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I have linked to an article by Tom Naughton which includes an email sent to him by a medical student. This is the first time I have heard of students being exposed in a positive way to LCHF.

I found the following edited excerpt disturbing and hope.

Our professor definitely stirred up some uneasy responses from my classmates. They expressed unease by getting up and leaving the lecture hall, by whispering in disgust to their neighbors, etc. 

Of course not all students were so negative. Many began asking questions and we can only hope that as they continue their studies they become more inquisitive and open to other ideas than those that promote fat phobia. I am surprised that students were so set in their ideas that they shut down natural inquisitiveness. I don't suppose those students will be interested in Medical Research.

As I write I cannot say that I am 100% confident I am doing the right thing but I do believe it's worth continuing with my current way of eating most of the time. As I write this I am aware that today I have not been true to the plan. I began the day with coffee and cream. Later I had a snack of olives, camembert and raw nuts. We had a late lunch at a cafe. I had a large cappuccino with sugar, gluten free Quiche Lorraine and a gluten free marshmallow and chocolate cookie/biscuit. Now we are waiting for pizza delivery. It has been a long day shopping and visiting and there's no way I was going to mess around in the kitchen although Omelets would both have been a quicker and safer option.


Currently I'm reading the  Great Cholesterol Myth by Jonny Bowden and Stephen Sinatra. There are so many conflicting theories and interpretation of research it pays to be somewhat sceptical of it all. I'm reluctant to say this is The Book, but it makes sense to me.

We are having quite a busy time in Christchurch. I am also finding time to be quiet and relaxed.

We arrived last Wednesday late afternoon. We've had two visit with our son and two to come, one this afternoon and another on Sunday. We have done our best to sort out a few problems David had and was unable to resolve. One of the most difficult things people in prison have to deal with is managing the affairs of their normal life. In NZ David has limited access to the phone, and can only contact his partner on weekend mornings if she is in the house. Lately she has been working extra hours. Some partners, and H is one of these, are so angry they are not very helpful. I have sympathy and understanding for H's position but she is also making poor decisions which cost her in the long run. This worries David. We have tried but come to the conclusion that H is determined to do things her way regardless of how senseless, wasteful, inefficient and even dangerous it might be. She is rejecting all offers and making excuses big time, not to mention whining. I have thought for some time that any efforts we make to ease the situation for her are met with underlying, hidden anger and resentment. She is always nice and accepting to my face but the aftermath is no less frustrating than if I had made no effort.

For instance ..... our Christmas gift, which is exactly the same as each of our children and Wayne's wife, are receiving, has been received with out thanks. H told David that she is not a charity. As if! We are trying to treat her as family but with her huge issues of rejection she cannot accept gifts with grace. Sad.

I have told David he is to try not to worry about her or to "fix" things because much of her winging is the result of anger and wanting to take things out on him rather than a plea for assistance. Of course he is going to continue to worry but I hope we can help him find a more philosophical attitude. I can't imagine how it feels to be helpless to make things easier for someone you care about.

While I believe there must be consequences to offending prison is a dreadful punishment on everyone.


On a happier note I am at peace. This is at least partly because we have done all we can for H. And all the frantic rushing around to get Mum's house listed and deal with a legal issue is finished with. I have completed my shopping because there was not very much this year. Our Christmas Dinner feast on Saturday is organised. We are shopping for fresh veggies and berry fruit tomorrow.

Last Sunday we had our 2nd visit with David and we were able to sit outside in the courtyard but the sun was hot. I thought I was OK but later in the day when I felt very Blah and drained I realised I had been sitting in the sun too long. Monday was a quieter day. I went for a walk to visit with Amanda's parents who live nearby. Tuesday Amanda needed to do some shopping and took us around a few places. Yesterday John and I did some shopping and took Amanda's Dad to get his groceries. Today we have Amanda's car most of the day. We will take her Dad to work and pick him up again later. He volunteers at 0800HUNGRY a private food bank run by Christians. We have our 3rd visit with David and this one promises to be different. I've been told it is a non-contact visit in booths with glass separation and maybe a phone to talk through. Because I feel so much more relaxed I want to make it as fun as possible but that will not be easy under those conditions. I also want to get my fingernails repainted and buy Christmas serviettes for Saturday's feasting table.

Food has been a bit erratic and the scales are showing a significant gain. I'm sure it won't be too difficult to get that off but it does mean December will be a wash-out as far as weight loss goes. I am not upset because to more or less in maintenance is acceptable in the circumstances. It was probably unrealistic to expect to lose weight while away from home.


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  1. You guys are having quite the busy time! Food, food, food. Always a bit of an obsession with many of us! Especially during the holidays. I say do what you need and want to do now. It may change later. Life if a bunch of eating experiments I guess! My current experiment is sticking to low sugar and low fat. Merry Christmas to you and a very Happy New Year over there in New Zealand!