Friday, December 7, 2012


I'm not going to wait until the end of the day, when I can record my day's activities, to post this link. which is on the Carb Smart Blog today.

I am still in shock after reading the experience with sugar of this man and believe we all should read this. It is particularly pertinent to anyone who is pre-diabetic or diagnosed with diabetes. You can read more here on his Blog. His name is David “Wolverine” Smith

The scary thing about sugar is that it's not just the white stuff but the "healthier" raw sugar, not to mention all starches which convert to sugar. Having knowledge is power to change the way we live and live healthier and happier.

This edited quote from David Smith's article has shocked me deeply.

Arterial Damage And Inflammation

One of the more frightening prospects that I was hit with before I had even recovered from the two life-threatening surgeries to remove my bowels, was the fact that the high sugar content of the TPN was slowly killing me........
I could not be fed, and I was already grossly underweight. Rather than let me starve completely, the doctors ordered several arm peripherals be placed and PPN (Partial Parenteral Nutrition) to be infused in place of the TPN. Although the concentration of sugar was considerably less than that infused with the TPN, the veins that were accessed would typically fail within the first 24 hours.
After the first hour, the vein would begin to burn as if Tabasco sauce were being infused. By the time I could no longer stand the pain, the vein would typically blow-out and the PPN would infiltrate under the skin. This is a very painful wound and would happen every 24 to 36 hours – also accompanied by a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)


  1. I agree 100%... as you know. Sure my weight loss is great but I have done this for my health. After reading about the effects of sugar in our bodies it was a no brainer that I would also cut wheat - which is basically sugar under another name. The as thing is most people are actually shocked when they find out that wheat is like eating sugar.

    I have a good friend who has been so taken with my change in weight and health, that she has bought Wheat Belly!! I am thrilled for her and hope it starts her on a path to better health because she has some autoimmune issues.

    The world is changing, one person at a time :)

  2. Yes. :) Being a diabetic, I know up close and personal that complex carbs like "healthy whole wheat" spike my glucose. As do potatoes, rice,etc. I am always dismayed when people try so hard to be healthy and include sugared chocolate, loads of fruit and that healthy whole wheat in their diets.

    I, on the other hand, am perfectly aware of the danger of carb turned to sugar perils. I just knowingly jump right of the cliff into real sugar in the form of ice cream. Had a blood sugar level of just over 400 last night to prove it. Drowning my sorrows, I was. Sigh. today, naturally, I feel like I have the flu.

    I'm glad you read the article. We shall march on--hopefully putting into practice what we know to be rue..