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TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS FOR 2012:- 26.5 kg/58.5 lbs

Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis รก la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.


1150 Calories 
95. 5 gm fat (75%) = 858 cal.
57 gm protein (20%) = 228 cal.
14.5 gm carbohydrates (5%) = 58 cal.

I don't plan to be perfect. If I am close 5 out of 7 days I will be happy.

THOUGHTS .......

We had a lovely day yesterday but it was loooong. We left home about 8 am returned nearly 12 hours later. That's a long day for us. The weather was fine, the driving comfortable, the traffic light which is good when you are on the road for hours, at least a total of six there and back.

We had lunch at my cousin's house which we had not visited previously. They moved from their farm at Raetahi last year and have a 1/4 acre section with lots of space for garden and even a bee hive. My cousin has farmed bees for years and makes delicious honey. We came home with a big bag of runner beans and a few beetroot. She gave us a great tip on cooking the over ripe beans. She cooks the bean pods then shells and removes the skin from the beans and they are delicious in salads. Maybe they are similar to lima beans.  I'm not sure what beans to liken them to because I am not familiar with beans, being mainly a green bean eater. Young green scarlet runner beans are delicious and I cannot wait to get my own bean fence established next spring.

My uncle was waiting for us, having driven around on his motor scooter. He's a very alert 94 year old and now they are planning his 95th birthday party. We had a lovely lunch and some fun asking my Uncle about the antics of his aunts, our Great Aunts. Some of them were real characters. Auntie Margaret was always teasing her young nieces and nephews. Two of the aunts cooked up a story about a horrible tramp who was hanging around. A day or so later the little children saw this unkempt man with yellowed teeth walking up the driveway. The kids screamed and ran for the house but all the doors were locked. Their Grandma, my Great Grandmother, gave those aunts a real telling off.

Another trick had the children out watching a rabbit hole waiting for an aunt and the dog to scare the rabbits and send them through from the other side of the hill. Finally fed up the children went looking for their aunt. She wasn't where she said she'd be. Home they trudged where they found the aunts sipping tea and eating cake. They'd given themselves a nice relaxing day.

Mary made a us a delicious lunch with a variety of fresh salads to go with sliced, cold, roast lamb. Everything except the meat came from their own garden. I never asked about the meat but it was certainly superior to the usual SuperMarket cuts. We had a last drink with them and left about 4 pm to come home. I stopped off at a bank before we left town. I want to put some spare cash into Bonus Bonds but I'm having a bit of a job setting up the account. Hopefully there will be a letter of confirmation next week and I can start making these small savings.

After driving up the winding coast road we were getting tired and it was after 6/30 pm when we reached the Mussel Kitchen a newish restaurant in the corner of the Thames Coromandel Road and 309 which is a mainly gravel alternate road to Whitianga. We were only half an hour from home but with a big twisty hill in the way decided to have our dinner there. What a good choice. They had a Twilight Tapas Menu as well as several mussel and fish dishes. I felt like antipasto without the bread so they arranged the olives and other things around a beautiful garden salad. It was perfect. John had pork kebabs and it was a small plate but I had so much on mine he was well satisfied sharing. I'll definitely go there again. It was so nice to walk in the door when we got home and just settle down to nothing much before going to bed.

Today I have pottered around doing as little as possible and am really, really tired. I would probably have benefited from an afternoon zzzzzz. I cooked and shelled the larger runner beans and made a very yummy salad with the shelled beans, broccoli, thinly sliced carrot and courgette which were all cooked for a few minutes and still had a bite. I also boiled the beetroot and sliced and pickled them in a dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Vegetables are so forgiving. Chop, dice, slice, mix and toss and serve with a tasty dressings and don't forget to use herbs. One of Mary's salads had pretty pink thyme flowers another had yellow nasturtium flowers..

HOW DID I DO? .......

Fats = 64 %
Proteins = 22 %
Carbs = 14 %
Total calories for day = 1148

That looks OK to me. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue tracking like this. It's a bother. It can never be better than an estimate because who measures every ingredient that goes into a homemade salad when you are putting together this and that as you go until the taste is satisfying. I guess some people do but I'm not one of them. This blog is going to get a major makeover soon. There's just too much stuff here. Somehow I need to set it up so that it's still my tracker but not so heavy with lists. I'll get it worked out.

Breakfast:- Coffee and cream. Tomato and feta

Lunch: Omelet with Feta and avocado

Dinner:- Grilled rump steak with bean and broccoli salad.

Snacks:- Almonds. Chocolate fat bomb, rice crackers and feta

Drinks:- Water x 1
Flavoured Tea Infusions x 4
Cream coffee x 2

Daily Goal:- 1.5lt or 5 - 6 cups large *yes*

Exercise:- Walk or Cross-trainer *no*

? min = ? km

January Total = 12/140 km

BP:- 11th May 2012, 147/75
23rd May 2012, 135/75
15th June 2012, 135/85
17th July 2012, 137/75
3rd September 2012, 125/75 ... Meds changed officially. Accuretic becomes Accupril.
12th January, 2013 ..... another med change by self. I only take Accupril occasionally if at all. Still on Plendil 2.5mg until BP checked

Start weight:- 114 kg/251 lbs

Weigh In approximately 7.30 am

1st December:- 86 kg/189 lb
1st January:- 87.5/192.5 lbs

2013 Weight Loss History Starting at 87.5 kg/195.5 lbs

2012 Weight Loss History
January:- 10.5 kg/23 lbs
February:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
March:- 3.5 kg/7.5 lbs
April:- 3 kg/6 lbs
May:- 1.5 kg/3 lbs
June:- 2.5 kg/5.5 lbs
July:- 1 kg/2 lbs
August:- 4 kg/8.5 lbs
September:- 1 kg/2 lbs
October:- 2 kg/4.5 lbs
November:- NC
December:- + 1.5 kg/3 lbs


  1. I think thats what David and I need to do, go for a drive somewhere and check the little nooks and crannies hiding in our wonderful country and enjoy them... maybe a once a month trip I am over Rotorua lol. Hope Sunday is good for you :)

  2. Thanks for sharing all of the interesting things about your family. It's nice to know that there are hearty people who can still ride around on a motor bike at 94 years of age! Your stories are wonderful. I certainly enjoy reading about the things you do on a regular basis. That drive sounds like it would be a real long one for me. I'll look forward to seeing your changes to your blog. It's always amazing to me how different some of these things can look compared to one another.

  3. If you want to keep your tracker lists and just want less clutter, you could always transfer your lists to individual pages. That's what I did. Since only the title is listed on your sidebar, it only uses one line-- click on it and a whole screen opens. You can list to our heart's content with little intrusion onto your blog face.

    I left you a note on my post about the book.