Wednesday, February 13, 2013





Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

What can I write about today?

I've been busy doing nothing.

There was a little flurry of activity this morning when Waikato Hospital called to see if I could go over next Monday 18th to have the surgery to lift my bottom eyelid. Of course I said yes. I didn't realise until this week how much I really want this. I'm so tired of having a wonky eye. It's very tiring It interferes far more with my life than I like to admit. There's blurred sight, soreness, the risk of permanent damage, pain and hindrance to various activities. I haven't driven the car for 12 months.

I already had a dental appointment that day but suddenly my eye became priority in spite of a grumbling molar. I called the dentist and rescheduled. Because I have a bad tooth they gave me an appointment for Friday 22nd and I'll need to make another appointment for a regular check for after our trip. Plenty going on to keep me out of mischief for the next 10 days.

It's been good to have a quiet day at home after the last two days although quiet is relative. In the midst of sorting out appointments the Real Estate Agent called and I became aware that there were more family shenanigans going on. The Agent has asked that she receive instruction from one person otherwise it becomes confusing, and she has said she prefers it to be me. I hadn't bothered to say anything to family members because I thought there was some kind of general agreement that I was the main contact person. Apparently not everyone is satisfied. All very minor stuff but nonetheless annoying. Now I have to spell it out without sounding bossy.

It's one thing to order my own family, children and husband, even my brother and sister, around but to extend it to others is a challenge. I'm not strong on laying down the law. I'm thinking about how I will do it and get the message across without upsetting myself. Right now I consider my communications skills to rate well below 5 on a 1-10 scale. I'm trying not to worry about it and all I'm doing is making myself feel worse. Time to pray and trust.

I guess it's another step in the growing-up process. Something that continues as long as we live. *smiles*

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  1. That is great that you are getting your eye fixed! What a difference it will make. I can't wait to see the result! Good luck - and good luck with the family too, I hope you can sort them without offending anyone.

  2. I was glad for you, too, that you could have the work done on your eye before your vacation. I pray it all goes smooth, so you have time to heal and feel better for the trip. What great timing. :-)

  3. You are so sweet! Hope you get your family challenges worked out peacefully. Glad you are getting your eye fixed. Prayers for quick healing.

  4. Wahoo on the eye surgery! :D

    As for the family. Simply tell them what happened. Act as tho you have no personal drama raging at all.
    For example, "Just wanted to let you know that the RE agent called yesterday and told me that she's been hearing from different family members. She's afraid that she will get things confused, so is wondering if we could get together and choose one person as a go-between who would deliver instructions or questions to her for us all and then relay her response back to us."

    My advice is to let them choose whoever they darn well please to be that go-between. If they decide you are the one, fine. If not, even better. In fact, you might want to hing that someone other than you would be good. :) You're going on vacation in a month and having surgery in a few days. Maybe it's time to resign your post as the whipping boy.

    It sounds like your sibs, et al, are most eager for the $$$ payoff from the house sale, so they will be motivated to not queer the deal. And, you know what? If they do mess it up? Well,you don't want to sell, anyway. It's all good.

    Again, just MHO.