Friday, January 25, 2013



TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS FOR 2012:- 26.5 kg/58.5 lbs

Welcome to all readers. 

I am 73 years old and working at being in nutritional ketosis á la Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida fame.

It's never too late to change your life for better.

Today I spent hours setting up a new tab to my tracker and records. I'm hoping this will make my blog posts here more attractive. If you want to see what I am eating, check out my ketone status, health markers such as blood pressure, whether I'm doing any exercise and my weight loss progression click the above tab to TRACKER/RECORDS

I love this video and it carries a serious message for the future of farming and that means our food. Watch Joel Salatin by Sean Croxton.

Have you worked out that fats are an important part of good health. If not you might like to take a look at Dietition Cassie's post here and here. I am very concerned to get this message out. I have seen too many of my contemporaries develop Alzeimers and other age related dementia. I believe this is becoming epidemic as we have followed the wrong advice and taken too much natural fat out of our diets and replaced them with artificial additives and sugars. Many people bat around the expression Frankenfood in regard to such things as margarine, some oils and even so called heart healthy Pro-Active Flora.

Our brains are about 70% fat. Without fat our brain/nervous system becomes crippled. Myelin is a fatty protective covering or sheath around some nerves and the brain. We need fat for our brain. We need our brain to be healthy for good over-all health. Make no mistake we are beginning to reap the effects of a fat deprived diet. But not all fats are equal. Man-made oils and fat replacements can be extremely unhealthy and even dangerous in the long term. Through all the ages, until now, man has eaten natural fats. Why have we suddenly, (in terms of human history), turned against one of our most natural foods?

21st Century diseases of certain types have become endemic and sometimes almost plague proportions. Think about cardio-vascular disease, cancers, senile dementia, and child disorders such as autism among many others. I'm not saying lack of fat is the cause but generally our modern diet must have something to answer for here.

I am excited that increasing numbers of people are interested in natural foods and nutrition. I am very excited that there is a whole branch of nutritional science becoming readily available to lay people. The internet is indeed a blessing if used wisely.

After all that work I have nothing much to say. My eating has been really good and I did get a little but of exercise so I'm hoping it starts to show before the end of the weekend. I only have two clear days and then we have three messed up days.

Monday we go to Hamilton and stopoff to visit Mum's grave and have a Cafe lunch with my sister. Then we go on to Hamilton and I will probably buy a few things for tea on the way so we can eat our own food. Tuesday most of the day will be spent at the hospital where John is having an angioplasty. I have no idea what we are going to do for food nut I'm thinking of packing us a picnic lunch and then we will bet our own meal at the Motel. Tuesday we can have a leisurely drive home with stops for John to stretch his legs. I'm thinking there is at least one Cafe meal in there and we will be tired when we get home. If we are feeling tired eggs will do and then I need to get back into mu routine quickly as I have another very long day on Friday.

I need to buy some new clothes. Most of what I wear, while nice, is incredibly baggy. We only have 5 weeks before we begin our trip. In 6 weeks we will be in Honolulu. I have been trying to decide whether to buy a few clothes before we leave or make do. My stalled weight loss has pretty much made the decision for me. I'm going to make do with what I have and plan to shop in Hawaii. It would be nice to be at least 5 kg/10 lbs less than I am now but even then anything I buy to fit should be too big by next summer. I am really cheesed off that my body has clung to this same weight for so long. It has messed up my plans for shopping for new clothes. I was holing to have a little buffer zone for when we travel too. I know from experience we can travel without gaining weight but it takes dedication. I am looking forward to some different eating experiences but I'll be avoiding fast food like the plague.

If you have been to Hawaii, especially Honolulu and Big Island we are interested to hear of your favourite places to visit. I'd be delighted if you to leave a comment.


  1. I sure do wish I could help out with the Hawaii info. Alack and alas, I've never been there.

    As far as fat goes. I'm of two minds about it. First, I get plenty of fat. I cook with butter or coconut oil or olive oil, and I don't stick to only lean protein sources.

    I had a period in which I tried the add in extra fat routine--and liked it very much--but, even tho I stuck pretty well to plan (not hard since fat is a favorite food group of mine!), the scale did not move.

    I might have consumed more calories than I thought I had, of course, but I became concerned that the extra fat was hindering the burning of my stored up body fat. I mean, if I'm importing fat into my body, why would it go to the extra trouble of burning the stored stuff?

    So, I've taken a moderate approach. As I said, I cook with fat, etc., I just don't go out of my way to add extra amounts of it.

    I'm focusing on protein consumption--and not doing real well, I might add. I have a very hard time getting more than 70 grams a day. Hah. I have a hard time getting TO 70 grams a day. (That book you told me about recommends 150 grams a day. Not going to happen. Although I liked the book and am glad you told me about it, tho. It clarified a good bit for me!)

    I like the cleaner look to your blog. Well done. :D

    I have a question, tho. Why just 8.5 pounds on your ticker? since you said you want to lose 10 by your trip? Or am I looking at the ticker wrong?


    1. Ha! 8.5 was my goal for January then there's all of Feb. Do you think I'm going to lose 5 lbs in the next 7 days. That would be remarkable but I think I'll be happy whatever. Like you I sometimes wonder about the fat and that;s why this test pilot is counting calories and working on a ratio. I feel as though I've not given it a fair go because I've had a lot of interruptions to my plan.

      Wish you could meet me in Hawaii but I think it's as far for you to go as us Philadelphia to Honolulu 4917 miles. Auckland, where we fly from, to Honolulu 4386 miles. Well that was an interesting bit of trivia.

      I guess that makes it something like 8771 milea or more than 18 hours flying. Wow! but I promise if we ever come to mainland USA I'll find a way to visit.


    2. Correction

      Distance from Philadelphia to Auckland is 8755.1 Miles ( 14090 Kilometers / 7602.9 Nautical Miles )

      Approximate flight duration time from Philadelphia to Auckland is 18 hrs, 11 mins

      Now we know. Actually that;s off an Australian website so is proably via one of the Aussie airports.


  2. I have never been there either, and looking forward to hearing about the trip... 6 months till we go to Aussie :)