Monday, January 14, 2013





TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS FOR 2012:- 26.5 kg/58.5 lbs

Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working on a nutritional ketosis รก la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

THOUGHTS .......

For the last week I've not been eating properly to be in nutritional ketosis. A sore throat and a diet of whatever I fancied, plus sucking on lozenges and vitamin C messed up my plans.

A meter to read blood ketones arrived in the mail a few days ago. I've never done anything like this and feel overwhelmed by all the instructions. I hope to get some advice from a nurse in the next few days. I could kick myself that I only ordered one box of 10 test strips. It would have made sense to order two or three at the same time. My order was less than $40 including P&P.  The strips are costly but a fraction of the ones I've seen on line from USA. I got mine from the NZ Diabetes Ass. and hope it works as expected. My plan is to eat according to my nutritional goals tomorrow so here's hoping I get it right. I came reasonably close today.

I subscribe to Destiny Books and get a free book to download each month. This month's book, Understanding Bible Mysteries by Ira Milligan, arrived via my email today and I haven't been able to stop reading it except to write this note. In Chapter 3 titled Positive Confession I found this statement, and I quote,

God’s Word is invaluable, but it is not a book of formulas
to memorize and use as magic potions to get what we want.
God and His Word are one. But God is a living, thinking,
loving being—not a machine to activate by quoting the right
scripture or confessing the right promise at just the right time.

It's not a new idea but pertinent to where I am right now. I cannot remember when I last indulged in a regular time of prayer and intercession. I am now entering a season when my faith in my own personal prayers is being restored. It's been a long difficult walk to reach this stage and I am still fragile in it. It has been a very long season, years in fact, of fear and helplessness and lack of faith and belief that God hears my prayers. I've tried to stay positive and hopeful through this time but I gave up the fight to pray in a consistent way.

I am seeking His wisdom on so many fronts right now. For too long I have trusted God to provide a way through circumstances and situations by using my common sense and being pragmatic. Sometimes that's the only way. Recently I have sensed a change coming. I think I will become a lot more pro-active  in my prayer life and the words Spiritual Warfare come to mind. This is something I have shied away from for more than a decade. The nearest I have come to active Spiritual Warfare has been a determination to walk in Praise and Thankfulness to God. This is me thinking out loud. I have no idea how this will look in everyday terms as yet. I am very thankful that this book has dropped into my hands at this time. And now back to reading it.

HOW DID I DO? .......

Feeling a lot better but I'm as lazy as a sloth.

Breakfast:- Coffee and cream

Lunch: Diet Jelly, (jello), and cream, 2 or 3 strawberries

Dinner:- Pork belly with crackling, mashed potato, broccoli and gravy.

Snacks:- Almonds and dried fig

Drinks:- Water x 4
Flavoured Tea Infusions x 0
Cream coffee x 4

Daily Goal:- 1.5lt or 5 - 6 cups large *no*

Exercise:- Walk or Cross-trainer *no*

January Total = 5.5/140 km

BP:- 11th May 2012, 147/75
23rd May 2012, 135/75
15th June 2012, 135/85
17th July 2012, 137/75
3rd September 2012, 125/75 ... Meds changed officially. Accuretic becomes Accupril.
12th January, 2013 ..... another med change by self. I only take Accupril occasionally if at all. Still on Plendil 2.5mg until BP checked

Start weight:- 114 kg/251 lbs

Weigh In approximately 7.30 am

1st December:- 86 kg/189 lb
1st January:- 87.5/192.5 lbs

2013 Weight Loss History Starting at 87.5 kg/195.5 lbs

2012 Weight Loss History
January:- 10.5 kg/23 lbs
February:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
March:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
April:- 3 kg/6 lbs
May:- 1.5 kg/3 lbs
June:- 2.5 kg/5.5 lbs
July:- 1 kg/2 lbs
August:- 4 kg/8.5 lb
September:- 1 kg/2 lbs
October:- 2 kg/4.5 lbs
November:- NC
December:- + 1.5 kg/3 lbs


  1. That quote. So well put and confirming to me. I've been saying words to that effect for years. This whole positive confession/Word of Faith/ Name it; claim it movement has gotten completely out of balance--and it is nothing more than our desire for control wrapped up in a spiritual cloak.

    I shall mot rant, but it's hard to put on the brakes. :) I've seen this false teaching do so much harm.

    Moving on.

    That broccoli! I have never seen such beautiful broccoli from a home garden. :D It certainly liked the ground in which it was planted!


  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. You have expressed some of the very same things that I have been thinking lately. Interesting, I think. I have been learning more about myself and trying to be more mindful in the things I do and say. Much of our "reality" is the result of our brains and the chemical activity in our bodies. None of us are created exactly the same. Just as no two people have exactly the same fingerprints, retina patterns, vascular system, neural system. The vast number of neural connections in our brains is beyond our comprehension. We "create our own reality" by our own internal "self talk" and all too often, we aren't very good to ourselves. I am learning to spot some of the negative things that I've all too often hurt myself with, and it's helping. The importance of my spiritual life has been coming into better focus for me, as well. In the past I've been more focused on the mind, and the body, and have not strengthened my spiritual side as I should. That is a trap that I easily fall into, for a number of reasons. Having Diabetes is one thing I've had to deal with in my body. Being over weight is another.

    Thank your for providing a good role model with your life. I can't tell you how much I've benefited from reading your blog. Even though you write primarily for your own benefit, I am so glad you do. Thank you.

  3. I remember about 30 years ago when the "name it and claim it/stab it and grab it" positive confession teachings hit our church. Almost like God was a slot machine, where you put in your "confession quarter", pulled the handle, and out came the results.

    It got so bad you couldn't even ask for prayer if you were struggling, or you'd be told you shouldn't "say" that. But how else could you ask for help if you couldn't tell anyone what you were going through??!! Thankfully, nowadays most don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. I've been listening to Joyce Meyer, and love her balanced approach. She says we need to get our mouth to line up with God and His word, not with our own thinking... to trust in Him in all our ways. To see ourselves and our situation the way HE sees it, and to agree with Him, not with the enemy of our soul. She doesn't get all weird about it, and says there is a time to talk with someone about what you are going through. I really appreciate that approach.

    It sounds like God is calling you closer, wooing you back to times of talking with Him and intercession, and letting you know He hears YOU. That's so precious... to know He hears you and cares. It made me smile to read that.

  4. That brocolli is outstanding. Well done :) There is nothing better than food from our own gardens something I have missed for many years. We do have lemons so I don't miss out altogether and we have also made a herb garden that will get planted when we come back from Sydney. There was no sense in planting before we go as it will need TLC for a few weeks to get everything established and we didn't want to impose on our friends to do that while we are away.
    I do hope you make progress in your spiritual life, something I sense you feel is important to your overall wellbeing :)
    Take care and unfortunately we wont be up your way until ??? The impending arrival of our new grandbaby in Australia has changed our plans somewhat. Normally we would be getting ready leave this coming weekend for Waihi Beach but instead it'll be Sydney LOL Eventually we will get North and hopefully get to have a catch up with Lynda as well :)