Friday, January 4, 2013


I refuse to call today a disaster. It just happened the way it did and feeling unwell is a reason not an excuse.

Yesterday I ate less than normal. This morning I had the gnawing stomach discomfort that wheat can cause. I think it may have been painkillers on an empty stomach. I did not cave in but I had food, an omelet, first thing instead of waiting until my usual time. Lunchtime came and I wasn't hungry. I had a small piece of camembert, soft cheese about 2 pm, just before we went into town to post a letter, get a few groceries and fill the car in preparation for our trip to Hamilton on Sunday. Not looking forward to the drive as it is one of the top 5 or 6 days notorious for peak holiday traffic

I bought exactly what was on my shopping list plus some diet drink, Chi, Lemon,lime and bitters, and Ginger beer, because I'm struggling to drink ordinary water and I need to keep my fluids up. John decided to buy a carton of real beer, something he does once or twice a year when the weather is warm. The booze and the bread are side by side. Does that tell you anything?

So I bought a loaf of gluten free bread... was that a bad thing? Not really but what did surprise me was my hunger for it. I ate 3 thick slices in quick succession when we got home. I'm OK now. The rest will go in the freezer and I might or might not eat more of it in the next few days. I also bought an icecreams for us. We sat in the car in the SuperMarket car park eating them . You could say it was a reward for shopping in the holidays but it was really because I was hungry and I thought it would be soothing on my throat. An iceblock might have been better but I'm finding sweet things rather sickly and iceblocks are even sweter than icecream.

I nearly didn't write about this but it's important to remind myself that I am not perfect. If I don't record times like this my Blog becomes dishonest. It's things like this that keep me stalled and grumbling that I'm not moving on toward my goals. It's too easy to rationalise and say one day now and then doesn't hurt but what if there are too many "one days." Every time I go off plan my whole body and hormonal system are thrown off balance. It takes more than one day of proper food to restore good balance.

I'm not beating up on myself. Just being honest. It's a long time since I had a bad throat and I hope it's now on the mend. Meantime I'm drinking all this sweet stuff. It might not have sugar, in fact Chi is sweetened with stevia but it's still too sweet. I wish I'd bought some tonic water to tone it down. I guess that's one way to get me enthusiastic about water again. *smiles*

I've been dozong away in my chair so I'm going to stir myself up and got to bed.


  1. I do hope I didn't influence you too much into buying the Chi... I only have it very rarely. LOL at John getting the beer - was that Stu's influence? hehe. I mostly drink water (and wine).

    Don't beat yourself up though, it is just one day and you hardly ate doughnuts and cake all day.

  2. I don't know of anyone who has a perfect, success only journey. But I like your approach: you don't wallow in mistakes. You note them, learn what you can, and move on.

    I find that fascinating that the drink sweetened with stevia was still too sweet to you. When I first started using stevia, it was barely sweet enough for me. Recently, I'm having to cut it down even more, because it's seeming too sweet. Hey, maybe our taste buds are really changing, for the better. :-)

    I hope you feel better quickly!

  3. No one is perfect, you know where you went wrong, you acknowledged it and now time to move on.... Have a safe trip tomorrow, today the traffic was not to bad :)