Sunday, February 24, 2013


Instead of placing my photo here go and have a look at Lynda's post. We are so privileged live in such a beautiful place. It's all too easy to take for granted the beauty around us. I will definitely have to go for a walk up that hill now my eye is healing.



Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

I spent some time today preparing our travel Blog. There's a tab which links to our Hawaii trip at the top of this post. I've set it up as a stand alone Blog without any links to my other places just in case any family and other friends are interested. They do not need to read my struggles and anxieties etc.

Today we received an urgent email from the host at the coffee plantation we had booked with. They made the booking personally with us but their booking agent has over-ridden our booking. They will reimburse us and we will look for something else. We are quite disappointed but hopefully it's for the best. The Coffee Plantation stay is our third week on Big Island so we may not even book until we can look around when we are there. In the meantime we'll have fun looking for somewhere else.

We had a big fat eggplant ready in our garden and I have never cooked one. I keep asking myself why I decided to grow the plants. A few days ago I saw a recipe for eggplant lasagne that Tom Naughton raved about. Chareva's Eggplant Lasagne I couldn't make mine exactly the same since I was missing some of Chareva's ingredients but it was still darn tasty.

My version .... I baked slices of eggplant as instructed and cooked the minced beef with a little garlic and diced onion. I did not have the right cheeses so when I made the sauce I put 3 small eggs, a large spoon of thick Greek yoghurt, a 120gm round of camembert and about 50 gm soft blue cheese in a bowl with Tuscan seasoning and mixed to a smooth consistency with the stick whizzy thing. I added in a bit of grated cheddar. Then I made my tomato sauce from all those tomatoes we are taking from the birds. I just chopped up a few with fresh basil and marjoram, garlic and spring onions, (scallions). I added a spoonfull of tomato paste and seasoning and simmered until it looked right.

I ate a slice of freshly baked eggplant straight from the oven. Oh My! I loved the creamy texture under the crispy edges along with the olive oil. I never could have imagined I would one day go crazy for eggplant baked with olive oil. It was so incredibly delicious I can't wait for the next one to be ready to harvest. I wish I had eaten it all like that as once in the lasagne it was lost to the other ingredients.

After all that I ended up with a dish deep enough for two complete layers of eggplant, minced beef, eggy cheese sauce, tomato sauce with more grated cheddar to top it off.

I have never been a fan of pasta so this is only the second lasagne type dish I have ever made. It was a bit of messing about but didn't take too long. The worst part was all the dishes I used but John, bless his heart, cleaned up and he usually does the dishes too.

That was my day. A new Blog, a new vegetable and a new recipe.

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Friday, February 22, 2013





Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

The last few weeks have been trial by fire. I've always felt reasonably safe around family. I believe I've shown love and respect but lately I have not felt as though it has been reciprocated. There's been a lot of push and pull. A lot of talk behind backs but the worst damage has been done on the internet.

I am not completely without fault. That's hard to admit. I probably dug my own grave .... so to speak.

Deb wrote My advice is to let them choose whoever they darn well please to be that go-between. If they decide you are the one, fine. If not, even better. In fact, you might want to hing that someone other than you would be good. :) You're going on vacation in a month and having surgery in a few days. Maybe it's time to resign your post as the whipping boy.

On Sunday someone spoke to me at church. This someone had no idea that I was struggling with family pain. They kept saying to me I need to. "Let it go!" I was confused being unsure just which specific I needed to let go.

There is a process in taking your hands off something that seems very important to you.

I needed to be sure it was the right thing and I was not jumping on any old thing that was of concern to me.

I needed wisdom to be able to discuss this with others without playing the blame game or the victim.

I needed to find peace in my decision.

I needed to feel gracious in what seemed like defeat.

I remembered that The Battle is the Lord God of Hosts.

I remembered that Jesus stood silent before his accusers.

I remembered that forgiveness is not bitter nor holds grudges.

And I remembered that love is unconditional, forgiveness is unconditional, and I wondered how to do this without looking like a doormat.

Finally it is over. I feel as though I've been swimming with crocodiles. It felt nasty, scary, decidedly unpleasant and the longer I stayed in the water the greater the risk of being torn asunder.

Finally last night I composed two emails addressing questions and telling family I was standing aside from the process of being family contact with the Real Estate Agent., Two extremely bland emails. I knew there was absolutely nothing I could say to justify myself that would not be used to fuel a fire of nastiness. It hurts but it's done.

As the eldest in our family I think I should have received greater respect but .... well there you are.

It will probably take me awhile to be in complete forgiveness toward those who I deem to have offended me.

To me forgiveness is incomplete until I can wish the person/people, who have hurt me, every good thing rather wishing come-uppance on them. The most difficult bits to forgive are when I see my husband and children hurt. I'm so glad I know the forgiveness of Jesus. How can I possibly hold grudges when He has forgiven me so thoroughly.

I hate appearing weak to others. Let's just say it takes greater strength than I possess to not retaliate with another session of 'He said, She said.'

Most of this could have been avoided if people had talked face to face or on the phone. Hence my description of the internet sometimes being a very dangerous place.

Many of us in blogger-space have seen relationships turn sour because of misunderstandings or carelessly worded emails or worse still, bullying. I thought this was something I knew how to avoid. I now join the club of those who have been mauled.

Tonight I can say, 'It is finished.'

I am not sure what will happen in the future. I am not sure whether a total family rift has been avoided. I'm not sure what kind of relationship I will have with certain people in future.

I do know this one thing. I am free to move on.

Whatever the future brings I will embrace it and make the most of our opportunities.

Bonus - I think my blood pressure is settling down and the fluid retention is reducing. Hopefully I'm on the way to another small weight loss.

Today is the two year anniversary of the biggest Christchurch Earthquake. Lots of sad memories and various of commemorating the day. Here is a link to a slide show of before and now.

We are looking forward to our visit to Christchurch. We arrive there in two weeks and stay 6 nights before flying to Hawaii.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013





Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

Sorry I haven't been up-dating.

The eye lid lift his all good but it's been a busy week in many different ways.

My eyesight is terrible. I hope it improves now my eye has better protection

We are home again. The days are flying by. Friday I go to the dentist and probably get a tooth out.

It might be a few days before I am back here regularly.

A delightful story from one of my favourite blogs The Gluten Free Girl and the Chef

Their daughter, Lucy, has a passion for books fostered with wisdom by her parents. One of the current reads is  The Gulps by Rosemary Wells

Lucy adores this book. We love reading it to her. And I love that one day this week, I asked her about one of the first pages. The Gulps are loading choco-nut candies, snack pack puddings, pizza stix, koko snax, and nacho chips into their RV. “What did they forget to pack, Lucy?” I asked her.
“They didn’t pack any food, Mama.”
That’s right, kiddo. This is a book about the joys of eating real food.

That's not the only book having an impact on this family. Shauna has been reading onte with an interesting title Smart Chefs Stay Slim: Lessons in Eating and Living From America's Best Chefs  I think I want to read this one

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Thursday, February 14, 2013





Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

I am starting the day feeling really unwell. This is something which is growing increasingly worse. I feel much the same as when my blood tests came back with low potassium levels. A simple way to prove whether or not that is what is wrong is to begin taking slow release potassium capsules again. I've been reluctant to consider this as a possible cause because I haven't taken a diuretic since last September but the symptoms of fatigue, buzzing in my ears and heart thumping are too similar to ignore any longer. It's the fatigue that gets me most of all. It makes me so lethargic and is totally unhelpful toward my goal of being walking fit for our holiday. These symptoms have been gradually developing ever since I stopped taking the supplement. My diet should be good enough and I do seem to be taking a bucket load of supplements these days. I have been reluctant to consider the possibility of potassium depletion until the last couple of weeks. I am eating well and apart from annoying things which often stress me out I should be as full of bounce as I have been other times when I eat the way I currently do.

Mild Hypokalemia

The signs and symptoms experienced due to moderately low levels of potassium, generally between 2.5 and 3.5mEq/L are as follows:-

Muscle pain, (myalgia)
Mood swings
Slow reflexes

6 out of 9 symptoms seems significant to me.

Another website makes this comment. I have highlighted the significant, to me, phrase.

Potassium, along with calcium and sodium, is an electrolyte (mineral salt) important to the human nervous system, muscle function, fluid balance and heart, kidney and adrenal functions.

Perhaps there is a case to add a supplement as I've checked what I am taking and potassium is well down the list.

I should get a blood test first. Last time I tested at something like 3 and I stopped takig the supplement when I reached 3.6. Maybe I should have continued.

I wrote this last November.

I feel so much better this morning. I can't decide whether it's in my head or whether it really is physical. I took the first potassium tablet at teatime last night and another this morning with breakfast. Suddenly small tasks that I didn't want to know about were done without even thinking of them as a chore. I've a long way to go to feel as though my house is in order again but if this continues I will be able to do it. All kinds of things have been neglected as just being too much trouble and not worth the effort. 

If that's true I should know fairly quickly if potassium capsules help. I will try to get a blood test done before I take the first dose.

Another thing that is bothering me is my blood pressure. One of my best readings was last September and I'd be happy if it stayed in the same region as then 3rd September 2012, 125/75

Nurse Lynn has been checking my blood pressure and while the d reading is fine the other one has been higher than normal. Could this too be related to diet/nutrition?

Diastolic levels, (bottom number) are good at around 70-80 so no indication there that something needs to change. But for no apparent reason the systolic reading, (top number) has been high with a reading of more than 50 two weeks ago and over 40 this week.  These numbers do not indicate a need to change my medication but they are of some concern especially since it's my goal to come of all medication. I can't find the piece of paper I took notes on so will wait until next Tuesday to get correct numbers. copies.

I understand my readings are in the healthy range but I want better and I believe that with weight loss and increased activity I should be seeing better results. The only thing now is that I don't have enough energy to increase my daily activity. here's to hoping it's something as simple as  mild  potassium depletion.

On reflection I have made an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013





Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

What can I write about today?

I've been busy doing nothing.

There was a little flurry of activity this morning when Waikato Hospital called to see if I could go over next Monday 18th to have the surgery to lift my bottom eyelid. Of course I said yes. I didn't realise until this week how much I really want this. I'm so tired of having a wonky eye. It's very tiring It interferes far more with my life than I like to admit. There's blurred sight, soreness, the risk of permanent damage, pain and hindrance to various activities. I haven't driven the car for 12 months.

I already had a dental appointment that day but suddenly my eye became priority in spite of a grumbling molar. I called the dentist and rescheduled. Because I have a bad tooth they gave me an appointment for Friday 22nd and I'll need to make another appointment for a regular check for after our trip. Plenty going on to keep me out of mischief for the next 10 days.

It's been good to have a quiet day at home after the last two days although quiet is relative. In the midst of sorting out appointments the Real Estate Agent called and I became aware that there were more family shenanigans going on. The Agent has asked that she receive instruction from one person otherwise it becomes confusing, and she has said she prefers it to be me. I hadn't bothered to say anything to family members because I thought there was some kind of general agreement that I was the main contact person. Apparently not everyone is satisfied. All very minor stuff but nonetheless annoying. Now I have to spell it out without sounding bossy.

It's one thing to order my own family, children and husband, even my brother and sister, around but to extend it to others is a challenge. I'm not strong on laying down the law. I'm thinking about how I will do it and get the message across without upsetting myself. Right now I consider my communications skills to rate well below 5 on a 1-10 scale. I'm trying not to worry about it and all I'm doing is making myself feel worse. Time to pray and trust.

I guess it's another step in the growing-up process. Something that continues as long as we live. *smiles*

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013





Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

Yesterday was another stress filled day. John and I went over to Mum's to do a little gardening and we expected the photographer. He had suggested Tuesday but out forecast was for cloud so thought he would try to fit it in Monday. yesterday. That totally freaked a few who thought they had to do a lot mre to have the place ready for photographs. In fact one person had a go at the photographer for coming a day early. I was right there and told him it wasn't his call and there was a slightly unpleasant scene and I thought we were going ot lose the photographer right there. We were able to get all the upstairs inside shots and some outside ones and the photographer agreed to come back the next day to finish the downstairs and any outside ones that might be needed.

Today's photo is clearing away a bonfire which had been built in the wrong place according to someone I will not name. Thank-goodness we should be able to relax now as there is only maintenance to do and any other titivating that seems worth the bother as we go along. I would have been very happy to see the bonfire remain although we are under a total fire ban right now. I thought it would be fun to have a bonfire at Easter.

Jane is still on holiday and we will be going over to house sit, basically care for the spoilt cats, for a few days including the weekend.

I also went for a swim. How could I resist that sea. The good news is that my new swimming goggles work perfectly. I take an age to get into the water preferring to walk in getting wet inch by inch as my body adjusts to the water temperature which was not particularly warm once you paddles beyond knee depth. It doesn't look as though there is much surf but there are a few waves and AI was almost waist deep when a big one came, breaking around me. I went under and it was OK. I swam around a bit until I began to chill before warming up in the sun.

I was so tired when we got home I kept dozing off in my chair and ended up going to bed far too late.

Today I had my first electrolysis session. Shock horror. I had discovered some chin hairs and recently I became aware of how dark my moustache had become. I do not want to have a twisted face and a dark moustache.  Vanity kicked in. Jane gave me a voucher for Christmas which has paid so far. I love that girl.

I also had an appointment with Nurse Lynn, (Personal Trainer for want of a better description). My blood pressure is still up. I need to work on all those de-stressing tricks. My weight is down so I am not imagining the lost weight over the last 10 days. It's not fantastic but any loss is exciting at this stage. We shopped for groceries and came home. I was waiting for a phone call from Waikato Hospital. The scheduler was trying to fit me in with the opthalmologist. I am running out of days to have the procedure to lift me eye lid so that I can close my eye. Anyway they are still working on it and I won't have a trip to Hamilton tomorrow. I'm glad about that.

The lady doing the electrolysis said she is taking homeopathic remedies for cold sores. That's the herpes virus. I believe having Bells Palsy can be related to the herpes virus, which is also more active when a person is under stress. I have had a stream of cold sore off and on for the whole year. It sounds as though I need to have a good chat with the good people at the Health Shop.

Two whole days and then we pack for 5 or 6 days at Mum's house. The days are flying by. 24 days and we fly away.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013





Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

I've heard that when things are not working as expected maybe it's because you need to change what you are doing. For quite a while now I've been endeavouring to eat a certain ratio of macro-nutrients to achieve nutritional ketosis or show levels of more than 0.5 blood ketones. I set myself up with an online calorie  calculator that also gave me percentages and/or grams of macronutrients. The macronutrients are Fat, Protein and carbohydrates. I chose a ratio that looked something like this.


1250 Calories 
104.2 gm fat (75%) = 934cal.
62.5 gm protein (20%) = 250 cal.
17 gm carbohydrates (5%) = 67 cal.

It meant weighing and considering everything I eat. That's not my normal style and can lead to aggravating stress levels. I knew it was a temporary measure while I worked out typical servings of various regular items in my diet should look like. Guess what? I did get fed-up and I am still the same weight as at the beginning of the year, give or take a few pounds. Excellent maintenance. But I think I've got a handle on what a typical days food should look like.

Recently I hit a snag. A week ago, (It feels like two so maybe I need to go back to the end of January to see what was going on), we celebrated my daughter's birthday followed by a fairly stress filled week. I have been unable to get my blood ketone level where it needs to be. This frustrates me because I believe the science which says do this and expect certain results to follow.

In the interest of mental health, my peace of mind, I'm only weighing or measuring when something looks very different from what I might usually eat. I'm still aiming to keep my macronutrients in a certain balance but I'm over trying to get the ratios in perfect with calories as I seem to think they should. Instead I'm eating more or less intuitively. I do need to take care doing this because I have a tendency to add in extra foods and they are usually high in carbohydrate. I don't have blood glucose issues so it's easy to think I can get away with eating icecream, red wine and rice crackers but it's clear that these things are contributing to stalling my weight loss. If you go to my tracker you will see that I have taken down the chart for daily macronutients and calories. That should stop me from trying to be Perfect!!!!

At the same time I have succumbed to the stresses of living. That's not good and has all kinds of repercussions.

I cannot change the circumstances that bring stress into our lives. Stress is a part of life on this planet and the more you interact with other people the more you expose yourself to stress. It's also true that living in a vacuum is stressful so it's how you handle that stress that's so important.

Stress busters include regular quiet times. Ideally these are for meditation and/or prayer or just a walk around the garden.
Deep breathing for a few minutes.
Pausing to 'smell the roses'
Walking outside, getting into the open air and enjoying natural surroundings. I have these in abundance so have no excuses.
Getting some exercise but not necessarily strenuous stuff.
Smiling and laughing.
Enjoying good company.
Hugging and receiving hugs.
Going to bed before midnight.
Cutting back on coffee.
Doing something creative.

I'm sure I can add to this.

I'm looking at this list and thinking ..... Why on earth am I so serious about everything?

Why do I have an over rated sense of responsibility? (eldest child syndrome perhaps).

It's time to lighten up and enjoy.

The trouble is that while I might appear laid back and that is certainly how I perceive myself, it's a lie.

I am as up-tight as any person I know. Every muscle in my body is tense from dawn till dark. I often wake up in tense knots. This paralyses me. It's exhausting. It's a vicious circle.

I bet you are there long before me.

I need to find ways to break this tension.

Being the brainy person I am I keep looking for answers when the answer is so simple.

Just live a little more each day.

Even thinking about it adds stress. I think I'm weird.

Enough messing with my brain.

Right now I commit to a walk on the beach this evening when the air is cooler and hopefully the wind has dropped.

I'll let you know how it goes.

LATER  No walk. But I am at peace again. My decision to simply eat just as I would have in the past without weighing and trying to balance all the nutrients paid off.

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Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

Sunday Feb 3rd

First of all I got a little more sleep last night but not really enough. Today is cooler. I wonder if there will be rain. We dodged it last night. There is a price to pay for indulging as I did. Two small glasses of wine and a piece of carrot cake and my blood ketones dropped to 0.2 before I went to bed and the same this morning. I expected that but there is a dark side.

It takes 2 weeks of reasonably consistent blood ketone levels to turn your body into an awesome fat burning machine. My two weeks is starting again. Everytime you have a little blow out your body needs to be started off again. The thing is that once fully adapted a little infrequent deviation, and lets face it, it was not a major binge, makes very little difference. For two weeks I need to be a little obsessive about this. Two weeks is a long time to stay completely on plan.

This afternoon we are going over to Mum's house to have time with family who are on holiday there. Tuesday we will be out for a large part of the day which will probably involve a Café lunch. Friday I have another whole day out for River Day. That's a very long day and I'm always exhausted by the time we get home. I'd love to stay at Pauanui for the weekend but I'm guessing the people I stay with will have a house full. I leave home about 7.30 am and it's usually 6 pm before I get home again. We have a shared lunch and I need to be well enough organised to take my own food as well as something I can share. So 3 known traps in the next 6 days and the week has not really begun. We seem to be leading a very social life.

In 4 weeks and a couple of days we begin our trip. First we fly to Christchurch for a few days then on March 14th we fly back to Auckland then to Hawaii for our 4 weeks of adventure there. I need to focus on getting a bit or a lot fitter for walking than I am right now and I really, really want to be a lot less fat. I want to have a shopping spree and what's the point if I can't drop another size.

Later.......I thought I might have a swim this afternoon. The air was heavy and warm and it seemed like a good idea until we got to Mum's and found an easterly blowing in and cooling the air. We've finally had some rain but doubt if it's enough to green things up. Our lawn has turned to straw. Very crisp to walk on.

I have been able to talk with my brother and finally we are all on the same page and can get Mum's house listed with a single agent. This has been a very drawn out process.

I am going to bed while my brain still has sufficient energy to tell my legs to work. Tomorrow is another day.


Nothing to inspire me today. Being lazy. Have a full day tomorrow what with getting my nails done. checking in with Personal Trainer Lynn and getting the contract sorted with the Real Estate Agent. It's nice to have a day with no particular agenda.


I've been in the doldrums. Many things contributed to low moods and lack of energy.

I can cope with my health/weight loss on a day to day basis but staying in maintenance is frustrating. I'm making a few changes today both to my attitude and practical application. More about this tomorrow. I need to get some stuff off my chest and record some of what is going on in my life.

Last week turned into a mini nightmare for me. It was all about the selling of Mum's house, our Beach House. It's now 12 months and a couple of weeks since Mum died. Our daughter has been living in the house and caring for the two precious ragdoll cats, Lexie and Katie. The house is now owned by a family trust consisting of myself, my brother and sister and my other brother's three children since he died about 40 years ago. The house is a beach front property, almost as rare as hen's teeth. The section runs between the road, which grows busier each year, and the sea. In fact our boundary stretches to the high tide line. It's not a large section being less than 1/4 acre. The house was designed by my mother with some input from my sister and myself. It's two storied. At ground level there are three bedrooms, open plan living area with modest kitchen facilities, a bathroom suited to wheelchair bound people and second separate toilet plus the double garage. On the upper level there is a large open plan living area with fabulous views over Mercury Bay. The main bedroom is also in the front and has those wonderful views and shares the bathroom with visitors. There is also a studio unit with ensuite bathroom and small kitchen, no stove. The house is 12 years old and looks tired. The original bach was built in 1955 and proved unsuitable for renovation.The furnishings show their age and the paintwork is, well, tired. We are not spending money re-decorating because this property is at the higher end of the market and most people in that bracket are going to want to re-do it to meet their own needs and taste.

Our job is to present the house for sale in the best possible way. A new build next door has meant some changes along that boundary causing the odd challenge. Mum had very set ideas about what she wanted and they have not always translated into property that is attractive to a buyer. I was happy to simply keep the place tidy and clean and de-clutter effectively. Remember, I said there are many other interested parties.

Tuesday we met with the Land Agent. Did I mention it has taken months of patience and gentle persuasion to agree to choose this particular agent and give them exclusive right to sell. Meeting with the agent were myself and John, my brother and his wife and a niece, representing her siblings. I thought I had prepared everyone present. Apparently not. My brother and his wife told someone that they were thrown by the charge for photography, (and lack of advertising at the Agent's cost), mentioned in the contract. Grrrr! They read through the papers with me the previous day. I just didn't go through them in great detail leaving to to them to decide for themselves. By having a professional photographer we get the best quality and also go on their website, open to view, the Agent's, Bayleys, not our place in this photo but our ad will look something like this maybe, and Trade Me. We will be on three good, well used and popular websites listed under an agency that is known for top end and coastal properties with some international recognition. The cost effectiveness of newspaper ads is almost zilch. The internet is free to us.

Sisiter-in-law has been like fingernails on a chalk board through all this, for the whole 12 months. I was made fully aware of her as a problem person the day after Mum's funeral. From that time her attitude has merely confirmed my position. Sorry if you didn't come here to read about family problems but they are part of my reality these days.

The week became stressful and I had to shut down or crash. In fact I did a little of both while I tried to sort out my own attitude. The house is listed. The photographer is booked for Tuesday. In the meantime there is a little more spit and polish going on but I am keeping out of it as much as I can. Tomorrow we will go over and we will do any last minute bits and pieces. For instance there is a bed we need to bring back home. I'd left it there thinking it might be needed at Easter but that's now unlikely. I know there is a little titivating to do in the garden and I think our daughter needs some moral support. My S-I-L has gone home. We will all be more relaxed. Commercial cleaners have been booked. A totally unnecessary expense but I have thrown up my hands in surrender on that one. I feel for our daughter. This house has been her home for the last few years and it really is hard on her when others say, "We don't want to upset you .... but....." I become the mother hen and fluff up my feathers ready to protest and protect.

Add in my 'mad' sister. We are all very concerned for her because she is playing with dangerous stuff. She is talking to Mum and sending us weird messages from the great almighty, the highest authority, I can't copy here the beginning of the latest weird email because I've developed a policy of a quick scan, then ignore and delete. She has been dabbling in spiritism for years and seems to be sucked in deeply to the extent she is probably mentally unstable. I keep in close touch with her daughter, who lives near her mother, and we are not afraid for her but fully aware of what she is doing. Her family watch over her. But other family members do not necessarily see it in the same light and they are scared for her. Read here, S-I-L who is a nurse, and thinks she knows it all. Who needs families when stuff goes wrong? That's a silly rhetorical remark but I'm sure most people experience times like this.

On Friday I went to River Day, where Jesus is Lord, for a day of refreshment with sane friends. We worshipped and laughed and had a great time of fellowship and teaching, not only women this time but  men too. We began the year with a bang. There were a good number of men and quite a number of pastors, (men and women). For the whole day I put the family shenanigans out of my mind except for a brief catch up with two friends. That's when I realised my S-I-L was no worse than nails on a chalk board. Irritating but harmless.

River Day is always a long day.John went on to Thames to do some shopping so he too was tired when we got home but we both had a lovely day in our own way. He did Man shopping, free to wander as he pleased without boring me to tears or having to fit into my agenda. We left home just after 7.30 am and stopped for coffee on the way home. It was nearly 6 pm when we walked in the door again.

Yesterday was all about having a quiet day and here I am pulling myself out of the non-blogging week.

So that was my week.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013




Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

Dinner tonight is at a pizza kitchen. That's a little tricky for the wheat free folk. John will be OK with a gluten free base but what about me and my LCHF plan? I think he does very good salads but I want protein and fat too. Hmmm! Will finish this off after the event.

We had a lovely evening. I had a Thai flavoured chicken salad. There were fries, mussels and at least 7 thin crust gluten free pizzas on our table. They all looked delicious and had different toppings form pineapple and ham to spicy and hot. O was so busy eating my delicious large salad and talking AI never got to sample a single piece. I think there were 15 people who made short work of all the food. Jane made two carrot cakes which were delicious. The smaller cake was gluten free, especially so her Dad could enjoy it. I had a piece and it was very yummy, too yummy. Dangerously so. I could have eaten it all. Just as well there was a crowd of us.

We were home about 10 pm and I'm off to bed shortly. I have not been sleeping well and I'm hoping te wine I drank will help tonight., The nights are a little too warm for me even with the door open. The ranch slider opens onto the deck on my side of the bed. I think it's still around 21' C or 70' F and I like to be cool at around 12' C. One day I just might have air conditioning. Between the heat and the noise from a party nearby sleep might be elusive for a while. I think I'll be distracting myself with a book for a while.

The Diet Doctor posted a note about some common myths related to weight loss and obesity. What do you think? I'm so glad he counts the one about breakfast as an unproven myth. I've had years when I always ate breakfast and periods like now when coffee makes my breakfast. I see absolutely no difference.

On another random note. I loved this video on being Awesome. A clever presentation and so cute.

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Friday, February 1, 2013





Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

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This morning I felt like a dead duck. This is going to be one tough day to get through. I am soooo tired it's beyond expression. I'll turn on TV and that will be it. Nothing is all I want to do. I don't want to think. I don't want to do. I don't want to try and understand. I simply want to endure and then it will be all over and time to go to bed. Tomorrow will be another day and hopefully I will feel better.

This kind of fatigue is the pits and often follows a day or two of travel and stress. It's something I am familiar with and something I can either let set my day or I can fight against it. The trouble with fighting is there's nothing, no mental or physical energy, there to fight with. I have no idea why my body and mind do this but it's been going on since 1975 when I first went down with something that later was diagnosed as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Something I never asked for and nobody wants. These days I consider myself 100% healed from whatever it was but the truth is I still have the occasional bad day or even week. I can blame my diet, my stress levels, my lack of spiritual faithfulness, my lack of exercise but there seems to be no rhyme or reason.  There is no answer but I do know that caving in does no good in the long run.

I dragged myself to the kitchen to make coffee and turned on my laptop as I went past. There was nothing interesting in my email so I turned to my Blog reader and this came up. I feel so much better just listening to this woman. Very interesting. Watch the video for yourself and see if you are not inspired.

I know about changing how I feel with a little bit of a smile or mental gymnastics, singing a song, being thankful out loud but this gives a little bit of an explanation, some science and a practical experiment.

The significant finding though is the difference we can make to our hormones and in particular our cortisol, the stress hormone. Wow! A simple way to change cortisol levels How healthy is that. Imagine being able to stay feeling powerful but lower stress. This is another brick in the path of improving  health.


It's true I felt brilliant for a short time but the reality is my body was in 'Go Slow" mode for the day and I dozed off a few times. When it was time to go to bed I couldn't sleep. Insomnia is always difficult to manage without getting angry.

Thank-goodness that even with only a few hours sleep, maybe 4 good hours, I feel so much better this morning than I did yesterday. I'm still in 'lazy mode' but will do a few minutes on the cross-trainer when I've finished babbling here. Following that is a soak in a bath laced with baking soda. My skin is very itchy. I guess that too is the result of two stress filled days.

I am mildly disappointed, but not surprised that my weight is the same again as December 1st and my ketone level is way below optimum at 0.4. I am beginning to understand and accept that if I want to be a fat-burner I need to do at least 15 minutes per day on the cross-trainer or equivalent exercise. That is not much to commit to. From today I resolve to be more faithful in getting some useful activity into my day, every day. I'm fairly confident that the next kilogram lost is very close but I'm still a little frustrated that it's taking so long. I am considering the possibility of adjusting my macro-nutrients to increase the protein and reduce the fats as soon as I'm confident my blood ketones have settled around my target, an average of 1.5.

Over the months that I've been reading about Low Carb and ketogenic diets I have learned a few things.  The most significant seems to be a link between sugar and cancer. I cannot understand why this is not out there in front of our eyes every day.

If anyone has the right to be paranoid about cancer it is me. My father, his mother and his brother all died from cancer. Dad had lung and liver cancer which was probably the result of a lifetime of smoking. Grandma  P. got bowel cancer in latter years, sometime in her 80s. Uncle Allan had prostate cancer. My mother's mother died with cervical cancer. I'm fairly certain she died from old age rather than the cancer but it did take something away from those last 10 years. Two of Mum's sisters and one of my cousins died from cancer. They were all people who lived healthy lives. Aunty Gladys died in her 30s from breast and lung cancer. Aunty Shirley died in her 40s from liver cancer and my cousin died in her early 30s from colon cancer which was misdiagnosed a few years previously. One of my brothers died form malignant melanoma aged 34. I'm quite sure that if I followed sideways into my mother's family I would find a whole lot more cancer deaths. The worst period was in the 70s when over a three year period my father, John's mother, my aunt and my brother suffered and died from this scourge.

The reasons people get cancer are as many and varied as the people themselves and the type of cancer they get. It's not surprising there is a huge amount of research on this disease at many different levels. My first job, 1959, was in radiotherapy where I was training to be a technician and spent my days treating cancer patients. Our machinery and knowledge were incredibly primitive compared to now, yet we did see people recover and go into remission. I was also responsible for filing the district records for the doctor who headed the department and that was sad because there were so many files closed because the person died from the disease.

That I am not paranoid for my own health and that of my family is largely due to my faith in God. Not because I think my faith makes us bullet proof but because I know that whatever happens in life I can trust God to see me through. At the same time my family background and work experience, though it be long ago, keep me alert to what is being said in the media.

For 72 years I was unaware of the connection between cancer and sugar. I knew that overweight people had a higher risk and I also knew that they are often harder to treat if only because the fat gets in the way. Now I am hearing from many different sources how sugar feeds cancer and there are many testimonies of people who have starved the cancer from their bodies. I have even heard that many specialists recognise how sugar feeds tumours and can be starved into disappearing. I have heard that someone with leukemia went into remission on a sugar free, ketogenic diet.

Why is this not being shouted from the rooftops? This is more significant than the belief that red meat causes cancer. It is as significant as the fact that smoking is a major cause of lung cancer. We are constantly being made aware of carcinogens in chemicals, some artificial sweeteners, charred/caramelised grilled meat and so on. But are these any more carcinogenic than sugar?

I have seen first hand the suffering of people with cancer, the surgery, the chemotherapy, the radiation damage. I have seen the resulting sickness, diarrhea, pain, debilitation, extreme weight loss, drug side affects, and grief.

What if cutting sugar out of our diets reduced the risk significantly? Added sugar is one thing our bodies can live without. Sugar in fruits and vegetables can be minimised. Losing our sweet-tooth is not too difficult for most people.
What if you made one day a week sugar free?
What if you were able to make a chain of sugar free days?
What if sugar became a rare treat?
What if you treated yourself as allergic to sugar? I'm sure some people are, especially if you notice anyone on a sugar high.
What if we all recognised the addictive quality of sugar and treated it as an addictive substance?

I like sweet things and I have not yet found a convenient substitute that I like. I prefer to limit the foods that have added sugar but I'm far from being a purist. I like the occasional piece of cake. Who doesn't? But from now on I will be far more aware of the amount of sugar I consume in any given day or week. My awareness is one of the advantages of learning to eat to stay in Nutritional Ketosis.

Smoking was/is an unnecessary pleasure that damaged our health. Sugar is an unnecessary nutrient in our diet although I must admit I would not be happy to have to eliminate it 100%. Fortunately if that is the case for some, particularly some diabetics, there are good substitutes. It simply takes a little time and persistence to make your personal choice.

Going Low Carb High Fat is becoming an amazing journey of discovery.

We ate pizza for dinner tonight. Go here for the recipe of the Ultimate Meat Lover's Pizza which has a minced beef base and very low in carbs. It worked far better than I expected it to. It was also very quick to make even with starting from scratch to make marinara sauce.

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