Saturday, January 5, 2013



I fell asleep this afternoon while listening to a Jimmy Moore podcast. It was interesting but I am not. Feeling sick is boring.

Once I had woken up enough to resume reading Blogs I was excited to read this on Coach Dwayne Gingrich's Blog. I quote.

Don't Believe The Hype

"Statistics don't make you. You make the statistics!

They're made from people who don't believe they can go beyond what the numbers have said for years. Only a small, special few have come along and said to themselves, Ï don't care what the stats said in the past. I can and will change them!" Why can't that be you?"

Why can't that be me?

Do you know the stats I am talking about?

The ones that say 95% of people who lose weight do not keep it off permanently.

The ones that say that women gain weight at a certain age and that is that.

The ones that think that older people cannot change their health prognosis.

The ones that say that once you're on medication for High Blood Pressure you stay on until you die.

The ones that say it is essential to eat whole grains for good health.

The ones that say heart disease is caused by eating animal fats.

The ones that say Low Carbohydrate diets are dangerous.

The ones that say you can be too old to diet successfully.

The ones that say if you weigh in plump as a child you are doomed to be fat forever.

The ones that say people cannot ..... cannot ....... cannot ......... (fill in your own gaps), because statistics do not lie.

Ha and humbug!

These general beliefs set a statistical lie. I am breaking the pattern formed by lying stats. It feels good. (Except I feel sick and yukky with this summer bug.)

Today I've been more sensible with food and drink but not counting anything. I don't feel like eating much but what I am eating is proper food and I'm taking extra vitamin C and throat lozenges and painkillers which also reduce inflammation. I don't feel great but I'll do.

I have some food to prepare, all salads, either tonight or first thing tomorrow morning. We are meeting with my brother and sister. It will be a long day but I can sit back in the car for most of it. I could put it off but this is something I don't want to delay. It's called, Doing What I Can To Save The Family Beach House. Really when one looks around at the world I wonder why this is so important. 

There are wars, rumours of wars, disasters, people suffering, people starving and here I am worrying about a house. I came to a place long ago where I realised that my life and circumstances are mine and to be lived as well as I can. Dealing with this family problem is ours to do the best we can with. It will not change the state of the world any more than eating everything on my plate will help the starving children in Africa. World issues are better dealt with in wiser ways.

It's a truly beautiful summer day and I have not ventured outside.I'm hoping that today's quietness means I will enjoy tomorrow.


Don't Believe The Hype

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