photographer we get the best quality and also go on their website, open to view, the Agent's, Bayleys, not our place in this photo but our ad will look something like this maybe, and Trade Me. We will be on three good, well used and popular websites listed under an agency that is known for top end and coastal properties with some international recognition. The cost effectiveness of newspaper ads is almost zilch. The internet is free to us.

Sisiter-in-law has been like fingernails on a chalk board through all this, for the whole 12 months. I was made fully aware of her as a problem person the day after Mum's funeral. From that time her attitude has merely confirmed my position. Sorry if you didn't come here to read about family problems but they are part of my reality these days.

The week became stressful and I had to shut down or crash. In fact I did a little of both while I tried to sort out my own attitude. The house is listed. The photographer is booked for Tuesday. In the meantime there is a little more spit and polish going on but I am keeping out of it as much as I can. Tomorrow we will go over and we will do any last minute bits and pieces. For instance there is a bed we need to bring back home. I'd left it there thinking it might be needed at Easter but that's now unlikely. I know there is a little titivating to do in the garden and I think our daughter needs some moral support. My S-I-L has gone home. We will all be more relaxed. Commercial cleaners have been booked. A totally unnecessary expense but I have thrown up my hands in surrender on that one. I feel for our daughter. This house has been her home for the last few years and it really is hard on her when others say, "We don't want to upset you .... but....." I become the mother hen and fluff up my feathers ready to protest and protect.

Add in my 'mad' sister. We are all very concerned for her because she is playing with dangerous stuff. She is talking to Mum and sending us weird messages from the great almighty, the highest authority, I can't copy here the beginning of the latest weird email because I've developed a policy of a quick scan, then ignore and delete. She has been dabbling in spiritism for years and seems to be sucked in deeply to the extent she is probably mentally unstable. I keep in close touch with her daughter, who lives near her mother, and we are not afraid for her but fully aware of what she is doing. Her family watch over her. But other family members do not necessarily see it in the same light and they are scared for her. Read here, S-I-L who is a nurse, and thinks she knows it all. Who needs families when stuff goes wrong? That's a silly rhetorical remark but I'm sure most people experience times like this.

On Friday I went to River Day, where Jesus is Lord, for a day of refreshment with sane friends. We worshipped and laughed and had a great time of fellowship and teaching, not only women this time but  men too. We began the year with a bang. There were a good number of men and quite a number of pastors, (men and women). For the whole day I put the family shenanigans out of my mind except for a brief catch up with two friends. That's when I realised my S-I-L was no worse than nails on a chalk board. Irritating but harmless.

River Day is always a long day.John went on to Thames to do some shopping so he too was tired when we got home but we both had a lovely day in our own way. He did Man shopping, free to wander as he pleased without boring me to tears or having to fit into my agenda. We left home just after 7.30 am and stopped for coffee on the way home. It was nearly 6 pm when we walked in the door again.

Yesterday was all about having a quiet day and here I am pulling myself out of the non-blogging week.

So that was my week.

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  1. MargieAnne dear, your family sounds no stranger than most! I know how difficult it can be settling family affairs after the death of our parents.

    My Mom and Dad left everything (home, contents, vehicles) to my sister who lived with them. She has four children and refused to leave "home" so her hubby moved on many years ago. My parents also had a cabin in Pa mountains that was left to my sister, brother and me. They had no money and some insurance of which after the funeral director got paid my sister got the majority of what was left.

    As Executrix I paid for probating the wills and the transfer of deed for the cabin.

    Now my sister is mad at me. She feels since I grew up in the house she alone inherited I have an obligation to help maintain its upkeep and repairs. She has a son with wife and two kids living there. He works part time. Her daughter lives there with 3 kids and does not work. My sister retired from driving school bus at age 57 this year but still works a part time job at a pool store. I worked full time until age 66. I WISH I could have retired at 57.

    So, I too, have a crazy family! As I said things can get really difficult in settling an estate. I chose to just ignore the silliness and get on with my life. Sounds like you are doing the same. Good for you!

    1. Thanks for this Phyllis. It's amazing how much our families teach us to stand on our own feet and trust God as we do so.

      Now that Mum's house is properly listed I can relax on that score. What happens now is mostly in the hands of the agent and later the lawyer will handle the financial and legal settlements.

      We will be supporting our daughter through this time of keeping the property up to scratch for viewing. This is the part I find most difficult to cope with. I hope it's over quickly but the market here is not great and there aren't too many buyers in our category. I'm hoping the right one is not far away. Please God.

      Thanks for your comforting words.


  2. A very full and painful week, MargieAnne. I think it is wise that you are backing off a bit. You are only one of several--if they want to hire a cleaning service, let them. If they want to putter about, let them. You've done more than your share.

    Just curious. Was the age you noted for the house--12 years--accurate? I'm think it's not.

    I've been praying for you almost daily.

    I was thinking of you just yesterday and hoping that you weren't going to stress yourself out over losing weight for the vacation. I do that all of the time--and it's foolish. Of course, I don't decide that it was a foolish ting to do until AFTER the vacation.

    Try to walk every day or do some exercise to increase leg strength and stamina. Relax. Follow your food plan as best you can so that you FEEL well when you go. Stamina building now will help you feel better when you're there.

    Hugs, girlfriend.


    1. Yes. The house is only 12 years old. We had to replace the original bach, (heach, holiday house), when Mum went to live there. The original was built in 1955 and for some reason the wrong timber was used in construction and was full of borer, a small woodworm,. This made the house unsuitable for renovation. It was sad to see the original go as it was truly a better design in some respects.

      Thanks for your encouragement. I do need to get outside and walk more on the beach here. I keep putting it off because I need to tape my eye to spend any length of time outside.

      Your prayers are precious. I treasure them and know that God is with me. I definitely feel the strength of others praying for me/us.