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Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis รก la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

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This morning I felt like a dead duck. This is going to be one tough day to get through. I am soooo tired it's beyond expression. I'll turn on TV and that will be it. Nothing is all I want to do. I don't want to think. I don't want to do. I don't want to try and understand. I simply want to endure and then it will be all over and time to go to bed. Tomorrow will be another day and hopefully I will feel better.

This kind of fatigue is the pits and often follows a day or two of travel and stress. It's something I am familiar with and something I can either let set my day or I can fight against it. The trouble with fighting is there's nothing, no mental or physical energy, there to fight with. I have no idea why my body and mind do this but it's been going on since 1975 when I first went down with something that later was diagnosed as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Something I never asked for and nobody wants. These days I consider myself 100% healed from whatever it was but the truth is I still have the occasional bad day or even week. I can blame my diet, my stress levels, my lack of spiritual faithfulness, my lack of exercise but there seems to be no rhyme or reason.  There is no answer but I do know that caving in does no good in the long run.

I dragged myself to the kitchen to make coffee and turned on my laptop as I went past. There was nothing interesting in my email so I turned to my Blog reader and this came up. I feel so much better just listening to this woman. Very interesting. Watch the video for yourself and see if you are not inspired.

I know about changing how I feel with a little bit of a smile or mental gymnastics, singing a song, being thankful out loud but this gives a little bit of an explanation, some science and a practical experiment.

The significant finding though is the difference we can make to our hormones and in particular our cortisol, the stress hormone. Wow! A simple way to change cortisol levels How healthy is that. Imagine being able to stay feeling powerful but lower stress. This is another brick in the path of improving  health.


It's true I felt brilliant for a short time but the reality is my body was in 'Go Slow" mode for the day and I dozed off a few times. When it was time to go to bed I couldn't sleep. Insomnia is always difficult to manage without getting angry.

Thank-goodness that even with only a few hours sleep, maybe 4 good hours, I feel so much better this morning than I did yesterday. I'm still in 'lazy mode' but will do a few minutes on the cross-trainer when I've finished babbling here. Following that is a soak in a bath laced with baking soda. My skin is very itchy. I guess that too is the result of two stress filled days.

I am mildly disappointed, but not surprised that my weight is the same again as December 1st and my ketone level is way below optimum at 0.4. I am beginning to understand and accept that if I want to be a fat-burner I need to do at least 15 minutes per day on the cross-trainer or equivalent exercise. That is not much to commit to. From today I resolve to be more faithful in getting some useful activity into my day, every day. I'm fairly confident that the next kilogram lost is very close but I'm still a little frustrated that it's taking so long. I am considering the possibility of adjusting my macro-nutrients to increase the protein and reduce the fats as soon as I'm confident my blood ketones have settled around my target, an average of 1.5.

Over the months that I've been reading about Low Carb and ketogenic diets I have learned a few things.  The most significant seems to be a link between sugar and cancer. I cannot understand why this is not out there in front of our eyes every day.

If anyone has the right to be paranoid about cancer it is me. My father, his mother and his brother all died from cancer. Dad had lung and liver cancer which was probably the result of a lifetime of smoking. Grandma  P. got bowel cancer in latter years, sometime in her 80s. Uncle Allan had prostate cancer. My mother's mother died with cervical cancer. I'm fairly certain she died from old age rather than the cancer but it did take something away from those last 10 years. Two of Mum's sisters and one of my cousins died from cancer. They were all people who lived healthy lives. Aunty Gladys died in her 30s from breast and lung cancer. Aunty Shirley died in her 40s from liver cancer and my cousin died in her early 30s from colon cancer which was misdiagnosed a few years previously. One of my brothers died form malignant melanoma aged 34. I'm quite sure that if I followed sideways into my mother's family I would find a whole lot more cancer deaths. The worst period was in the 70s when over a three year period my father, John's mother, my aunt and my brother suffered and died from this scourge.

The reasons people get cancer are as many and varied as the people themselves and the type of cancer they get. It's not surprising there is a huge amount of research on this disease at many different levels. My first job, 1959, was in radiotherapy where I was training to be a technician and spent my days treating cancer patients. Our machinery and knowledge were incredibly primitive compared to now, yet we did see people recover and go into remission. I was also responsible for filing the district records for the doctor who headed the department and that was sad because there were so many files closed because the person died from the disease.

That I am not paranoid for my own health and that of my family is largely due to my faith in God. Not because I think my faith makes us bullet proof but because I know that whatever happens in life I can trust God to see me through. At the same time my family background and work experience, though it be long ago, keep me alert to what is being said in the media.

For 72 years I was unaware of the connection between cancer and sugar. I knew that overweight people had a higher risk and I also knew that they are often harder to treat if only because the fat gets in the way. Now I am hearing from many different sources how sugar feeds cancer and there are many testimonies of people who have starved the cancer from their bodies. I have even heard that many specialists recognise how sugar feeds tumours and can be starved into disappearing. I have heard that someone with leukemia went into remission on a sugar free, ketogenic diet.

Why is this not being shouted from the rooftops? This is more significant than the belief that red meat causes cancer. It is as significant as the fact that smoking is a major cause of lung cancer. We are constantly being made aware of carcinogens in chemicals, some artificial sweeteners, charred/caramelised grilled meat and so on. But are these any more carcinogenic than sugar?

I have seen first hand the suffering of people with cancer, the surgery, the chemotherapy, the radiation damage. I have seen the resulting sickness, diarrhea, pain, debilitation, extreme weight loss, drug side affects, and grief.

What if cutting sugar out of our diets reduced the risk significantly? Added sugar is one thing our bodies can live without. Sugar in fruits and vegetables can be minimised. Losing our sweet-tooth is not too difficult for most people.
What if you made one day a week sugar free?
What if you were able to make a chain of sugar free days?
What if sugar became a rare treat?
What if you treated yourself as allergic to sugar? I'm sure some people are, especially if you notice anyone on a sugar high.
What if we all recognised the addictive quality of sugar and treated it as an addictive substance?

I like sweet things and I have not yet found a convenient substitute that I like. I prefer to limit the foods that have added sugar but I'm far from being a purist. I like the occasional piece of cake. Who doesn't? But from now on I will be far more aware of the amount of sugar I consume in any given day or week. My awareness is one of the advantages of learning to eat to stay in Nutritional Ketosis.

Smoking was/is an unnecessary pleasure that damaged our health. Sugar is an unnecessary nutrient in our diet although I must admit I would not be happy to have to eliminate it 100%. Fortunately if that is the case for some, particularly some diabetics, there are good substitutes. It simply takes a little time and persistence to make your personal choice.

Going Low Carb High Fat is becoming an amazing journey of discovery.

We ate pizza for dinner tonight. Go here for the recipe of the Ultimate Meat Lover's Pizza which has a minced beef base and very low in carbs. It worked far better than I expected it to. It was also very quick to make even with starting from scratch to make marinara sauce.

You can see how I'm doing by clicking here or use the Tracker/Records tab at the top of the post.


  1. As I read your description of the extreme tiredness, and the medical cause.. and then the other factors you listed which might be to "blame"... I could relate.

    There are times when my lupus flares up and it's all I can do to drag out of bed. Nothing much gets done. I used to feel guilty, and allow the lazy label to affect me. No more. It is what it is. And while my lifestyle/choices certainly DO make a difference, blaming myself for something over which I have no control (the underlying disease process) doesn't help, and only made it worse.

    Nowadays, I don't even call them lazy days. They are either "relaxed" days, or if I'm feeling spunkier, "vacation" days! You are doing so well, and making so many changes and learning so much. Maybe add to the new behaviors some "be nice to Anne" days, when those old symptoms decide to show up. Take a well deserved vacation day, light a candle with your bubble bath, and put your feet up. A temporary rest day could help you bounce right back. At least, it works that way for me. :-D

  2. Thank you for your thoughts and for sharing your feelings openly. I am diabetic and can relate to what you say here. Certainly I was a "sugar addict " for years and did not realize what was going on in my body. Now that I'm 66 it is starting to make more sense to me and I am learning more about how my body responds to things. Your spiritual belief is a very important part of your life. Thank you for sharing and caring.

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    1. So sorry Loretta. I accidentally removed your comment. About muscle building and the need for protein. Apparently even on a ketogenic diet we are still eating protein but the balance is different, meaning fewer carbs, moderate protein and higher fat. A healthy body is still able to build muscle so long as it gets the right amount of exercise as well. Couch potatoes are the ones who end up with muscle wasting. There is so much to learn from sports health. I never knew it could be so interesting. Jimmy Moore talking with Ben Greenfield was an interesting podcast.


  4. We all have down days on occasion. I, too, suffer from insomnia. I can go two nights with fewer than 3 hours sleep each of those nights and then I crash. In fact, it's 8:30 and I'm about the crash. TIme for a shower and off to bed.

    I do hope you are feeling more chipper.