Monday, January 7, 2013

BORING ......

Another very quiet day to recover from yesterday.

We left home about 8.30 am and arrived at my brother's mid-day after meeting up with my sister. we had a lovely lunch and chatted about this and that including the Beach House, Mum's house. I had a plan to save it for future generations but my plan did not fly. It did not reach the runway. We were home and organising our evening meal by 8 pm.

Tomorrow I will talk to a retired Real Estate agent, if he is free. After that I'll be organising listing the house for real.

I am disappointed but accepting and will get on with what must still be done.

Food is not great. Not bad either but I'm still sucking on lozenges and vitamin C and taking painkiller although not as many as a few days ago. I've almost lost my voice but I think I might be getting better.

I managed 10 minutes on the cross-trainer this morning. Slow speed but I did it and my knee survived. I think I must have sprained or twisted it.

Terrible winds, so noisy around the house. Medical alarm went up a few minutes ago and the emergency helicopter has just landed. There have not been as many call outs as last year. I don't think as many people have been out in their boats so far this holiday season.

Hope this wind quiets down so I can sleep.

And that's all I have to write about today. Not even a photo to liven things up. *smile*


  1. Good for doing the cross trainer I did a small stint on the Exercycle.... Hope the winds die down soon, very windy here as well, the trees keep cracking hope they don't land on the house lol

  2. And would this retired real estate agent be someone I know :) hehe...

    Good luck, seriously yes it is lovely to keep the house for the family but the memories will always be there. Your life goes on and you must enjoy it. I hope you cold gets better soon.

  3. I'm sorry you are disappointed with the outcome about keeping the house, but I'm glad it's finally been decided. Like you said, you have acceptance about what is, and with that will come some peace, I'm sure.

    Get some rest, and keep healing. :-)