Sunday, December 16, 2012


We arrived in Christchurch in time for dinner on Wednesday. That's 4 days ago I think. We are staying with our son Wayne and daughter-in-law, Amanda. Wayne has a fulltime job and they also have a small business, franchise, called Baby On The Move. The core business is hiring car seats and other baby equipment but they also sell a lot of new baby stuff. They have a showroom and office in their new purpose built garage, courtesy of the Christchurch earthquake re-builds and repairs. They had to top up the insurance money but well worthwhile. This is the busiest time of the year for Amanda as people who are visiting family call in to hire equipment for their stay.  Both Amanda's parents have serious health problems. Her mother had a stroke a few years ago and is disabled and her Dad is waiting for surgery early next year.

I have always been amazed by Amanda's efficiency and willingness to go the extra mile to help people. But she needs help right now. All the stress of the last few years has caught up with here. She copes with her business so long as she doesn't have too many frustrations and distractions so for the few days we are here we are more or less taking responsibility for housework, groceries and evening meals. John's good at the housework and pottering around jobs I'm more of an ornament but I do get meals between dealing with my own stressors.

We have had a real estate agent chasing us from the day after Mum died back in January. I would love to ignore her but my 'efficient' niece is friends with this woman and I have to admit there is not another agent in our area who is as capable of getting us the best price for Mum's house, the beach house that's right on the water. We finally agreed to list the house with her so she could do a pre-Christmas viewing. It's been stressful as none of us were quite ready and there have been some unexpected legal things to sort out. Emails were flying around the family each containing reservations, questions, more information and or explanations at the rate of knots. Pressure was mounting to get the contract signed and, in my case scanned and emailed. I still have papers which need to be signed in front of a lawyer before faxing back to the lawyer handling our family business. I have found a law office nearby so hopefully can get that out of the way first thing tomorrow.

Now the real estate agent implies that the person coming to view is an unlikely buyer. I have wondered all along if this has been a ploy to get an exclusive listing and have her foot in the door, so to speak. I don't like her tactics but when all said and done we are dealing with exclusive type of property and while it is not way up in the millions of dollars it's still at the high end of the market. The real estate agent had better come up with something worthwhile for all the stress she has put us through this last week when everyone of us were so busy and with the addition of pre-Christmas pressure.

John and I have been trying to make some kind of significant connection with David's partner but she has shut us out. This is very distressing for David as he knows H. needs help but will not accept it, especially from us. John and I have reached the point where we are annoyed by the silly games H. is playing but are not being affected as badly as in the past. Each rejection we receive we are handling more philosophically and with less anger. It's sad and we feel for our son but when there's nothing you can do to help that's IT!

We had our first prison visit for this trip yesterday. It doesn't get easier. I came out exhausted and wanted to be among normal people so we went to Riccarton Mall, one of the better Malls, and had very nice coffee and carrot cake. We shopped for a while not buying a lot but enjoyed looking and the Christmassy atmosphere. John would like a good car cam. We are very interested in a Sony Active Camera but were a little put off by the price and that it's not really built for cars. I think there may be a better one out there more suited to our needs. We have videoed some of our road trips and John enjoys, as do I, being able to replay them because as the driver he misses a lot. They bring back lovely memories but I had to hold the video camera and it's just not practical for hours so I often miss the best bits.

Today, Sunday, I am thinking about going to church this morning but it does put some time pressure on us. We also have our second prison visit this afternoon. I'll decide after breakfast.

Food wise I am ticking along. I only have coffee and cream fro breakfast although I have occasionally added a little sugar. Lunch is usually an omelet made with Amanda's backyard hens. Dinner has been fairly straightforward. It's the snacks that concern me. I nibble on almonds, 80% chocolate, a couple of figs a day and there are always a few other things added in like the carrot cake I ate yesterday. With so much going on and being out of our own home I'm feel as though I am doing badly. When I look back over the day it really does not seem so bad at all. I am able to stay pretty close to 100% wheat free although the cake I ate yesterday was not. The only guide I have are the scales and I'm hoping to maintain. The days fly by with so little time to do all the things we love to do while in Christchurch. I am longing for a leisurely visit but that will not happen until later next year.

The more I listen and read Jimmy Moore's podcasts and blogs the more I think I would like a ketone meter. I will look more into this as the week goes on. I have rejected the idea up until now because the strips for measuring blood ketones are so expensive. I thought I heard him say they are a lot less in Australia so will check that out. I reckon one week of testing once a day then once a week testing would keep me in the place I feel I should be.

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  1. Sorry, didn't mean to ignore your post. Like others, I've just been reeling over the horrible tragedy here in the states in Connecticut (the murder of 20 elementary school children, plus several adults). I realize you might not have heard that news in the whirl of your trip, and it being another country and all. It's just heartbreaking...

    But I did want to tell you I was glad you got to see your son, even though the visit is difficult. {hugs}