Saturday, February 2, 2013




Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

Dinner tonight is at a pizza kitchen. That's a little tricky for the wheat free folk. John will be OK with a gluten free base but what about me and my LCHF plan? I think he does very good salads but I want protein and fat too. Hmmm! Will finish this off after the event.

We had a lovely evening. I had a Thai flavoured chicken salad. There were fries, mussels and at least 7 thin crust gluten free pizzas on our table. They all looked delicious and had different toppings form pineapple and ham to spicy and hot. O was so busy eating my delicious large salad and talking AI never got to sample a single piece. I think there were 15 people who made short work of all the food. Jane made two carrot cakes which were delicious. The smaller cake was gluten free, especially so her Dad could enjoy it. I had a piece and it was very yummy, too yummy. Dangerously so. I could have eaten it all. Just as well there was a crowd of us.

We were home about 10 pm and I'm off to bed shortly. I have not been sleeping well and I'm hoping te wine I drank will help tonight., The nights are a little too warm for me even with the door open. The ranch slider opens onto the deck on my side of the bed. I think it's still around 21' C or 70' F and I like to be cool at around 12' C. One day I just might have air conditioning. Between the heat and the noise from a party nearby sleep might be elusive for a while. I think I'll be distracting myself with a book for a while.

The Diet Doctor posted a note about some common myths related to weight loss and obesity. What do you think? I'm so glad he counts the one about breakfast as an unproven myth. I've had years when I always ate breakfast and periods like now when coffee makes my breakfast. I see absolutely no difference.

On another random note. I loved this video on being Awesome. A clever presentation and so cute.

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  1. We like to sleep in a cooler temp. As well. Broke down finally after many years, and had a "ductless " air conditioning system installed. Works from an outside heat pump. Have three units mounted high on the walls : living room, guest room, and our bedroom. Works very well. Should have done it sooner, but did not know about the "ductless " type.

    Next week is a birthday party for one our grandsons at a pizza restaurant. Hope I can do as well as you did.

    Cheers to you from Oregon. Had some patches of blue sky here yesterday. Warming up into the 40's F. Cracked open the bedroom windows just a bit since there was no rain. Take care.

  2. I too have aircon but not at the beach house - and yes, I was hot last night too!! Did Jane tell you I said hello to her yesterday. We were off to look at Kerry Woodham's wedding down the beach. I think I will try Luke's Kitchen soon - I like the idea of that salad you had and might even try a little gluten free pizza. Yum.

  3. I have considered aircon, but I love to have all the windows open and I suppose Rotorua is not that hot really...... hmmm wonder if ACC would pay for aircon lol......