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TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS FOR 2012:- 26.5 kg/58.5 lbs

Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis รก la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.


1150 Calories 
95. 5 gm fat (75%) = 858 cal.
57 gm protein (20%) = 228 cal.
14.5 gm carbohydrates (5%) = 58 cal.

I don't plan to be perfect. If I am close 5 out of 7 days I will be happy.

THOUGHTS .......

I'm glad I kept my appointment with the weight loss nurse today. I was beginning to be disgusted with my very slow weight loss over the last six months. After loosing a significant amount of weight with ease to find myself staying almost exactly the same week after week is dispiriting. I should be rejoicing because I did gain a little weight in July, September and December and yet I have lost it all and my current weight is the lowest in many years.

The comments on yesterday's post echoed the way I was thinking. Forget weight loss and enjoy life. I know that I am eating healthy food and have a healthy attitude. My weight is stable and I feel reasonably healthy. I am enjoying life. I know now that wheat, (and other starches), was the main cause of my weight spiralling out of control. I have learned a lot about maintaining health and weight over the last year.

It would be easy to say this is it and just forget that I am still an unhealthy weight with some associated health problems. I can't say why I feel I must persist. Has getting the next 20 kg off my body become an obsession? I  cannot give up now. There's a part of me that is determined to prove that it's possible to restore natural weight and health even in one's 70s. I really want to do this and it's so terribly frustrating to have things slow down so much.

I've read other Blogs where the owner tries this and that, ends up with yo-yo-ing weight. I've read the desperation and the pain and felt sorry for the person and their struggles. I don't feel sorry for me. I am learning all the time and for the next few weeks I have a face to face support person that's not costing me anything more than time. I have been enrolled in a health program initiative which is available to smokers, diabetics and overweight people and probably others. I think it's funded from some kind of Maori budget which of course is funded by the Government. Te Korowai. I must learn more about it. I am seeing Nurse Lynn regularly, about 30 minutes each week or however much time I need or can spare. Nurse Lynn is also available on the phone and by text.

We are still getting to know each other. She talks a bit about man being a hunter-gatherer so clearly is wanting to follow natural health trends. She talked to me today about the healing power of walking outside, not so much from a fitness point of view but the physical, mental and spiritual healing benefits. She also talked to me about the fat burning benefit of intense exercise for short periods, like 5 or 10 minutes. That sounded very similar to Jonathan Bailor's description of Eccentric Exercise on The Smarter Science Of Slim.

Nurse Lynn has a good relationship with my doctor and has a copy of my last blood test with the cholesterol report that freaked out my doctor's practice nurse last December. They wanted to see me to discuss my cholesterol results and I made the "genuine" excuse that I did not have time to come into the rooms because we were heading off to Christchurch. Like a coward I've been avoiding my doctor's office ever since.  When Lynn and I went over the test results it was clear to me there was no problem and Lynn cautiously agreed. I'm sure she would like to see me reduce my fat intake and I'm not about to tell her just how much fat I am eating. Not yet at least. My cholesterol is slightly up. My triglycerides are within normal. My HDL is fine. My ratio is fine but the LDL looks high. I understand from all my reading that this is probably because I have lipids but without a particle test this cannot be proven. We do not have a particle size test in New Zealand as far as I know.

Sometimes I feel as though I am taking a risk but the more I read the more I believe I am on the right track.

Recently I bought a glucometer that also tests blood ketones. I've been following Jimmy Moore for long enough to believe that blood ketones indicate being in a healthy fat burning state. I first discovered the amazing benefits of a ketogenic diet about 6 or 7 years ago when I was introduced to a low carb diet but unlike Atkins it was also low fat. When Jimmy started talking about changing up his diet to raise his blood ketones I began to look into doing something similar. It takes a huge mind shift to increase fat in your diet. It takes a huge amount of courage to flout conventional wisdom about fats. But I already knew  the value of testing for ketones. When my ketostix, (pee test strip), showed positive for ketones I was losing weight and feeling good. I cannot talk scientific language but I know from reading and experience that brains function better when ketones are being produced at a reasonable level. This is something quite different from the diabetic risk of ketoacidosis which is unlikely to occur in a normal person.

Nurse Lynn took my meter out of it's cute little pouch and showed me how to load the lancing gadget, prick my finger and do the whole test. I've never seen a glucometer before. I've never seen anyone do a glucose test and I looked at this gadget and all the bumf and instructions that came with it and freaked out. Nurse Lynn made it look so simple and I had a 0.7 reading for blood ketones. I have not yet worked out exactly what that means but I know that it's too low to be in the fat burning zone I want to be.

It's kind of weird doing this without the expert face to face help I crave. Until Lynn has caught up with the science I've been reading she is of limited help. I'm a lay person who would have lapped this up as a young person. Now all I want is to be told what to do and what results to look for. I want the Reader's Digest version. My eye's glaze over when I read the scientific version with all the research and symbols and hard words.

The people our Real Estate agent showed through Mum's house were not interested. I'm not surprised but their remarks were interesting. They were looking for a property with more privacy from the road and neighbours.

Jane shouted us lunch at Jandals and we were all quite happy with our meal. Jane and I had a delicious pineapple and coconut cake that was gluten free and I forgot to add it into my calories.

HOW DID I DO? .......

0 minutes cross-trainer
Fats = 68.5 %
Proteins = 15.5 %
Carbs = 16 %
Total calories for day = 1240
+ pineapple and coconut cake

Breakfast:- Coffee and cream

Lunch: Chicken salad. Cappuccino and cake

Dinner:- Chicken sausages, carrots and green beans.

Snacks:- chocolate, almonds, figs

Drinks:- Water x 2
Flavoured Tea Infusions x 0
Cream coffee x 2
Cappuccino + sugar
Diet Lemon, lime and bitters.

Daily Goal:- 1.5lt or 5 - 6 cups large *no*

Exercise:- Walk or Cross-trainer *no*

? min = ? km

January Total = 18.25/140 km

BP:- 11th May 2012, 147/75
23rd May 2012, 135/75
15th June 2012, 135/85
17th July 2012, 137/75
3rd September 2012, 125/75 ... Meds changed officially. Accuretic becomes Accupril.
12th January, 2013 ..... another med change by self. I only take Accupril occasionally if at all. Still on Plendil 2.5mg until BP checked

Start weight:- 114 kg/251 lbs

Weigh In approximately 7.30 am

1st December:- 86 kg/189 lb
1st January:- 87.5/192.5 lbs

2013 Weight Loss History Starting at 87.5 kg/195.5 lbs

2012 Weight Loss History
January:- 10.5 kg/23 lbs
February:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
March:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
April:- 3 kg/6 lbs
May:- 1.5 kg/3 lbs
June:- 2.5 kg/5.5 lbs
July:- 1 kg/2 lbs
August:- 4 kg/8.5 lbs
September:- 1 kg/2 lbs
October:- 2 kg/4.5 lbs
November:- NC
December:- + 1.5 kg/3 lbs


  1. I think it is more valuable to test blood glucose rather than ketones. I know what Jimmy has been doing but seriously, it is the insulin that stores fat and the lack of it that enables the release of it. It would have been interesting to see the result an hour after that cake, because gluten free still means sugar and carbs.

    Other than that, I just don't know - keep on, you are doing well :)

  2. Yes Lynda I do think it mould be interesting to check blood glucose from time to time and after that cake might have been a good idea especially as I also had sugar in my cappuccino.

    I still feel so much better and more lively when in ketosis that I think it is my best benchmark. Who nows I might end up doing both glucose and ketones.

    It's kinda fune trying this stuff out.


  3. I read yesterdays post but was in a hurry and couldn't comment. Just a couple of days ago I listened to a teaching where she was noting that the Israelites had LOTS of celebrations/holidays. God had them celebrate all kinds of stuff, especially after victorious battles, and she said we forget to slow down, and really celebrate. We keep going and going, nose to the grindstone, and never want to take a pause to really enjoy our victories. And I was thinking about that in terms of our journeys to health. I'm not saying to stop eating/doing healthy stuff. But I saw myself get burnt out, always pushing and struggling and nose to the grindstone; and not really consciously celebrating victories along the way. Now that I'm working to get going again, I want to remember that balance.

    So I was wondering if it would work for you, too. About taking a rest break, a celebration break. To keep the healthy habits, yes, but I mean to ease up for a season on focus?? It's just an idea; don't have a clue if that is the way for you. I know when you decide, you will have peace from the Lord, and will know.

    Oh, I read a few months ago that when we take a break and eat sugar, it kicks us out of being a "fat burner" and back into being a "sugar burner" for about a half week or so. Could that contribute to your recent stalls?? I haven't paid that much attention to your food logs, so don't know how often you eat actual sugar. But you might look at the frequency, and if it's more than once a week, that might make it hard to stay in a ketosis/fat-burning mode.

    Ha ha ha, like I'm an expert! I'm still working out my own bugs.
    You are doing so well over all... enjoy life along the way. You've earned it! :-)